Do you have any precious family heirlooms or artefacts that you would like to share with our readers? Every one of us has something in our home that is special, that we would like to treasure, as well as showcase and flaunt to our friends and family. Now is the time to email us a clear photo of what you have, as well as height, notable marks, dates or even the history around it. Please send it to us now. Images must be between 2 and 5 megabytes.

Victorian Vases

We received a mail from Daphne Brown in Hermanus:

“I inherited these two beautiful jugs from my father many years ago and I believe they belonged to his grandmother. They have the word ‘England’ stamped underneath, plus a 4-digit number. They stand approximately 120 cm high. I don’t believe they are terribly valuable but would love to know the age and origins of these specimens, and what the value of them would be today.”