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RABINOVITZIsaac, Bakery Proprietor. Born in Beischagole, Lithuania, in 1871. Educated in Beischagole and Kovno ...View
RABINOVITZSamuel, Commercial Representative. Born in 1894. Came to South Africa. in 1904. Married in 1919 to R ...View
RABINOVITZZeidel (retired). Born in Besarabia in 1857. Educated at various Yeshivas. Married in 1878 to Rachae ...View
RABINOWITZAdolph, Pharmaceutical Chemist, M.P.S., F.N.O.A., D.C.O. Born in Beerz, Russia, in 1899. Came to Sou ...View
RABINOWITZAlbert, Medical Practitioner, M.R.C.S. (England), L.R.C.P. (London). Born in Vryheid, Natal, in 1903 ...View
RABINOWITZJoseph, Director, United Meat Distributing Syndicate. Born in Poplan, Lithuania, 1875, and educated ...View
RABINOWITZSamuel, Wholesale Merchant. Born in Rakischky in 1886. Educated in Kovno. Came to South Africa. in 1 ...View
RABSONLouis, Dental Surgeon, L.D.S., R.C.S. (Engl). Born in Lithuania, 1896. Educated at Bulawayo, Guy's H ...View
RADUSLewis, General Agent. Born in Dwinsk, Latvia.Educated at Slabodka and ValozenYeshivah. Has ten child ...View
RAPHAELLewis, Wholesale Merchant. Born in Capetown in 1886, and educated there. Married in 1917 to Bertha R ...View
RAYWIDSolomon, Salt Manufacturer. Born in Russia in 1879, and educated there. Came to South Africa in 1894 ...View
RESNEKOVReuben, Medical Practitioner, B.A., B.Ch., B.A.O. Born in Posvohl, Lithuania, in 1896. Came to South ...View
RICHARDSONSir Lewis, Baronet, C.B.E., Produce and General Merchant. Head of firm of L. Richardson & Co., Port ...View
RIECKMax, Furniture Merchant; Partner, Colonial Furnishing Co. Born in 1880. Came to South Africa in 1897 ...View
RIFKINVictor, General Merchant Born in Lithuania in 1875. Educated in Lithuania and South Africa. Came to ...View
ROSEDavid, Merchant, Proprietor, Moreton's, Marshall Street, Jeppe. Born in Cape Province in 1895. Educa ...View
ROSEMark, Merchant. Born in London. Educated at Central Foundation School, London. Cause to South Africa ...View
ROSEMANHyman Solomon, Medical Practitioner, M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., B.A. Born in Traskuny, Russia, in 1898. Ca ...View
ROSENHenry, Merchant. Born in Russia in 1871, and educated there. Came to South Africa in 1893. Married i ...View
ROSENJoseph, Auctioneer and General Merchant. Born in London in 1880. Educated in Birmingham. Came to Sou ...View
ROSENMaurice, Furniture Manufacturer. Born in Russia in 1865, and educated there. Married in 1887 to Carr ...View
ROSENBACHMarks Kozinsky, Wholesale Tobacco Merchant. Born in Seidlce, Poland, in 1883, and educated there. Ca ...View
ROSENBERGBarney, Solicitor, B.A., LL.B. Born in Johannesburg in June, 1905. Educated at University of Capetow ...View
ROSENBERGJoseph, Auctioneer, Commissioner of Oaths, Sworn Appraiser. Born in Lithuania in 1887, and came to S ...View
ROSENBERGNorman E., B.A. (Cape), B.A., LL.B. (Cantab.), Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa. Born i ...View
ROSENBERGWilliam Arthur, General Merchant. Born in London in 1874, and educated there. Came to South Africa i ...View
ROSENSTEINVictor, Advocate, M.Sc., LL.B. Born in London in 1900. Came to South Africa in 1902. Educated at Uni ...View
ROSETTENSTEINJulius William, Solicitor, Notary and Conveyancer; Commissioner of Oaths. Carrying on business under ...View
ROSENSTRAUCHSimon, Diamond Manufacturer. Born in Antwerp in 1888, and educated there. Married in 1928 to Gladys ...View
ROSENZWEIGS., Rabbi. Born in Kovno, Lithuania, in 1898. Educated at Tels Yeshivah. Came to South Africa in 192 ...View
ROSINGerald, B.A. (Cape), prominent Member of Salisbury Young Jewry, who has come to the forefront of int ...View
ROSINJoseph Julius, Minister of Religion, J.P. for the Colony of Southern Rhodesia. Born in Kourland, Lat ...View
ROSSIsrael, Medical Practitioner, L.R.C.P. (Edinburgh), L.R.F.P. and L.R.C.S. (Edin. and Glas.), Royal C ...View
ROTHSCHILDBernard, Mining Material Merchant. Born in Tarkastad, Cape Province, 1885, and educated there. Marri ...View
ROTHSCHILDLouis, Mining Material Merchant. Born in Tarkastad, Cape Colony, in 1883, and educated there. Marrie ...View
RABKINJacob Wolf, Consulting Practitioner, M.B., Ch.B. (Edinburgh). Born in 1895. Educated at Universities ...View
ROYTOWSKIAbraham, Solicitor and Notary. Born in Capetown in 1892. Educated at Normal College Capetown. Marrie ...View
ROYTOWSKIHyman, Chemist and Druggist. Born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1887. Came to South Africa in 1889, with par ...View
RUBENSTEINDavid, Merchant. Born in Latvia in 1883, and educated there. Came to South Africa in 1903. Married i ...View
RUBENSTEINEdward A., Dental Surgeon. D.D.S. Michigan, U.S.A. Born in Johannesburg in 1903. Educated at the Uni ...View
RUBENSTEINRobert, Pharmaceutical Chemist and Druggist, M.P.S Managing Director of Robert Rubenstein, Ltd., Kos ...View
RUBENSTEINSydney Isaac, Attorney, Notary and Conveyancer B.A., LL.B. Born in Plungniany, Lithuania, in 1899. C ...View
RUBINJack, Grain Broker. Born in Piet Retief, Transvaal, in 1900. Educated at Durban High School. Member, ...View
RUBINLipman, Hebrew Bookseller and Specialist Mohel. Born in Shenburg Courland. Educated at many Yeshivot ...View
RUBINSTEINSimon George, Speculator and Farmer. Born in Mazeik, Russia, in 1879, and died in February, 1926. Ca ...View
RUDAIZKYIsaac Bernard, Accountant and Auditor, C.A. (S.A.). Born in Johannesburg in 1897. Educated at Jeppe ...View
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