Eastern Cape Baptisms Search : W
Surname Parents Names Child Names View
WebbRichard and ElizabethElizaView
WebbRichard and ElizabethRichardView
WeakleyJoseph and EmmaJosephView
WeakleyJoseph and EmmaJohnView
WeakleyJoseph and EmmaAnnView
WeakleyJoseph and EmmaRhodaView
WeakleyJoseph and EmmaBenjaminView
WeakleyJoseph and EmmaSamuelView
WheelerJames and HarrietJamesView
WoodlandHenry and HannahWilliam JohnView
WainwrightEdward and Christiana GertruydaEdward JohnView
Wittle (Whittle Or Whittal?)Francis and MarySarah JaneView
WainwrightEdward and Christiana GertrudeElizabeth TheodoraView
WoodsFrederick and Mary AnnMary AnnView
WaldecJohan Christian and Nanet FrancinaMaria ChristinaView
WoodlandHenry and HannahCharles HenryView
Wigill (Wiggill?)Isaac and MaryMary Ann EmmaView
WainwrightEdward and Christiana GertrudeEdmundView
WadeWalter John Plunkett and Sarah ThomasineHarry John AlexanderView
Whittel (Whittle Or Whittal?)Francis and AnnElizabeth JudithView
WakefordWilliam and Mary AnnLouisa AnnView
Whitfield??Leo AfricanusView
WhittalFrancis and AnnGeorge JamesView
WadeThompson and RhodaWilliam JohnView
WhitfieldLeo Africanus and Mary DodgsonCharlotte SarahView
Whitfield??Mary Margaret View
Whitfield??Charlotte BelindaView
Whitfield??William Henry LancasterView
WhittalFrancis and AnnMary AnnView
WhittalFrancis and AnnJames WilliamView
WhitfieldLeo Africanus and Mary DodgsonJohn HenryView
WardenHenry Douglas and Susannah ElizabethElizabeth SusannahView
WhittalFrancis and AnnCharles JohnView
WhittalFrancis and AnnWalter ClaytonView
WessonWilliam and AnnThomasView
WiggillIsaac and MaryWilliam AaronView
WiggillIsaac and MaryThomas MosesView
WestHenry and ElizabethCharlesView
WestHenry and ElizabethJohnView
WrightWilliam and LucyLily AlbertyneView
WhitakerThomas and Mary AnnSarah EmilyView
WoodJoseph Garbett and LydiaEleanor HenriettaView
WillowsWilliam and Mary HawksThomasView
WestHenry and ElizabethSarah AnnView
WestHenry and ElizabethThomas HenryView
WoodJoseph Garbett and LydiaLydia WinifredView
WestHenry and ElizabethElizabeth HannahView
WillowsWilliam and Mary HawksGeorgeView
WrightWilliam and LucyWilliam AmbroseView
WhitakerThomas and Mary AnnElizabethView
WoodJoseph Garbett and LydiaLudy Letitia DrakeView
Wilmoutt (Wilmot?)John Peter and Amelia CatharineJohn EdwardView
WoodJoseph Garbett and LydiaBeatrice CrozierView
WatersThomas and LucyThomas JobView
WestHenry and ElizabethEmma Christian PalmerView
WoodJoseph Garbett and LydiaLillian Maud IrvingView
WoodJoseph Garbutt and LydiaJessie IneView
WestWilliam and Sarah HutchinsonWilliam Harry MarcusView
WestWilliam and Sarah HutchinsonLily Anne JaneView
WoodJoseph Garbett and LydiaIda Victoria WoodView
WestWilliam and Sarah HutchinsonRichard StephenView
WestHenry and ElizabethJamesView
WestWilliam and Sarah HutchinsonEmily Margaret HutchinsonView
WhiteWilliam and LouisaWilliam RobertView
WilmouthJohn Peter and Catharine ChelyRachel MargaretView
WilmouthJohn Peter and Catharine ChelyMary JaneView
WilmouthJohn Peter and Catharine ChelyCatharine AmeliaView
WilmotJohn Charlton and Sarah AnnAmy HechalView
WillmoreEdward Walter and Maria JaneEdward FletcherView
WhittalCharles John and Sarah AliceAlice Charlotte AnnView
WillmoreEdward Walter and Maria JaneLouis FletcherView
WhittalCharles John and Sarah AliceHenry ArthurView
WrightJohn Edward and Catharine MariaJoseph MilfredView
WhittalCharles John and Sarah AliceOwen GeorgeView
WhittalCharles John and Sarah AliceLeonard RandallView
WrightJohn Edward and Catharine MariaAnnie Gertrude EllenView
WatersJohn Henry and Anna DerindaWilliam Edwin KennethView
WrightCatherine MariaSamuel GordonView
WhiteReginald De Lacy and Ada EthelVera De LacyView
WrightArthur Ebenezer Cron and Emily Mary BazettEmma Kinton CronView
WhiteReginald de Lacy and Ada EthelFrancis de LacyView
WrightCatherina MariaThomas NesbittView
WorrallAlbert Worrall and Ada EmmaCharlotte BeatriceView
WorrallAlbert and Ada EmmaJames Vincent TownsendView
WrightJoseph Illegible and Emily FlorenceElva Muriel HannahView
WoodJoseph Henry Russell and Lilian MayThelma Daphne WoodView
WoodJoseph Henry Russell and Lilian MayDoreen Burberry WoodView
WaltonDonald and Sarah MabelDonald Noel JeffersonView
WaltonDonald and Sarah MabelYula JeffersonView
WrightCecil Wynne and Ethel ClaytonDesmond WynneView
WilsonDouglas James and Margaret LauraMarigoldView
WillowsFrederick Arthur and Daphne MarionFrederick HumphreyView
WilliamsWilliam Robert Henry and Ruby OliveDaphne EdithView
WarrenLouis Stirk and Jillian ElisePeter MarkView
WarrenLouis Stirk and Jillian EliseRussell JohnView
WarrenLouis Stirk and Julian EliseGeoffrey NigelView
Walker-RandallVictor Gordon and Jean MayDavid ErnestView
WilliamsM. E. and W. U.Philip HenryView
WilliamsM. and E.HenryView
WilliamsM. and E.Ann ElizabethView
WakefordArthur Gerald and Ethel JoyGavin GeraldView
WakefordArthur Gerald and Ethel JoyEuginie Luella JoyView
WakefordArthur Gerald and Ethel JoyDavid NigilView
WalkerMary Diana and Richard ArthurBeula CherylView
WalkerRichard Arthur and Mary DiannaMelanie GraceView
WebsterGeorge Selwyn and Beatrice MarionCharles HenryView
WalkerRichard Arthur and Mary DiannaAndrew WalterView
WakefordMichael Henry and Esme CottonLisa BarbaraView
WollenschlagerJohann and JaneCharles ThomasView
WinsonWilliam and Mary AnnMary Ann MariaView
Waterscharles and ElwinaMary EmeliaView
WinsonWilliam and Mary AnnRobert BixbyView
WagnerCharles August and ChristineAmalia Augusta WilhelmineView
WagnerCharles August and ChristineAnne Charlotte MatildaView
WilmouthJohn Peter and Amelia CatherinePeterView
WagnerCharles August and ChristinaAmy CarolineView
WagnerCharles Augustine and ChristinaMabel AliceView
WessonJohn and LucyFrederick JohnView
WagnerCharles Augustine and Christina S.John William LeonardView
WagnerCharles Augustine and ChristinaWilliam LewisView
WatersJohn William and Harriet E.Agnes Priscilla MariaView
WaldronFrank William and AnnieHilda FlorenceView
WessonThomas and Sarah JaneSidney Bartle ThomasView
WaldronFrank W. and AnnieEva LouiseView
WessonThomas and Sarah JaneEliza Mary MillicentView
WagnerCharles Robert and ChristinaApril Matilda MaudeView
WagnerCharles A. and ChristinaHerman Conrad JamesView
WalkerLaurance Newman and Florence IsabelFlorence GladysView
WellsWilliam and EllenGeorge ThomasView
WellsWilliam and EllenJames FrederickView
WellsWilliam and Ellen LouisaEmmaView
WagnerCharles Augustine and ChristinaChristian William JamesView
WalkerLawrence Newman and Florence IsabelLawrence BernhardView
WaldronFrank William and AnnieGabrielle Maud AnnieView
WelshThomas Henry and Florence GertrudeBeatrice MeltonView
WellsWilliam and EllenWalterView
WalkerLawrence Newman and Florence IsabelClytie GertrudeView
WilmouthJohn Edward and MargaretMargaret MarianView
WelshThomas and FlorenceGertrude AnnieView
WaldronFrank W. and AnnieFrank HaroldView
WhittalWalterStanley GordenView
WessonWilliam and FannyJoseph JamesView
WilliamsFrancis Herbert and Mary AnnCharles HenryView
WessonWilliam and FannyIvy Mary MillicentView
WessonWilliam and FannyIda FlorenceView
WoodJames and ElizaJamesView
WessonWilliam and FannyClarence WilliamView
WessonJames and Mary YuleDaniel GeorgeView
WessonJames and Mary YuleWinifred FrancesView
WessonWilliam and FannyEnid Muriel RoseView
WallisWilliam Charles and SarahWilliam Lovell HeathcoteView
WarnerThomas George and Minna LouisaDavid Arnot AugustView
WallisWilliam Charles and SarahMimmie Heathcote DoraView
WarnerThomas G. and Minnie LucyHenry JamesView
WallisWilliam Charles and SarahCharles ThomasView
WilliamsGeorge and LucyEllenView
WilliamsGeorge and LucyWalter AdamView
WienandHenry Bernard Fredrick and Emily JeanetteEllen SarahView
WilhelmGeorge and LucyCatherine SarahView
WalkerGeorge Frederick and MatildaEdith MaudView
WelcomeJacobus and WilhelminaFortein JacobusView
WardJohn and Letty (Button)Percy HenryView
WoodJohn and AnnaSydney JohnView
WalkerGeorge Fredrick and MatildaEllen FlorenceView
WoodfordClarence A.Violet Lydia AshleyView
WilkinsonJohn Benjamin and Mary AnneAmy Molteno MaryView
WilsonRobert Francis and ElizabethJaabez Henry CareyView
WoodArthur Robert and Elizabeth AnnahCatherine FraserView
WilkinsonJohn Benjamin and Mary AnnHarold Edgar Benjamin JosephView
WisserWilliam Henry and Hannah MariaPhillip HenryView
WhileyGeorge Ellard and Caroline JosephaKathleen EllardView
WestlakeElisha William James and Alice JanePriscilla Mary Alice EdithView
WoodArthur Robert and Elizabeth HannahEdgar ThomasView
WoodArthur Robert and Elizabeth AnnaAdeline Ella MargaretView
WilkinsonJohn Benjamin and Mary AnneKenneth Murchison FrederickView
WaldburgerGottlieb and Anna BarbaraErnest WilliamView
WhileyGeorge Ellard and Caroline JosephaMuriel BeatriceView
WalkerRichard and Olivia Malvena JennettaAlbert EdwardView
WhileyGeorge Ellard and Caroline JosephaArthur WilfredView
WarneWilliam Sibly and Alice FannyVivienne SiblyView
WalkerRichard and Malvinia Jennetta OliviaRobert GordonView
WilhelmHenry Edward and Magdalena Pietronella JohannaMagdalena JohannaView
WeimerAdam and Mary JaneVictoria MurielView
WatsonAlfred Albert and Annie MaudAlfred SomervilleView
WalkerJames and Edith ClaraJessie EdithView
Worrell-WrightFrancis William and Elizabeth JacobaIvy Maria ElizabethView
WilkinsonJohn Preston and Johanna WilhelminaPreston EdgarView
WilhelmHenry Edward and Magdalena Johanna PetronellaGertrude MagdaleneView
WeimarAdam and Mary JaneVictor DavisView
WoolleyWilliam and FrancesElizabeth KateView
WrightFrancis William and Elizabeth JacobaHerbert Gatacre WorrellView
WilsonEllen RosieHenry HarryView
WilkinsonJohn Preston and Johanna WilhelminaLeonard GodfreyView
WilsonEllen RosinaFanny LinaView
WilhelmHenry Edward and Magdalene Petronella JohannaChristina JohannaView
WrightWilliam George Wood and Minnieval AnnKenneth HockeyView
WilkinsonJohn Preston and Johanna WilhelminaOlive MaudView
WebbLucas Johannes and Martha Johanna JacobaMartha Johanna JacobaView
WebbLucas Johannes and Martha Johanna JacobaMarjorie IreneView
WilhelmHenry Edward and Madalena Johanna PetronellaEliza LouisaView
WoolfArthur George and Andrina JohannaHendrika Johanna FannyView
WarrenFrancis James McClean and Cecilia MaryMarion AileenView
WilliamsonJohn Preston and Johanna WilhelminaThelma AgnesView
WilkinsonJames and Leah Mary LottieCecil JohnView
WessonJames Percy and Minnie FlorenceEthel ClaraView
WhiteJohn George and Maud AmeliaIsabella MaudView
WilhelmHenry Edward and Magdalena Johanna PetronellaSamuel PeterView
WelshGeorge and Gertrude EleanorDorothy EleanorView
WilsonMeder Johannes and Gertruida MariaAnnie SophiaView
WilliesJames Sears and Florence JaneWalter IvorView
WelshGeorge and Gertrude EleanorEdward GeorgeView
WilkinsonJames and Leah Mary LottieArthur JamesView
WilhelmHenry Edward and Magdalena JohannaCharlotte ElizabethView
WhiteHenry John and Aletta Johanna Katrina NagelJohannes Rudolf NagelView
WebbJohn Henry and Georgina RachelSarah CatharineView
WertheimerCarlos Ignacio and Laura Augsta JohanneCarl RudolfView
WilhelmHenry Edward and Magdalena JohannaMartha ElizabethView
WardleRobert Joseph and Rose AdelaideLouisaView
WitthausWilliam Henry and Augusta LindreaLeslie AliceView
WertheimerCarlos Ignacio and Laura Auguste JohanneLinda MareView
WatersFrederick Benjamin and Lola SusannahFrederick CharlesView
WessonJames Percy and Jessie RamsayThelma MargaretView
WertheimerCarlos Ignacio and Laura Johanne AugusteLaura RosaView
WiesserJacob Gustav and Grace OliveManfred Oscar ChandlerView
WarmanEdward Gerald and Louisa EllenViola PatienceView
WorrikerHenrick and EmmaDavidView
WarmanEdward Gerald and Louisa EllenEdward GeorgeView
Wheeler?Derk Johannes and Emily SophiaJamesView
WatersVernon and EvelynBrian RodneyView
WillmanCharles and Sheila CecilAnn MacKenzieView
WhiteheadFrederick Edwin and Helen TennantAnthony Edwin TennantView
WhiteheadFrederick Edwin and Helen TennantJohn TennantView
WatsonJulien Carl and MaraStanleyView
WalkerGeorge and ElizabethGeorge WilliamView
WalkerGeorge and ElizabethWilliam MathewView
WrightJohn and ElizabethElizabeth EllenView
WrightJohn and ElizabethCaroline AnneView
WeirWilliam and MargaretArthurView
WilsonJohn Dawson and MariaAnthony CalvertView
WilsonJohn Dawson and MariaMartha MariaView
WalkerJohn and SarahWilliam EastView
WalkerGeorge and ElizabethJohn HenryView
WrightJohn and ElizabethEdwin CromwellView
WallisWilliam Charles and SarahLovell William HeathcoteView
WilsonJohn and ElizabethJohn WalterView
WalkerGeorge and ElizabethMary Ann ElizabethView
WalkerGeorge and ElizabethGlenora ClaraView
WallisWilliam Charles and SarahHenry GilbertView
WrightJohn and ElizabethJohn Joseph CliffordView
WearnRichard Thomas and MaryRichard Herbert BurchellView
WilsonStephen Henry Kenneth and Anne Emma MatildaKatharine Louisa CharlotteView
WadeWilliam John and Sarah Jane CeciliaWilliam RichardView
WalkerGeorge and Elizabeth GibbonCharles Henry GibbonView
WalkerGeorge and ElizabethHelen FlorenceView
WearnRichard Thomas and MaryGertrude KatharineView
WildEdmund and EllenWilliam ThuntonView
WrightJohn and ElizabethLouisa AliceView
WadeWilliam John and Sarah Jane CeciliaWalter AndrewView
WildEdmund and EllenFrancis JamesView
WebbAlfred and JemimaAnnie Louisa WinifredView
WalkerGeorge and ElizabethJessieView
WrightJohn and ElizabethGeorge WilliamView
WelbyWilliam MacDonald Earle and Mary MarthaArthur EarleView
WilliamsRichard John and ElizabethNorman John WayView
WebbAlfred and JemimaEdith MabelView
WambachDaniel and Hannah W. P.Hannah Minnie PaulineView
WeekesJohn Charles and Elizabeth AnneJoseph George AlfordView
WebbAlfred and JemimaGrace ClaribelView
WilsonWilliam Robert and Eva Mary BergtheilNorman PaleyView
WalkerRichard and Agnes CecilWilliam CecilView
WelbyWilliam MacDonald Earle and Jessie Charlotte SarahSpencer EarleView
WeatherdonEdwin and Charlotte SpryRichard Thomas StaceyView
WeatherdonEdwin and Charlotte SpryKate StaceyView
WilkinsonJohn Benjamin and Mary AnnKenneth Gerald FrederickView
WhiteWilliam Jabez and Ellen ElizabethAnnie BeatriceView
WeekesJohn Charles and Elizabeth AnneBeatrice Maud MaryView
WebsterWilliam and ElizabethHenryView
WebbRobert and Mary AnnMary AnnView
WathallWilliam and CatharineSarah SmithView
WallaceJames and Sophia SarahJamesView
WienandHendrick Barnhard and Catharina JacobaFrances MatildaView
WhiteWilliam and JaneMaria AnneView
WrightWilliam and RosaJohnView
WrightWilliam and RosaMargaret and Julia (twins)View
WhiteWilliam and JaneLouisa SophiaView
WebsterWilliam and ElizabethGeorge RobertView
WienandErnst Daniel and Martha PetronellaChristian CharlesView
WewegeJacobus and Catrina SaraWeynant JacobusView
WoestBernardus Michiel and Susanna MarriethaGerrit HendricusView
WillisJohn and Agnes ElizabethHarriet MaryView
WathallWilliam and CatharineHannah McDonaldView
WalkerThomas and ElizabethMargaretView
WyattCharles and MaryMary GarveyView
WienandErnest Daniel and Martha PetronellaHester IsabellaView
WienandHeinrich Bernhard and Catharina JacobaJohann Heinrich FriedrichView
WildeAbraham and AnneWilliamView
WildeAbraham and AnneElenorView
WebbJohn and SarahEmily ElizabethView
WebbJohn and SarahWilliamView
Wehmeyer?Bernhard Matthys and Martha Johanna MariaGottlieb Wilhelm BernhardView
WienandErnest Daniel and Martha PetronellaAmelia Carolina SophiaView
WellmanEdwin Edward and AugustaAlexander DickerView
WoodThomas and JaneJohn GeorgeView
WebsterWilliam and Emma EleanorWilliam GeorgeView
WallisEdward and SarahCharlotte MaryView
WebsterWilliam and Elizabeth (deceased)JosephView
WienandChristian Philip and Emma RosalieBernhard DaniellView
WardJoseph and MaryJoseph JohnView
WadeThompson and RosaCharles ThompsonView
WillmerAlexander and Mary AnnGeorge DanielView
WatsonJohn and JaneJamesView
WildAbraham and AnnElizabethView
WebsterWilliam and Emma ElianelJohn HenryView
WhitfieldLeo Africanus and Mary DodgsonOscar Leo RobertView
WinterGeorge and SarahGeorge WilliamView
WebsterFrances and RosettaFrancisView
WalkerCharles (deceased) and SarahSarah ElizabethView
WrightGeorge and CatherineGeorginaView
WatersWilliam and PriscillaSarah MariaView
WilshireEbenezer Stebbs and Maria AnnettaAlured MyddletonView
WatsonWilliam and HelenCharles BenjaminView
WebbFrederic Charles and EmilyHarriet BedfordView
WebsterWilliam and Emma EleanorEdward WalterView
WallisGeorge Clarridge and IsabellaRebecca SarahView
WrightSamuel Krohn and ZipporahSamuel KrohnView
WhiteThomas Charles and Mary EllenBertha EgertonView
WallaceJoseph and AliceElizabethView
WelbHenry James and Elizabeth EmmaGertrude EllenView
WellingsEdward and AnnSarah SusanView
WellingsEdward and AnnSelina AnnView
WellingsEdward and AnnAlfred EdwardView
WellingsEdward and AnnGeorge ArthurView
WebsterCharles and SarahArthur WilliamView
WarrenThomas Henry and MaryBertha ElizabethView
WarrenT. H. and MaryAlexander GeorgeView
WarrenT. H. and MaryArchibald Henry JohnView
WarrenThomas Haslett and MaryVictor JohnView
WitbooyJacob and KatyeJacobView
WitbooyJacob and KatyeKatyeView
WitbooyJacob and KatyeKatrineView
WitbooyJacob and KatyeHenryView
WitbooyJacob and KatyeBettyView
WoodsJohn and Elizabeth JaneGrace DarlingView
WoodsWalter and Mary MarthaFrederick WilliamView
WarrenThomas Howlett and MaryPercy WilliamView
WarrenThomas H. and MaryGundredaView
WarrenThomas H. and MaryBertha ElizabethView
WarrenT. H. and MaryAlexander GeorgeView
WarrenT. H. and MaryArchibald Henry JohnView
WarrenThomas H. and MaryVictor JohnView
WitbooyJacob and KatyiJacobView
WitbooyJacob and KatyiKatyiView
WitbooyJacob and KatyiKatrineView
WitbooyJacob and KatyiHenryView
WitbooyJacob and KatyiBettyView
WarrenThomas Howlett and MaryPercy WilliamView
WoodsJohn and Elizabeth JaneGrace DarlingView
WoodsWalter and Mary MarthaFrederick WilliamView
WarrenThomas H. and MaryGundredaView
WicksWilliam and Gertha JacobaEdwin BernardView
WarrenPercy William and Jemima SusanGladys BeatriceView
WarrenPercy William and Jemima SusanDorothy SylviaView
WarrenPercy William and Jemima SusanHarold HiltonView
WarrenVictor John and Ivy JaneOlive MyrtleView
WarrenPercy William and Jemima SusanAlexander RalphView
WarrenPercy William and Jemima SusanElla EugeniaView
WarrenVictor John and Ivy JaneGarnet AllanView
WillowsHenry and Maude MaryNeville ErnestView
WakefordThomas and Mary ElizabethAshton DonaldView
WhittalJohn Thomas and Irene Evelyn JaneRichard ThomasView
WakefordThomas and Mary ElizabethJean AliceView
WakefordSydney Duckles and Gertie IreneRaymond RowlandView
WarrenPercy William and Jemima SusanSheila CeciliaView
WakefordThomas and MaryEdward TrevorView
WakefordSydney and GertieLeonora DawnView
WakefordSydney and GertieLorna IreneView
WarrenAlexander Ralph and Phyllis AmeliaJoan SusanView
WilliamsAlfred George and Cornelia Susanah Margeritha ConfrizaEdnaView
WarnerGeorge and FlorenceThomas CharlesView
WillcocksJoseph and Jane ElizabethPercival JohnView
WebsterJames Arthur Argo and Maud AliceMaxwell Ross ArgoView
WhitakerGeorge Reginald and Emma Ross HarlingDoris MayView
WishartJohn White and Helen ElizabethDoroth ElizabethView
WilsonMaurice James and Louisa KatherineMaurice John WilliamView
WhitlowJohn Wilfrid and MarthaMarjorie MayView
WatsonRobert Walter and Esther Mathilda MariaAlfred GordonView
WatsonEdward and LouisaGeorgeView
WarnerGeorge and FlorenceGwendoline MayView
WhiteEdward Edgecombe and Johanna MariaAlison Erith NestaView
WrefordHerbert and Lilly LouiseDaphne Irene DellView
WhittalPercival Charles and Cecilia Mary BethiaStanley DouglasView
WillcocksJoseph and Jane ElizabethIrene ElizabethView
WittstockWilliam and Eliza JaneCharles Lemon William HenryView
WhitlowJohn Wilfrid and MarthaHarold EdwardView
WhittalBenjamin Francis and Edith CharlotteHarold NormanView
WainwrightJames Arthur and EthelHerbertView
WhittalHenry Arthur and Ethel MayRuth VioletView
WatsonRobert Walter and Esther MatildaIris KathleenView
WilsonEllenAlfred StanleyView
WhittalPercival Charles and Cecilia Mary BethiaOlive MaryView
WinnHenry Leicester Jarvis and Rose AnnMona May HodgsonView
WoodPhilip John and ChristinaElizabeth CarolineView
WhittalBenjamin Francis and Edith CharlotteCharles BenjaminView
WhitlowJohn Wilfrid and MarthaFrank CharlesView
WrightCharles Abel and Johanna MagdalenaJohn Albert GeraldView
WatsonRobert Walter and Esther MatildaIvy EdnaView
WatsonEdward Andrew and LouisaMary MatildaView
WarrenErnest Michael and Patience AgnesVaughan RobertView
WilliamsEdwin Smedley and Mary BlossomOwen SmedleyView
WilsonJohn Ferdinand and Emily ElizaJohn HiltonView
WilsonJohn Ferdinand and Emily ElizaJoy MayView
WchwabeWalter Paul George and Everilda JeanJean EverildaView
WatsonRobert Walter and Esther Matilda MariaRonald DavidView
WinchWilliam and EdithThomas JohnView
WittstockHenry and OliveLeonard AndrewView
WhitlowJohn Wilfrid and MarthaClaude StephenView
WalkerRichard Ernest and IsabellaElsaView
WhittalPercival Charles and Cecilia Mary BethiaMillicentView
WhittalPercival Charles and Cecilia Mary BethiaLionelView
WhiteStephen Richard and AnnieLouisa EmilyView
WilkinsSamuel Mervyn and Emmie DorcasShirley WinifredView
WestlakeSamuel William Henry and Augusta Louisa HelenaErnest GeorgeView
WittstockWilliam Karl Frederick and Eliza JaneStanley EricView
WatsonRobert Walter and Esther Matilda MariaGwendoline AlmaView
WittstockHenry Carl Frederick and Olive FlorenceRaymond ClarenceView
WrightAllan Langton and Gwendolyn Felicite OrmstonOrmston AllanView
WilliamsJames Sidney and Christina PhilippinaSophia CarolineView
WelgemoedJohannes Jacobus and Louisa CatherineJohannes JacobusView
WrightAlfred Henry and Mary Ann ElizabethRobert Norman PurvisView
WinghamAlbert George and Gertrude EllenDouglas HaigView
WoodwardArthur Henry and Edith MaryJames Ellery ArthurView
WhittalHenry Arthur and Ethel MayFlorence DorothyView
WrightBertram and Alma IreneJohn HenryView
WalkerRichard Ernest and IsabellaEdgar StrathearnView
WilliamsEdgar Hugh and MarieThelma Muriel AnnieView
WilkinsSamuel Mervyn and Emmie DorcasAlan MontaguView
WraggeJohn William and Mary KateMaryView
WrightAllan Laughton and Gwendolyn Felicite OrmstonElizabeth Blair OrmstonView
WhittalHenry Arthur and Ethel MayIvy GladysView
WittstockWilliam and Eliza JaneAlfred EdwardView
WilkinsonJames Gates and FrancesJohn Fotheringham NoelView
WittstockChristian Friedrich and Alice MaryBlanche ValentineView
WheelerEdmund George and Margaret HelenJoan MargaretView
WyldeAthol George Hardy and Jessie Fraser AndrewsMary Truro?View
WoodwardArthur Henry and Edith MaryGerald HenryView
WedderburnRobert and LydiaGeorge RobertView
WelgemoedJohannes Jacobus and Louisa CatherineFrederick StephenView
WoodsJohn William and Charlotte FlorenceStella DoreenView
WilkieFrederick and RebeccaDesmond JohnView
WilliamsJames Sydney and ChristinaChenga GeorgeView
WilliamsCharlie and Gertie JuliusCharlie DanielView
WrightBertie and Alma IreneAlma IreneView
WarnerGeorge Ebenezer and Evelyn AnnieSydney CavellView
WinghamAlbert George and Gertrude EllenElaine MabelView
WhittalHenry Arthur and Ethel MayJohn BeattyView
WilkieFrederick and RebeccaRichard JosephView
WeyerAlfred Wilhelm Herman and Ivy FlorenceVernon WylieView
WhitsonEdwin Thomas and AdaSidney ThomasView
WilliamsCecil Henry and Marjorie MauleJoan Marjorie MauleView
WilliamsJames Sidney and ChristinaFreddy GabrielView
WhiteheadClaude Vincent and Eileen Lange FairJocelyn MaryView
WedderburnRobert and LydiaLydiaView
WewegeJacobus Johannes and Elizabeth AnnieDoris MargaretView
WittstockHenry Charles Frederick and Olive FlorenceDenzil HenryView
WaltersHenry Loch and Gertrude EthelLeslie LochView
WittstockJohannes Paul and Rose AdelaideElizabeth IsabelView
WinghamAlbert George and Gertrude EllenBerylView
WaberskiPaul and BerthaAdeline FredaView
WilkinsonKenneth Murchison Frederick and Annie JaneKenneth MurchisonView
WilsonEdwin James and HannahClaude Iverson (adopted)View
WilshereHenry Charles Paley and Eleanor MaryPeter LovellView
WilsonJohn Dawson and MarcelleJack DawsonView
WhiteheadClaude Vincent and Eileen Lange FairVincent BoothView
WilliamsJames Sydney and ChristinaJessie KamaView
WatsonHugh Victor and MyrtleGordon OgilvieView
WhitmoreWilliam Hollyer and Norah MaySylvia MaryView
WilkieFrederick and RebeccaEric FrederickView
WittstockHenry Charles Frederick and Olive FlorenceWilfred HectorView
WebbAlfred Edward and Henrietta LauraHoratio ThomasView
WittstockChristian Frederick and Alice MaryDenis AubreyView
WhittalHenry Arthur and Ethel MayEthel GraceView
WiehahnNicholas Everhardus and Muriel OliveIlma CynthiaView
WittstockJohannes Paul and Rose AdelaideMary Ann JessieView
WitteHerman Albert Frederick and Amy AmeliaReginald CharlesView
WitteHerman Albert Frederick and Amy AmeliaPhyllis ElaineView
WitteHerman Albert Frederick and Amy AmeliaNancy ErnaView
WinghamAlbert George and Gertrude EllenMurielView
WhiteheadClaude Vincent and Eileen Lange FairGraeme BoothView
WeyerAlfred Wilhelm Herman and Ivy FlorenceMaud Amy WylieView
WatsonFred and Mary ElizaGwendoline IrisView
WhitmoreWilliam Hollyer and Norah MayRonald LeslieView
WilkinsonKenneth Murchison Frederick and Annie JaneJohn Orion MurchisonView
WrightHubert Shaw and Irene JohannaRaleigh ShawView
WinghamAlbert George and Gertrude EllenDorisView
WilsonGrenville Wainwright and CicelyAnthony JohnView
WittstockJohannes Paul and Rose AdelaideJoan AdelaideView
WaberskiPaul and BerthaAdela AdelheideView
WalkerLeonard Harbord and Marjory Penrose (deceased)Leonard MalcolmView
WalkerLeonard Harbord and Eileen EffieGene EleanorView
WebbCharles Harold and WinifredDoreenView
WhiteheadClaude Vincent and EileenAlison AdieView
WinghamAlbert George and Gertrude EllenGwendolyn AliceView
WhatleyFrederick George and Susan JohannaFrederick George DowdleView
WentworthArnold Atherston Gerald and Mary ElizabethFanny SusanView
WilkieFrederick and RebeccaJohn CharlesView
WilcockHarry Budler and Dorothy ElizabethAlma LilianView
WakefordRowland Lance and Violet BeatriceJoanView
WagnerFrank and Constance MayRexView
WatsonFrederick and Mary ElizaDennis FrankView
WhatleyFrederick George and Susan JohannaStanleyView
WhatleyWilliam Thomas and Henrietta EmilyRobert LionelView
WilkieFrederick Charles and Rebecca JohannaDaphne LauraView
WinghamHerbert Henry and Amy MaudCynthia KathleenView
WakefordRoland Lance and Violet BeatriceCharles JoshuaView
WilliamsFrancis Owen and Molly MacKenzieKenneth HuttonView
WebbCharles Harold and WinifredDennisView
WebbIvan John Keen and Doris BerthaDaphne WedderburnView
WhiteNigel Edward Cyril and Elsie CampbellDesmond Brewitt ManningView
WrightWilliam Lambert and Amy MayDouglas LambertView
WittstockJohannes Paul and Rose AdelaideEric JohnView
WilcockHarry Beedles and Dorothy ElizabethGrahame NevilleView
WarrenEdward William and Mary Anna HarveyMichael RobertView
WhatleyFrederick George and Susan JohannaEdna MayView
WinnNorman Charles William and Catherine Mabel (Van Rooyen)Cynthia SheilaView
WakefieldCharles Reginald Ernest and Ilva HazelRobin DaviesView
WarrenFrancis John and WilhelminaGeorge RussellView
WelgemoedChristian Jacobus and Alice BlancheBlanche HesterView
WillcocksPercival John and Amy DaphneHarold JohnView
WhitehornEdward and HildaArthur EdwardView
WarrenPetery Henry and WelhelminaPeter RodneyView
WittstockJohannes Paul and Rose AdelaideTrevor BrianView
WahlburnCecil Richard and ChristinaDaphne RhodaView
WoodWilliam Blythe and Thelma EileenJohn HaroldView
WarrenFrancis John and Wilhelmina DorothyJohn BernardView
WelgemoedChristian Jacobus and Alice BlancheChristian GabrielView
WittstockJohannes Paul and Rose AdelaideMadge IlmaView
WhitmoreWilliam Hollyer and Irene AliceJoan MargaretView
WilkinsonLawrence Guy and Gyneth Sheilah AliceRichard SheatfeildView
WakefordSidney Duckles and Gertie IreneGwenda MayView
WrathmallDavid Dowell and Martha AnnieJoyce Eileen ChiltonView
WeyerHelmut Theodor Christian and Isabel GertrudeEdward Ronald WilliamView
WoodsHenry Steward and Elizabeth JoyceGeoffrey StewardView
WilkinsonLawrence Guy and Gwynneth Sheilah AliceKenneth GuyView
WalkerArnold Bombroffe and Kathleen VeraColin KeithView
WebbOswald Vivian and Marie LydiaPeterView
WhaleCecil Henry and Elizabeth RhodaRhoda LoraineView
WinnNorman Charles William and Doreen MaudDerek Charles NevilleView
WhittingtonCecil Redver and Ada SoniaDeannaView
WilkendenArthur Guy Frederick and Dorothy JessPeter Duncan GuyView
WylieThomas Abbott and PatriciaPeter ThomasView
WatsonWilfred George and Augusta CharlotteConstanceView
WalterIsaac and MinaBertha Cecilia (McKee)View
WithersAlbert Arthur and Doris PearlJohn GrahamView
WinnNorman Charles William and Doreen MaudRobert MontgomeryView
WarrenJames Samuel and Violet GladysPeter JamesView
WebbOswald Vivian and Mary LydiaJackView
WaddingtonLewis O'Neill and Violet MavisChristopher O'NeillView
WittstockJohannes Paul and Rose AdelaideNoelView
WoodwardEllery Arthur James and Agnes ThoraGlanmor Ellery ArthurView
WebbThomas Kenneth and Enid Annie ClaraKenneth GeorgeView
WilkinsonHarold and Valerie DaphneAnthony MichaelView
WilsonLewis Anthony and Rosalie GertrudeJoyce CarolineView
WeyerBennie William and Nellie Dorothy (Els)Vivian SydneyView
WebbOswald Vivian and Maria LydiaYulaView
WhiteCyril de Lacy and Margaret MayPamela de LacyView
WhiteCyril de Lacy and Margaret MayWendy de LacyView
WoodwardJames Ellery Arthur and Agnes ThowAnn WoodwardView
WickhamDouglas George and EvelynEvelyn HeatherView
WildishStanley George and Maud Victoria ElsinneRoy WalterView
WassmanEdgar Norman and KathleenLorna EsmeView
WiggintonCharles Robert and Mabel LucyYvonne AnnView
WinnErnest Ridsdale and Elin JennityMerle CharlotteView
WrightHubert Chapman Shaw and Irene JohannaOwen ShawView
WrightHubert Chapman Shaw and Irene JohannaLucille IreneView
WeareClaude Denzille and alicePatricia Wilhelmina GyffordView
WilsonJohn Hilton and Isabel ElizabethJune LorraineView
WhittingtonHenry William and Gertrude Anna MagdaleneClarence EricView
WestWilfred and Avilda SheilaBrian WilfredView
WildishStanley George and Maude Victoria ElserinaGary RobinView
WakefieldRichard Shepstone and Edna FilsellAnn ShepstoneView
WhiteheadJohn and Dorothy ElizabethDerekView
WhittakerEdmund Vanstone and Violet Eileen ConstanceGraham Anthony VanstoneView
WolterHenry Thwaits and Dorothy RitaAlan ThwaitsView
WhittakerDudley Vanstone and Rose AlexandriaNeville WinstonView
WhiteHarry George Middleton and Nancy Valerie LorraineJennifer AnnView
WerthJames William and Johanna Susan FrancisYvonne SheilaView
WebbJames and Elizabeth AnnieJames MichaelView
WilliamsRobert Dalziel and Margaret IremeCaroline MaryView
WilsonJohn Hilton and Isabel ElizabethGerald CliveView
WilsonCharles Burnett and Annie Elizabeth OwenCharles KirbyView
WorsleyWilliam Richard and Elizabeth StewartBrian FergusonView
WeareClaude Denzille and AliceLyall GyffordView
WinnNorman Charles and Doreen MaudKenneth NormanView
WorsleyWilliam Richard and Elizabeth StewartRobert BoydenView
WeldonFrancis Clarke Curle and Bernice IsabelConstance GailView
WeimannPhillip Ferdinand and Kathleen MayMitzi AnnView
WebbWalter Bertrand and Esme LornaMargaret ChristinaView
WilsonJohn Hilton and Isabella ElizabethPamela JoyView
WetherallBrian William and Phyllis RaeBruce LawrenceView
WaltonAlbert Humphrey and Irene PhyllisGeoffrey KeithView
WilliamsRobert Dalziel and Margaret IreneMargaret LouiseView
WilmotDenton Richmond and Marianne FannyAnnView
WassonRobert William and Thelma AudreyAlan WilliamView
WilsonRobert Alan and Norah BeatriceFiona MarjorieView
WeyerAubrey Paul and NoelMerleView
WeschKarl-Heinz August and Marjorie GrahamAshley Karl GrahamView
WilliamsRobert Dalziel and Margaret IreneRosamund ElizabethView
WilkinsonHilton Spencer and Alice Annie ElizabethReginald ArthurView
WetherallBrian William and Phyllis RaeGlynis RaeView
WoodwardPeter Thomas and Vilma PallantGeoffrey ArthurView
WoodwardEllery Arthur James and Agnes ThowJill NanView
WessonRobert William and Thelma AudreyBrenda AnnView
Wakefield??Charles HoraceView
WoolleyRoland George and Ethel YvonneBrenda JaneView
WilsonColin Herbert Bolton and HeatherAndrew HerbertView
WaltersJohn Maurice Trevelyn and Vesta AgnesMelcolm LockView
WeyerAubrey Paul and Noel OliveMichelle DianeView
WarrenJohn Loftus and SusanRomany-Rose ChristobelView
WhittallDouglas Henry and Madeline CatherineNoeline HeatherView
WhittallJohn Beatty and Daphne CetaCynthia JuneView
WhittingtonCecil Redvers and Ada SoniaSandraView
WilliamsIvor Victor and Phyllis EileenGraham IvorView
WilkinsonHarold and Valerie DaphneDavid JohnView
WilkinsonLaurence Guy and Gwynneth Sheilah AliceChristopher RobinView
WolfFrederick Robert and JuliaIsobel BarrasView
WestawayWilliam Allenby and Dorothy JoanIan AllenbyView
WellsGeorge Albert and Vera Annie KathleenSheila MagdaView
WilkinsonLaurence Guy and Gwynneth SheilahRobert LewisView
WhaleCecil Henry and Elizabeth RhodaLynette AnnView
WhittalAubrey Arthur and Rhoda Sarah AnnNola LorraineView
WilkinsonHarold and ValerieVeronicaView
WillowsJack Robson and Nola ToyGillian DawnView
WhittalJohn Beatty and Delphine ZietaWendy JoanView
WymanStuart Sidney Alexander and Olga MaryMalcolm IanView
WymanStuart Sidney Alexander and Olga MaryPamela Irene MaryView
WymerAlec and EllenMalcolm BrianView
WilliamsIvor Victor and Phyllis EileenElaine PearlView
WhittakerBasil Alfred and Irene MarjorieJohn DudleyView
WestawayWilliam Allenby and Dorothy JoanMargaret JoanView
WitherdenErrol Ferris and Cynthia YvonneRichard JohnView
WhittleDavid John and Gladys RoseEvelyn AnneView
WarrenHarold Malcolm and Hazel MaryBeverley JoyView
WolfaardOlaf Henry Sorenson and Dulcie ElaineJudith AnneView
WoolardGeorge Isaac and Pauline DorisChristopher JamesView
WillowsJack Robson and Nola ToyJack William ThomasView
WellsGeorge Albert and Vera Annie KathleenJoan DianneView
WitherdenErrol Ferris and Cynthia YvonneMichael StephenView
WhittalOswald James and Desiree KathleenBrenda LoraineView
Webb??Cynthia Eileen LornaView
WallandRonald James and Pamela JoyceBarry jamesView
WeldonJohn Charles and Maria MagdalenaMary ElizabethView
WicksDerek Drennan and Elizabeth JeanAnn MargaretView
WolfaardOlaf Henry Sorenson and Dulcie ElaineDavid AnthonyView
Wyllie??Gillian MillsView
Wyllie??Heather AnnView
WhelanAlan Frederick and Margaret JeanPatrick AlanView
WilkenHendrick William and Rita RabellaMay AnnView
WeyerHelmut Theodor Christian and Isabel GertrudeCheryl AnnView
WeakleyCecil Lewis and Mona ElizabethMaureen Gillian LorraineView
WarrenLeo Whittmore and Vera MurielHerman FrantzView
WymerAlec Shirley and EllenGeoffrey RoyView
WestawayWilliam Allenby and Dorothy JoanBruce AllenbyView
WadeyJohn Allen and ShirleyLesley MelanieView
WarrenHarold Malcolm and Hazel MaryChristine LesleyView
WoodSidney James and Cecilia AgnesLesley DorothyView
WymanStuart Sydney Alexander and Olga MaryChristopher Robert GeorgeView
WilliamsLewis Giles and Jean GordonPeter LewisView
WhittleDavid John and Gladys RoseWade JohnView
WhittalOswald James and Desiree KathleenLeslie AlanView
WitherdenErrol Ferris and Cynthia YvonneLinda AnneView
WhiteArthur Graham and Ethne FayBelinda LeighView
WolfaardOlaf Henry and Dulcie ElaineMichael HenryView
WhitfieldRay Wyndham and Alice JohannaJanineView
WadeyJohn Allen and ShirleyJennifer KathrineView
WelshAlexander Robert Hepburn and Sybil FayLinda MargaretView
WilliamsLewis Giles and Jean GordonPenelope JaneView
WillisRonald Frank and Pamela EmilyMichael RonaldView
WarrenHarold Malcolm and Hazel MaryMalcolm JohnView
WrightAnthony John David and Colleen MaryJohn WilliamView
WhittleDavid John and Gladys RoseSandy-LeaView
Warnercolin Hardwick and Yvonne DysonJennifer-AnneView
WhaleBernard James and Shirley MayMark BernardView
WienandAllan leopold and Georgina AlettaAntoinette LeonieView
WatkinsMichiel Richard and Elizabeth MagrietaVeronicaView
WyllieHarry Michael Donald and Stella MaryAndrew MichaelView
WhellerGraham Colin and Hazel EdithGary EdwardView
Wilson??Violet ValeriaView
WilsonPeter Arthur and Violet ValeriaIvor CecilView
WilsonPeter Arthur and Violet ValeriaColman GuyView
WilsonPeter Arthur and Violet ValeriaEleanor VioletView
WilsonPeter Arthur and Violet ValeriaWendy MargaretView
WilsonPeter Arthur and Violet ValeriaPenelope CharmaineView
WhaleBernard James and Shirley MayPeter JamesView
WelshEdward Rolfe and JeanetteAlan CameronView
WittstockNoel and Jennifer YvonneCharmaine YvonneView
WhellerGraham Colin and Hazel EdithLeslie AlanView
WienandAllan Leopold and Georgina AlettaRobin AnthonyView
WilkinsChristopher Peter and Loraine DaisyPeter AndrewView
WiltshireIvan Albert and Jean MarionNeil IvanView
WildVernon Clyde and JenniferLeigh AnneView
WienandAllan Leopold and Georgina AlettaGerald ArthurView
WhellerGraham Colin and Hazel EdithNeil HiltonView
WoodmanNicholas Alexander and Wilhelmina SophiaFrederick Renault JamesView
Webb??Ian LeithView
WilsonPeter Arthur and Violet ValeriaDuncan PeterView
WatsonJames Martin and Margaret RamsayAdele MargaretView
WhellerGraham Colin and Hazel EdithMark KevinView
WillardPhilip Graham and Judy AnnKatie AnnView
WattRobert Froneman and Heather JoanDonnae MicheleView
WebberNigel Peter and Phyllis MarionGrantView
WilliamsMichael Frederick Lamper and Jill DianneTracy LeeView
WelgemoedDenys Darryl and Lynette CarolineLyall MarkView
WebsterRichard William Albert and ColleenRyan BrettView
WalshTerrence Vincent and Eleanora JoyceMichael StephenView
WittrowskiDietman Kurt Gustav and MathildaRal ErnstView
WredeRboin Noel and Susan AnneSusan MaryView
WoolfordHoward George Denis and Gillian DianeMichael Howard GeorgeView
WoodLaurence Ernest Henry and Kathleen ElizabethLawrence Ernest HenryView
WarrenWilliam Edward George and Wendy MerleMichael EiohnView
WienandAllan Leopold and Georgina AlettaPetro AnnView
WilsonDuncan Peter and Gail JosephineJason JosephView
WainPeter Grafton and Jennifer AlisonPaulaView
WrightMichael and DinahJason MichaelView
WaddingtonMichael Robert and Loraine MagdalineCraig MichaelView
WrightMichael Thomas John and Dinah AnneDavid PaulView
WilsonPenelope CharmaineLloydView
WestcottAshton Andrew and Rosemary DeannaMorne HiltonView
WattRobert Froneman and Heather JoanRobert DaneView
WatersonClee Robert and Carol AnneGillian ClaireView
WilsonJohn Cecil and Michelle AnnRyanView
WrightMichael Thomas John and Dinah AnneVictoria ClaireView
WellsRobert William and Kate LouiseThomas JamesView
WhittakerGary Clyde and Deborah MandyJo-AnneView
WilsonDuncan Peter and Gail JosephineDavid AndrewView
WaddingtonMichael Robert and Loraine MagdalineDonne MichaelView
Wittstock??John PaulView
WebbDeniseDale AnthonyView
WestcottMichael John and JudyAllanView
WhittakerGary Clyde and Deborah MandyKendalView
WitcherDuncan Alan and Gayle Sandra WalkerCraig DuncanView
WildAlan Clive and Angela LeighBryce AlanView
WildAlan Clive and Angela LeighJenna LeighView
WebbSteven John Derek Keen and Melody Sandra WebbKade Steven JohnView
WillemseLaurence Johannes and Sandra ElizabethJessica LaurenView
WilkinsonJohn Benjamin and Mary AnneRoderick John Henry StuartView
WhintleyWilliam Bates and SusanWilliam Percivale PierrepointView
WilliamsThomas David and Jane JuliaRalph OsmundView
WyldeEdward James John and Emily AmandaAthol George HardyView
WeatherdonEdwin and Charlotte SpryEdwinView
WilfordJohn and MinnieSarah JaneView
WelbyWilliam MacDonald Earle and Jessie Charlotte SarahGlynne EarleView
WilsonJames Spence and Mary JaneKate IsabelView
WestlakeElisha William James and Alice JaneAda Louisa JaneView
WilshereAlfred Henry and Annie Florence IsabelEthel AnnieView
WilkinsonJohn Benjamin and Mary AnneCharles Duncan FranksView
WhippSarah Lord and James HenryEdith CrawfordView
WestwoodWilliam and MarthaThomas Alfred WilliamView
WrightAlfred Henry and Mary AnneAlfred HenryView
WilsonJames Spence and Mary JaneLeonard SpenceView
WilliamsThomas David and Jane JuliaBernard StanleyView
WalkerHenry and AnnieCharles TheodoreView
WilshireAlfred Henry and Annie Florence IsabelBertram AlfredView
WestlakeElisha William James and Alice JaneSamuel William HenryView
WienandChristian Frederick and Susannah Anne MaskewWinifred MaryView
WyldeEdward James John and Emily AmandaRuby Mary TruterView
WhippJames Henry and Sarah LordMay KathleenView
WilsonJames Spence and Mary JaneDaniel JamesView
WahlCarl and MaranMatilda Necolina VictoriaView
WelbyWilliam MacDonald Earle and Jessy Charlotte SarahMayView
WattleworthJoseph Walter and AnneHarold EllisonView
WhittingtonHenry and EmilyGeorge JosephView
WilshireAlfred Henry and Annie Florence IsabelMuriel FlorenceView
WatsonWilliam and ElizaNellie MayView
WatsonJohn David and Mary CatharineWilliam FrancisView
WatsonJohn David and Mary CatharineEdward AndrewView
WelbyWilliam MacDonald Earle and Jessie Charlotte SarahMary lamontView
WilsonJames Spence and Mary JaneSamuel JohnView
WormaldWilliam Henry and Katherine CuylerEdna FairbridgeView
WhittingtonHarry and Emily DorcasMatilda Austena VictoriaView
WilshereAlfred Henry and Annie Florence IsabelEleanorView
WillowsThomas and Selina JaneEthelwyn MaryView
WhittleJohn and BerthaWalter JohnView
WilsonJames Spence and Mary JaneJane FlorenceView
WahlCarl Wilhelm and MarenAlbert EdwardView
WyldeEdward James John and Emily AmandaIvy Jemmetta AnnieView
WhittingtonHenry and EmilyJessie CharlotteView
WhiteAlexander William and LouisaAgnes LouisaView
WormaldWilliam Henry and Katherine CuylerJoyce KenyonView
WilsonJames Spence and Mary JaneEllen BirchView
WackrillHerbert John and Edith GertrudeCecil Herbert DunbarView
WatsonJohn David and Mary MariaCecilia MariaView
WanckelEdward George and EmmaCecil Henry JamesView
WilsonJames Spence and Mary JaneGrace WinifredView
WrightRichard Walter and Dora MaryDorothy LennoxView
WienandChristian Frederick and Susanna Anne MaskewNellie MaskewView
WilshereAlfred Henry and Annie Florence IsabelHenry Charles PaleyView
WilsonAnthony Calvert and Ethel MaudeJohn DawsonView
WormaldWilliam Henry and Katharine CuylerDorris HoltView
WilliamsJames David and AliceMary AnnView
WhippJames Henry and Sarah LordGladys CrawfordView
WhittingtonHenry and Emily DorcasAugustus HenryView
WhittalOswald James and Desiree KathleenGeoffrey DavidView
WarrenJohn Loftus and SusanRex ChristopherView
WilliamsRaymond Bevan and Mavis YvonneRodney BevanView
WeissWilliam Edward Adolf and Priscilla JohannaTrevor MalcolmView
WatsonEdward Graham and Elise MaryMargaret JeanView
WilliamsCecil Bertram and Dulcie Emily StaceyMichelle DulcieView
WilsonIan Thomson and Edna MaryPeter HerbertView
WeareJohn de Lisle and Elizabeth Maryde LisleView
WhittingtonCecil Redvers and Ada SoniaRobinView
WeareJohn de Lisle and Elizabeth MaryMichaelView
WillcockWalter and LornaTimothy WalterView
WattersJohn Maurice Trevelyn and Vesta AgnesSandraView
WhaitsRobert Chatterton and Margaret McFarlane McCullochRoberta CatherineView
WhaitsRobert Chatterton and Margaret McFarlane McCullochAlthea Margaret KatherineView
WilsonIan Thomson and Edna MayGraeme PaulView
WilkenHendrik William and Rita RebeccaMaurice WilliamView
WakefieldRobin Davies and PhyllisSharon LeeView
WarrenLeo Whittmore and Vera MurielVera BarbaraView
WebberHerbert and Hazel MareaAnthony JohnView
WatersonRobert Patrick and Diana ElizabethJohn PatrickView
WeareCedric Denzille and PhoebeKatherineView
WebberRobert Louis and Susan AnnieWendyView
WhelanAlan Frederick and Margaret JeanMichael AlfredView
WakefieldRobin Davies and PhyllisCindy AnnView
WeddellMalcolm and MarigoldAnthea Edith ClaireView
WakefieldRobin Davies and Phyllis MichelleView
WilliamsRaymond Bevan and Mavis YvonneKaren NoelView
WilliamsRaymond Bevan and Mavis YvonneWendy VanessaView
WilkinsonRichard Streatfeild and Jennifer RuthMichiel RennyView
WilkinsonKenneth Guy and Gillian JoanDeborah LeeView
WebbBrian and JunePamelaView
WebbAllan George and SusanPhilip JonathanView
WebbBrian and JuneGary AllanView
WilkinsonKenneth Guy and Gillian JohnKaren RaeView
WiltshireIvan Albert and Jean MarionLe-AnneView
WhaitsRobert Theodore Philip and Maria ElizabethRenata MagdaleneView
WylieHenry Frank and Cynthia EvelynHeather LynnView
WebberNigel Peter and Phyllis MarionShaneView
WoodErrol Trevor and Lynette PatriciaEvadne YolandaView
WebbColin Michael and Lesley ElizabethRyanView
WilcoxDesmond Denis and Ann ElizabethJeffrey CyrilView
WebberNigel Peter and Phyllis MarionShelly AnnView
WexuVictoriaMichael MzukisiView
WilsonIvor and Mercia AnnetteTanya NatashaView
WilliamsBertram Francis and Beverley MayJanine MayView
WillowsMaud Mary and HenryGweneth AudreyView
WillowsLawrence George and Norah GertrudeRolfe GrahamView
WarrenThomas Howlett and Edith EmilyThomas HowlettView
WarrenAlexander Ralph and Phyllis AmeliaHaroleen LoisView
WarrenEdward George and Nina BeatriceWilliam Edward GeorgeView
WarrenAlexander George Norman and Eileen WinifredRaymond George HowlettView
WarrenThomas Howlett and ThoraDianne MerleView
WarrenThomas Howlett and ThoraAshley NormanView
WarrenThomas Howlett and ThoraJennifer AnneView
WillowsRolfe Graham and Melva AgnesKeith GrahamView
WillowsRolfe and Melva AgnesDennis LawrenceView
WebbAlfred and JemimaHarold GlanvilleView
WilliamsThomas David and Jane JuliaAmy alice ElizabethView
WelbyWilliam MacDonald Earle and Jessie Charlotte SarahIsabelle FlorenceView
WestlakeElisha William James and Alice JaneHerbert George TomView
WakefordReuben and Mary Ann JaneGertrude LouisaView
WebbCottington and EstherAmy ElizabethView
WrightEdward and AnnieJohn HenryView
WakefordReuben and Mary Ann JaneGrace HeleriaView
WakefordWalter John and Margaret LouisaGordon TearleView
WanckelEdward Adolphus George and EmmaWalter EdwardView
WilliamsJohn Henry and Emily Catherine AnnEmily Jane MatildaView
WrightEdward and AnnieJane ElizabethView
WrightEdward and AnnieGeorge Thomas AlbertView
WebbCottington and EstherEdward CottingtonView
WhiteWilliam Jabez and Ellen ElizabethLillie MaudView
WalkerHenry and AnnieRobert HenryView
WilliamsJohn Henry and Emily Catherine AnnMary Annie Selena KateView
WebbCottington and EstherBertha MayView
WalkerHenry and AnnieHenriettaView
WebbCottington and EstherWilliam HenryView
WebbWilliam and Sarah Anna BeelRichardView
WheldonJeremiah John and CatherineTheresa MayView
WilkieOtto and BerthaEda Matilda LouisaView
WebbCottington and EstherCharles RichardView
WebbWilliam and Sarah Ann BestChristiana Sophia LetitiaView
WheeldonJeremiah John and CatherineAlice MaryView
WalkerLaurence Newman and Florence IsabelPhyllis Dixon BlundellView
WillowsThomas and Selina JaneHarold HancornView
WillowsThomas and Selina JaneLawrence GeorgeView
WebbEdward Alfred and Henrietta LauraRuby EthelView
WickeOtto and BerthaMabel LouisaView
WheeldonJeremiah John and CatherineHarry MiltonView
WorstJohn Peter and Louisa ElizabethFredrick TobiasView
WebbCottington and EstherArthur BealView
WebbEdward Alfred and Henrietta LauraLavinia BlancheView
WanckelEdward Adolphus George and EmmaHoratiaView
WilkeOtto and BerthaJohn Charles OttoView
WebbWilliam and Sarah Ann BealeWilliam JohnView
WilkeOtto and BerthaKate Annie AugustaView
WibberleyWilliam and MariomRonald Victor StewartView
WalkerCharles Theodore and Meta CatherineFrances ElizabethView
WarrenThomas HowlettThomas HowlettView
WucherpfennigTheodor and ChristinaFreda Johanna ChristinaView
WatermeyerStephen Liesching and Frances MurielUna Antoinetta GreiteView
WilliamsWilliam David and Ethelwyn MayAlfred Strickland WynView
WrightAbert Linwood and Ethel ThomasineWilfrid LinwoodView
WilliamsonBenley and HelenaIvanView
WarrenThomas Howlett and Annie Maria EllenMayView
WalkerCharles Theodore and Mita CatherineKathleen MargaretView
WucherpfennigTheodore Otto Ludwig and Christina Maria CatherineAugust Wilhelm OswaldView
WebbGeorge Fortescue and Winifred IdaCharles FortescueView
WilliamsonBenly and Helena EmilyHazel BelindaView
WhittalReuben Clifford and Georgina Katherine IvyJohn RecklessView
WebberWilliam and Hilda JaneBarbara MaryView
WarrenThomas Howlett and Annie Maria Ellen (deceased)Alexander George NormanView
WalkerCharles Theodore and Meta CatherineHenrietta DorothyView
WorringhamAubrey Edgar Marsh and Edith MaryFrank CecilView
WorringhamAubrey Edgar Marsh and Edith MaryEustace HaroldView
WebbGeorge Fortescue and Winifred IdaAllan Lawrence FortescueView
WhittingtonAugust Henry and LilyMona FlossieView
WucherpfennigTheodore and ChristineGeorge ErnestView
WhittalReuben Clifford and Georgina Catherine JoyHazel VioletView
WinghamPercy Charles and Winifred AnnieZora ClariceView
WinterGeorge Norcutt and Ethel Violet ElizabethGeorge WilliamView
WilsonWinslow Arthur and Elizabeth AnnGordon AllenView
WalkerRobert Henry and JohannaEdith ElizabethView
WalkerCharles Theodore and Meta KathelenHarry JohnView
WilliamsonBenley and HelenaThelma EsmeView
WucherpfennigTheodor and ChristineWalter Albert HenryView
WinterGeorge Norcott and Ethel Violet ElizabethNorcott JamesView
WinghamPercy Charles and Winifred AnnieClifford CharlesView
WalkerRobert Henry and JohannaJohanna LettieView
WalkerCharles Theodore and Meta KathleenJohn PhilipView
WilsonWinslow Arthur and Elizabeth AnnWinslow Arthur JohnView
WalkerRobert and JohannaNaomi Henrietta CatherineView
WinghamPercy Charles and Winifred AnnaUna MaryView
WhittingtonAugust Henry and Lydia Emma PolinaAugust HenryView
WinterGeorge Norcott and Ethel VioletCharles HenryView
WalkerCharles and MetaMaria MagdalenaView
WalkerRobert Henry and JohannaHarry RobertView
WhittalEdwin Alfred and Georgina Laura AnnieGeorge FrancisView
WisemanSydney Frid and Florence MinnieLily IreneView
WinghamPercy Charles and Winifred AnnieEllaView
WeimannPaul and BerthaEmil GustavView
WhittalEdwin Alfred and LauraAubrey ArthurView
WinterGeorge Norcott and Ethel VioletAubrey JamesView
WinterGeorge Norcott and Ethel VioletNoelView
WhittalWilliam Baden and Irene AlmaDaphne EvaView
WalkerRobert Henry and JohannaBenjamin DanielView
WrightNewton Stanley and Kathleen MyrtleAlfred Kerwin View
WagenaarJohanna Maria WepenerMoire CeciliaView
WhittalEdwin Alfred and Georgina Laura AnnieReuben RichardView
WhittalWilliam Baden and Irene AlmaDesmond KeithView
WalkerCharles Theodore and Meta CatherineAlexander CharlesView
WalkerCharles Theodore and Meta CatherineLouisa JanettaView
WhatleyPhyllis RuthJohn OwenView
WeimannPaul and BerthaPaul EdwardView
WoodStanley Farel and ArabellaFrankView
WisemanAlexander and Minnie VredeLeslie AlexanderView
WhittalWilliam Baden and IreneBryan WilliamView
WilliamsRobert and LilianArthurView
WilliamsRobert and LilianRichardView
WilliamsRobert and LilianHelenView
WarrenPeter Henry and WilhelminaJosephine ElaineView
WhittalWilliam Baden and Irene AlmaJoyce Althea EllenView
WhitmoreWilliam and Norah (deceased)Edward JohnView
WhitmoreWilliam and IreneSheila AliceView
WhittalSydney and KathleenKathleen MargaretView
WelhamRobert and Violet ElizabethMichael AndrewView
WilliamsRobert and Martha MariaEllen FrancesView
WongKenneth and DorisEvelynView
WongKenneth and DorisDaphneView
WongKenneth and DorisElaineView
WischAugust Ferdinand and SheilaJeanetteView
WatsonGeorge Stuart and Mavis IvyBeverley PatriciaView
WhatleyRobert Lionel and Dorothy MargaretSylvia DawnView
WhatleyRobert Lionel and Dorothy MargaretLionel FrederickView
WadeWalter Raymond and Cynthia DawnMichael GeoffreyView
WheatleyJames Gibson and Edith EvelynJohnView
WilliamsRobert and Martha MariaRobert CliveView
WeissBernard Edward Emil and IreneEdward MichaelView
WatsonErnest France and Lorna MargaretGregory JohnView
WadeWalter Raymond and Cynthia DawnRenee JoyceView
WhatleyRobert Lionel and Dorothy MargaretJuneView
WilsonRaymond George and Louise HariettLionelView
WilliamsRobert and Martha MariaEsther PaulineView
WhittalAubrey Arthur and Rhoda Sarah AnnLeonard DouglasView
WhatleyRobert Lionel and Dorothy MargaretCarolView
WeissBernard Edward and IreneTrevor AnthonyView
WadeWalter Raymond and Cynthia DawnGloria JeanView
WatsonIvan Roland and June-ClareIvan MichaelView
WilsonTrevor Rowland and Susanna DorotheaKathleen BeatriceView
WilsonTrevor Rowland and Susanna DorotheaRowland HawthenthwaiteView
WilsonTrevor Rowland and Susanna DorotheaPierre ArnoldView
WesterdaleBasil and Barbara SheilaShaneView
WeissBernard Emil and IreneDarleneView
WesterdaleBasil and Barbara SheilaRoyView
WarkusDenzil Arthur and Norma LilianDean MalcolmView
Walters??Henry HaroldView
Walters??Kenneth GeorgeView
WeissBernard Emil and IreneCarolynView
WatsonKeith Desmond and Jean AudreyAlan KeithView
WesterdaleBasil and Barbara SheilaMeryllView
WeissMilton Michael and Hilda ElizabethJoy NicoleneView
WarkusDenzil Arthur and Norma LilianLynn ReneeView
WrightFrederick Alfred and Beryl WinnifredRobert DaleView
WynnBasil Denis and Amy DawnTracy LeeView
WittstockTrevor Edward and DaleneDebra AnnView
WheelerJohn Casteldene and Lesley VivienPatricia LindsayView
WilliamsRodney Bevan and Lynette AngelaDeanView
WilsonIvor and Mercia AnnetteWarren Carl GeorgeView
WildRobert Arthur and Valerie ConstanceTheresaView
WildRobert Arthur and Valerie ConstanceAlisonView
WilliamsRodney Bevan and Lynette AngelaBrandenView
WilliamsDavid Stuart and Lesley DianeDamian JohnView
WagenaarJohanna CatherineKenneth BradleyView
WakefieldArthur Shepston and Amy ElizabethJennifer ShepstonView
WakefieldRichard Shepstone and Edna FilsellMargaret ShepstoneView
WalkerKathleen MargaretHenry JohnView
WalkerMary MagdaleneGuy RobertView
WalkerJohn and AmyEric Charles RobertView
WalkerJohn and AmyMary ElizabethView
WalshFinley George (deceased) and Jean Maria Nolls (Macpherson)Theresa Erskine RolloView
WaltersCharles Edward and Mabel FlorenceMarionView
WardKenneth Charles and Doris IreneLeslie RaymondView
WarrenLeo Whittmore and Vera MurielIvy LouiseView
WattsLeslie John and Ivy EdnaJennifer JoyView
WattsLennox and Daphne JeanPeter AmosView
WattsRobert Hendrick and Martha Helene (Nee Homann)Ivy EdnaView
WebbThomas Kenneth and Enid Ann ClaraThomas TrevorView
WebbFrank Prance and AdeleneBrian AlisterView
WebbSidney William and MarionThomas WilliamView
WebbFrank and AdeleneAllen GeorgeView
WebbThomas Kenneth and EnidDaphne EnidView
WebbFrank Plance and AdeleneRodney MalcolmView
WebberJoseph Matthew and Irene ElizabethBrian JosephView
WebsterAlfred Edward and Gwenda CicelyAlan Edward OwenView
WeimannEmiel Gustav and Caroline Margaret RoseRonald EmielView
WeirJohn Alexander and Marguerite MabelAlistair JohnView
WeirRichard William and IreneHeather MaryView
WeirRichard William and IreneRichard Aubrey DesmondView
WelgemoedJohannes and Wilhelmina StephinaLewis DavidView
WelgemoedJudith MagrietaJudith Margareta MaryView
WelgemoedWilhelminaMary MagdaleneView
WelgemoedChristian Jacobus and Alice BlancheGabriel Frederick StephenView
WellerAlbert James and Jessie MaudAnneView
WellmanCarl and Barbara MaryJoyView
WellmanCarl Ernest August and Barbara MayGraham MichaelView
WeltonHarold Edward and MaryAlan EdwardView
WeyerWolbe Alfred Wilhelm and Betty Rhoda AnnePeterView
WheelerJohn Lionel Casteldine and Edyth RosamondAnthony CharlesView
WhitbyErnest Chaffey and Edith CavellPatricia CatherineView
WhiteRobert George and Nesta AtherstoneNesta AnneView
WhiteWilliam Westwood and Frances EvelynArthur GrahamView
WhiteGordon and HarrietCynthia DawnView
WhiteCyril De Lacey and Margaret MayBeverley De LaceyView
WhiteboyNolly and EllenMillicent MariaView
WhitfieldWyndham and Ena Elizabeth CicelyRay WyndhamView
WhitfieldDorrien Charles Redvers and Dorothy MaryPatricia Ann DorothyView
WhitfieldLionel Duncan and EnidRobert LewisView
WhitmoreWilliam Hollyer and Irene AlicePhyllis IreneView
WhittalReginald Wakeham and Dorothy AnneDennis ReginaldView
WhittalRichard Thomas and Mildred HarrietNorma CathreenView
WhittalStanley Douglas and Effie MayEvaView
WhittalRichard Thomas and Mildred HarrietLorraine ElizabethView
WhittleJohn and Catherina Elizabeth SuzannaDenise MonicaView
WiggillHenry and Hilda KathleenNorman GeorgeView
Wiggill??Robert GeorgeView
WilcoxReginald Charles and GertrudeCynthia Maria MagdaleneView
WilcoxReginald Charles and Gertrude FrancesMervyn ReginaldView
WilcoxReginald Charles and Gertrude FrancesChristian WilliamView
WilcoxReginald Charles and Gertrude FrancesIvor OwenView
WilcoxReginald Charles and Gertrude FrancesMerle ElizabethView
WilcoxHarry Cyril and Hester SusanDesmond DenisView
WilcoxHarry Cyril and Hester SusanErrol TrevorView
WilcoxReginald Charles and Gertrude F.Lilian PriscillaView
WilcoxHarry Cyril and Hester SusanHeather JoyView
WilcoxReginald Charles and Gertrude FrancesPamela MagdleneView
WilcoxHarry Cyril and Hester SusanMerle EstelleView
WilkinsAlfred Herbert and Halcyon LilianValerye Vyvyan WynsleghView
WilkinsAlfred Herbert and Halcyon LilianNancy Clare WynsleghView
WillardHarry and KatieSarah MaryView
WillardHarry and KatieArthurView
WillcockArthur and Beatrice IreneNormanView
WillcockArthur and Beatrice IreneAshton ForbesView
WilliamsWillie and RachelRaymondView
WilliamsBarend and FrancinaErnest Henry JamesView
WilliamsWillie and RachelBrianView
WilliamsWillie and RachelClement EdwardView
WilliamsWillie and RachelStanley LeonView
WilliamsSophie Kathleen (deceased)Joyce KathleenView
WilliamsWillie and RachelPriscilla DoloresView
WilliamsWillie and RachelMelvyn CecilView
WilmotDenton Richmond and Marianne FannyJeanView
WilsonKenneth John and Madelaine LevickSally PatriciaView
WilsonJohn Charles and Rita MayAllan John WilliamView
WilsonLewis Anthony and Rosalie JohannaLesley MargaretView
WinfieldRonald William Alfred and Azalea MavisNaadiaView
WinnErnest Ridsdale and Elin JennityBrian RidsdaleView
WinterHerbert Sydney and Erica ElaineOriel NanView
WoodMarjoriePauline PloughView
WoodStanley Montague and MarjorieStanley LawrenceView
WoodStanley Montague and MarjorieMontague LlewellynView
WooldridgeTristram Russell and Elaine CampbellTristram HoweView
WooldridgeTristram Russell and Elaine CampbellGarlandView
WrightGarnall and MayNorlan?View
WrightEric George William and Daphne ClarkeDenise EricaView
Wright?? (deceased) and ElvaSylvia MurielView
WrightElvaDennis DavidView
WrightElvaDoreen MillieView
WyldeSamuel and FrancisRaymond EmdenView
WyldeSamuel and FrancisWilliam DuncanView
WynterAlfred Allan and AliceRonald KirkwoodView
WallWilliam and Margaret (Michells)Harriet AnnView
WatsonWilliam and EmmaJohn WilliamView
WatsonWilliam and EmmaMary AnnView
WaylandEdwin Poyntz and Jackomina ArlettaCharles Frederick BishopView
WienandHenry Bernhard Frederick and Emily JeanettePhilip RichardView
WheelerPeter and KathredaFredrick NathanaelView
WeinandHenry Bernhard Frederic and Emily JeanelleFrances MargaretView
WienandHenry Bernhard Frederick and Emily JannettWilliam HenryView
WoodrooffeHenry Reade and Elizabeth MariaCharlotte MaryView
WoodrooffeHenry Reade and Elizabeth MariaHenry Waring OakView
WessonWilliam and AnnJohnView
WessonWilliam and AnnLydiaView
WalkerCharles and SarahEliza HarrietView
WessonWilliam and AnnDanielView
WessonJames and CharlotteWilliamView
WhittleJames and SusannaHarriet AgnesView
WatersHenry Tempest and Isabella FosterJuliaView
WiggillIsaac and MaryJamesView
WessonJames and CharlotteElizabeth AgnesView
WessonWilliam and AnnCharlotteView
WestcottJohn and AsenathWilliam GeorgeView
WestcottJohn and AsenathJohn BerryView
WestcottJohn and AsenathElizabeth EmmaView
WessonJames and CharlotteRobert JamesView
WatersHenry Tempest and Isabella ForsterHenryView
WestcottJohn and AsenathThomasView
WhitfieldLeo Africanus and Mary DodgsonCordelia AnneView
WhitfieldLeo Africanus and Mary DodgsonMary ElizabethView
WhittalFrancis and AnneHarriet AnneView
WhittalFrancis and AnnSarah ElizabethView
WhittalFrancis and AnnWilliam WarwickView
WhittalFrancis and AnnAbigail MaryView
WhittalFrancis and AnnJohn henryView
WhittalFrancis and AnnJoseph Francis DavidView
WhittalFrancis and AnnDaniel AbrahamView
WillowsWilliam and ElizabethFanny? ElizabethView
WhittalGeorge James and JaneEmily JaneView
WhitfieldJohn and AnnJames EdwardView
WhitfieldJohn and AnneLeo HenryView
WillmoreBenjamin George and Sarah JaneJulia Amelia LizzieView
WhitfieldJohn and AnneJohn GeorgeView
WhittalWalter Clayton and AnnWalter ErnestView
WhittalCharles John and Sarah AnnBenjamin FrancisView
WhitfieldJohn and AnnieRoseView
WhittalCharles John and Sarah AnnPercival CharlesView
WhittalWalter and AnneLaurance GeorgeView
WrightArthur Ebenezer and Emily Mary BazettWilliam Ebenezer CronView
WrightArthur Ebenezer Cron and Emily Mary BazettJohn HaytonView
WrightArthur Ebenezer Cron and Emily Mary BazettKate CronView
WrightArthur Abenezer and Emily Mary BazettJohn Eric CronView
WalkerRichard Arthur and Mary DeannaMelanie GraceView
WienandErnest Daniel and Martha PetronellaAmelia Carolina SophiaView
WellmanEdwin Edward and AugustaAlexander DickerView
WoodThomas and JaneJohn GeorgeView
WebsterWilliam and Emma EleanorWilliam GeorgeView
WallisEdward and SarahCharlotte MaryView
WebsterWilliam and Elizabeth (deceased)JosephView
WienandChristian Philip and Emma RosalieBernhard DaniellView
WardJoseph and MaryJoseph JohnView
WadeThompson and RosaCharles ThompsonView
WillmerAlexander and Mary AnnGeorge DanielView
WatsonJohn and JaneJamesView
WildAbraham and AnnElizabethView
WebsterWilliam and Emma ElianelJohn HenryView
WhitfieldLeo Africanus and Mary DodgsonOscar Leo RobertView
WinterGeorge and SarahGeorge WilliamView
WebsterFrances and RosettaFrancisView
WalkerCharles (deceased) and SarahSarah ElizabethView
WrightGeorge and CatherineGeorginaView
WatersWilliam and PriscillaSarah MariaView
WilshireEbenezer Stebbs and Maria AnnettaAlured MyddletonView
WatsonWilliam and HelenCharles BenjaminView
WebbFrederic Charles and EmilyHarriet BedfordView
WebsterWilliam and Emma EleanorEdward WalterView
WallisGeorge Clarridge and IsabellaRebecca SarahView
WrightSamuel Krohn and ZipporahSamuel KrohnView
WhiteThomas Charles and Mary EllenBertha EgertonView
WallaceJoseph and AliceElizabethView
WelbHenry James and Elizabeth EmmaGertrude EllenView
WellingsEdward and AnnSarah SusanView
WellingsEdward and AnnSelina AnnView
WellingsEdward and AnnAlfred EdwardView
WellingsEdward and AnnGeorge ArthurView
WebsterCharles and SarahArthur WilliamView
WaberskiWalter Frank and Kathleen WinnifredBrian KennethView
WalkerCharles Garrard and Lydia RuthCharles HaroldView
Walkercharles Garrard and Lydia RuthThora PhyllisView
WaltersMaria MagdaleneAnnie KateView
WaltersAlexander Benjamin and Ethel MayVerna ConstanceView
WanckelCharles and Gertrude BeatriceZena GladysView
WanckelCharles and Gertrude BeatriceJoffre LouvainView
WarkusArthur and MinnieVernon JuliusView
WarkusArthur and MinnieRonald TheoView
WarkusErnest Robert and MinnieMyrtle Minnie MatildaView
WarkusErnest Robert and MinnieErnest ArthurView
WarkusErnest Robert and MinnieStella IrisView
WarkusStanley Laurence and Rosetta EmmaSheila MargaretView
WarkusStanley Laurence and Rosetta EmmaNatalie HelenView
WarkusStanley Laurence and Rosetta EmmaHazel Sylvia EdnaView
WarkusRonald Theo and Edna JoyceReneeView
WarnerEngela Paulina (Forster)Cornelius JacobusView
WarrenVictor John and Ivy JaneIlva MayView
WarrenV. John and Ivy JaneLeo WhitfieldView
WasserfallHarrietCecil William BakerView
WatchamAlfred John and Iris HeatherLinda RayView
WaterfallWalter Theodore and Daisy AnnStanleyView
WaterfallWalter Theodore and Daisy AnnEric LionelView
WattersRonald Dick Williamson and Dorothy LouiseErrol WarrenView
WattrusThomas Gordon and Jessie ElizabethStanley KnightView
WattrusThomas Gordon and Jessie ElizabethJosephine AnnView
WebbDouglas Hillton and FredaOswald VyvyanView
WebbVincente Jose Francisco and Mary JaneDorothy EvelynView
WebbWilliam Gough and Susan GoughMary JaneView
WebberAlfred Price Born and KathleenDesmond Latham PriceView
WebberAdolph and Arabella MargueriteErnest BentleyView
WeisgerberFriedrich Wilhelm and Rosalie SarahBeryl BirdieView
WeisgerberFrederick William and Rosalie SarahElma HazelView
WeisgerberFrederick William and Rosalie SarahEsme RosalieView
WeisgerberFrederick William and Rosalie SarahDulcie MerleView
WeisgerberFrederick William and Rosalie SarahAthalie JessieView
WeissEmil and EnidRonald MelvynView
WeissEmil Ludwig and Enid LouiseNorma EnidView
WeissEmil and EnidDesiree AgnesView
WentworthStephen Arnold Atherstone Gerald and Mabel DoreenHarold FrankView
WestallWilliam Evans and Madeleine MayEricaView
WestlakeSamuel William Henry and Augusta Louisa HelenaWilliam Charles JamesView
WestlakeSamuel William Henry and Augusta Louisa HelenaGladys EileenView
WestlakeSamuel William Henry and Augusta Louisa HelenaElgira LornaView
WestlakeHenry and AugustaJean ElaineView
WestpfahlTheodore August and Ada EleanorJack LawrenceView
WestpfahlTheodor August and Ada Eleanor WatertonSylvia IsobelView
WestpfahlTheodor August and Ada Eleanor WooltertonBarbara HelenView
WestpfahlCharlie and MaryHilton LyntonView
WestpfahlTheodore August and Ada Eleanor WooltertonDerek Lennon WooltertonView
WestpfahlTheodore August and Ada Eleanor WooltertonConstance AnneView
WestpfahlTheodore August and Ada Eleanor WooltertonIvan PeterView
WestpfhalCharles Karl Franz and Mary BothaReuben AubreyView
Westpfhal (Westphal?)Charles and MariaEdward WilliamView
Westpfhal (Westphal?)Charles Franz and MariaCarl FranzView
Westpfhall (Westphal?)Carl Franz and MariaDaniel AndresView
WestphalCharles and MariaGretaView
WewegeAugust and JohannaEileenView
WewegeHenry Stephen and Mary Christina JaneRonald WilliamView
WewegeJohn and EthelRosalind JoyceView
WewegeHenry Stephen and Mary JaneMary MarjoryView
WewegeJohn and EthelVictor HenryView
WewegeAugust and JohannaSidneyView
WewegeJohn and EthelPhoebe DorotheaView
WewegeHenry Stephen and Mary JaneEdna AleenView
WewegeJohn and EthelReginald ArthurView
WewegeJohn and EthelBrian JohnView
WewegeJohn and EthelLeslie HerbertView
WewegeJohn and EthelFlorence MayView
WewegeBernard and DorothyWalter BernardView
WewegeSidney Charles and Frances CarolineColin SidneyView
WewegeSidney Charles and Frances CarolineRoy HenryView
WewejeJohn and EthelEthel IsabelView
WhaitsPhilip Henry and Sylvia Winifred CourtneyJohn Henry CourtneyView
WhealJohn HenryFred Michael JosephView
WheelerSarahHarry, aka Harry HarveyView
WhifflerCharles Edward Joseph and Martha EllenSydney Charles JosephView
WhifflerCharles Edward Joseph and Martha EllenSydney Charles JosephView
WhitakerGeorge and Eliza Jemmetta JaneJaneView
WhitakerGeorge and ElizaDorothy EmilyView
WhitakerGerald and Eirene BirdVictor GeraldView
WhitakerPercy Harold and Charlotte AmandaNevilleView
WhitakerPercy Harold and Charlotte AmandaNorman CharlesView
WhitakerPercy Harold and Charlotte AmandaHazel ClaireView
WhitakerPercy Harold and Charlotte AmandaGeoffrey HoraceView
WhitakerPercy Harold and Charlotte AmandaBasil RhodesView
WhitakerPercy Harold and Charlotte AmandaJoan GraceView
WhiteFrederick James and Annie MaryArthur JamesView
WhiteFrederick James and Annie MaryGladys JoanView
WhiteLew and Elsa ElfriedaRohanView
WhitefieldGeorge Maxwell Bruce and Harriett EvelynDaphne ThoraView
WhiteheadEric and Edna DerryAda AnneView
WhiteheadEric and EdnaRoyView
WhitehornHarold William and Irene Stella BarnesGeorge Nathaniel VernonView
WhitfieldAlan and PhyllisLynette JoyView
WhitfieldAlan and Phyllis EttaFelicity AnnView
WhitfieldAlan and Phyllis EttaTrevor James EdwinView
WhittalStanley Douglas and Effie MayReta MaeView
WhittenLionel Frederic and Ida FrancisSibyl Geraldine RussellView
WiggellGeorge and CatherineGeorge WilliamView
WiggilWilliam Miller and Ethel MadelineNoreen IdaView
WiggillHenry and MinnieWilliamView
WiggillGeorge and CatherineJosephView
WiggillGeorge and RebeccaHenry EricView
WiggillGeorge and RebeccaDouglas JohnView
WiggillGeorge and RebeccaGeorge WilliamView
WiggillWilliam and Sarah ChristinaSarah ChristinaView
WiggillWilliam and Edith MatildaJohn BevanView
WiggillDaniel John and Dorothy JoyceCrispin John DanielView
WiggillWilliam and Edith MatildaYvonne JaniceView
WiggillDorothy JoyceTrevor HaroldView
WilcoxThomas and IsabellaEmily Louise AliceView
WilcoxThomas Frederick and Ida AugustaAmelia LouisaView
WilcoxThomas Frederick and Ida AugustaEdna ThelmaView
WilcoxHarry CyrilHarry CyrilView
WilcoxHarry Cyril and Hester SusanSylvia MayView
WilcoxHarry Cyril and Esther SusanColin CliveView
WilcoxHarry Cyril and Esther SusanBasil NeilView
WilcoxWilliam Edward James and Iris MarjorieThelmaView
WilcoxWilliam Edward James and Iris MarjorieArthur View
WildEric Stewart and Mary MaudeAileen MaryView
WileyLeslie Byron and Dorothy EliseDorothy LeslieView
WilkenJan Hendrik and Maria MagdalenaHermanus JohannesView
WilkieFrederick Carl Hermann and Rebecca JohannaAnna Johanna MaryView
WilkinsEustace Neville Donald and Daphne TitiaDaphne JoyView
WilkinsEustace Neville Donald and Daphne TitiaChristopher PeterView
WillardWilliam Francis and Maud EdithGarth WilliamView
WilleyJames JamesView
WilliamsDavid and MargaretDavid Rowland GodfreyView
WilliamsDavid and CatharineDavidView
WilliamsCatherine AliceElizabethView
WilliamsThomas and NellieWilliamView
WilliamsJoseph George Milton and Helen DorotheaClaude MiltonView
WilliamsEdward Morrison and Gertrude EllenRobert KeithView
WilliamsJoseph George Milton and Dorothy HelenaNorman GeorgeView
WilliamsJohn and BeatricePamela SandraView
WillowsErnest Albert and Ivy EthelThelma MayView
WillowsErnest Albert and Ivy EthelPhyllis DoreenView
WilmotDenton Richmond and Marianne FannyMarianneView
WilsonFrederick James and Florence GeorginaFlorence MildredView
WilsonFrederick James and Florence GeorginaMargaret JoanView
WilsonWilson Rowe and Norah EstherChristopher Leonard RoweView
WilsonBarbara AliceCatherine Annie ElizabethView
WilsonJohn Jarvis and EmmieJohn RogerView
WilsonAlexander and Agnes Dorothy KendallPatricia AnnView
WinnicottCharles and Ivey GwendolineMary AliceView
WinnicottCharles and Ivy GwendolineRoy CharlesView
WinnicotteCharles and Ivy GwendolineValerie JeanView
WinterHerbert Sydney and Erica ElaineMegan MargaretView
WithersWilliam James and RosinaWilliam NormanView
WithersWilliam James and RosinaArthur LeonardView
WithinshawRalph Burnard and Beatrice MaudLucy BeatriceView
WittstockChristian Charles Frederick and Augusta HelenaCaroline EttieView
WittstockChristian Frederic Karl and Alice MaryDoreen MaudView
WittstockChristian Carl Frederick and Elizabeth Ellen MarthaEtta EllenView
WittstockChristian Carl Frederick and Elizabeth Ellen MarthaEdward FrederickView
WittstockHenry Charles Frederick and Olive FlorenceRonald EdwinView
WollenschlagerEdward Theodore and Agnes IdaWilliamView
WoodJoseph Bromley and ElizabethNancy Monica PatriciaView
WoodJoseph Bromley and Ann ElizabethDelville Stafford BothaView
WredeTheodore and Agnes (Fischer)Agnes MabelView
WrightEugene James and Muriel BlanchMelville CharlesView
WrightFrank Philip and Annie Louisa AugustaEsma StellaView
WrightFrank Philip and Annie Louisa AugustaEva OliveView
Wrightwilliam James and Louisa JaneMyrtle VioletView
WrightFrank Phillip and Annie Louisa AugustaLeslie HectorView
WrightThomas Nelson and Louisa Mary AnnBernard DouglasView
WrightFrank Philip and Annie Louisa AugustaMavis MayView
WrightFrank Phillip and Annie Louisa AugustaFrank EdwinView
WrightEugene James and Minnie BlancheGordon jamesView
WrightWilfred Richard and Dorothy EvelynMona JoyceView
WrightEbenezer David and Kate GraceHilda RoseView
WrightWalter Philip and Thelma MavisDonald AidenView
WrightWalter Philip and Thelma MavisRaymond LeonardView
WrightWalter Phillip and Thelma MavisElred WalterView
WrightHerbert Walter and Hazel RuthPamela May HawthorneView
WrightMelville Ambrose John and Ethel PorterAlexander JohnView
WrightWalter Phillip and Thelma MaraisMarion AnnView
WrightMelville Charles and Florence VioletNorman StanfordView
Wrightwilliam Herbert and Dorothy MavisGlendaView
WrightWalter Philip and Thelma MavisAllan RodneyView
WrightViolet Alice EdnaRuth JoanView
WrightMelville Charles and Florence violetDenise AudreyView
WrightWilliam Herbert and Dorothy MavisDean MontgomeryView
WycheCyrill John and Kate HarrietHelen MaryView
WylieJames Anthony and Sarah Elizabeth CatherineRoderick EdwardView
WestpfahlTheodore August and Ada Eleanor WolltertonJennifer MarilynView
WilliamsJohn and BeatriceErrol KennethView
WestpfahlTheodore August and Ada Eleanor WooltertonLeslie WooltertonView
WalkinshawCharles Alfred and Mary IsabellaRosemary LynetteView
WaltonKenneth and AudreyMargaret LynneView
WrightWalter Phillip and Thelma MavisSandra GailView
WinckworthDouglas Stuart and Frances NedenDuncan RossView
WilliamsRalph Hunt and Agnes JaneVernon PeterView
WestpfahlKenneth Theodore and Gladys MavisWendy MarieView
WalshFrederick Bilzaccar and Sarah MariaWilliam RichardView
WrightWalter Philip and Thelma MavisGaye CherylView
WhittalLionel and Aneen Denice (adopted)View
WilliamsJohn William and Beatrice EmilyClarence GordonView
WilsonEdward and Aletta Maria MargritaBrian LeonardView
WhittalCharles Francis and Daphne DorothyEleanor PamelaView
WestpfahlKenneth Theodore and Gladys MavisDiana LeeView
Welman??Peter LewisView
WeirThomas and Phyllis MaryMichael OwenView
WhitlowRobert George (deceased) and ElizabethRobert IanView
WilliamsJohn and BeatriceAudrey HelenaView
WatsonThomas Graves and Kathleen VeronicaPatricia VeronicaView
WilkinRobert Andrew James and Margaret Joan CeceliaKingsley ThomasView
WhittalCharles Francis and Daphne DorothyCedric DudleyView
WinckworthDouglas Stuart and Frances WedenCatherine RussellView
WestpfahlKenneth Theodore and Gladys MavisMartinView
WilliamsJohn and BeatriceAvril BridgetView
WarrenThomas Howlett and RosemaryThomas HowlettView
WillardGarth William and Joyce AliceTrevor FrancisView
WhittalCharles Francis and Daphne DorothyGwendaline RosalindeView
WestDerrick Trevor and Carole UritaDeborah CaroleView
WillardGarth William and Joyce AliceMichael JohnView
WrightElred Walter and Daphne PaulinaAlan GavinView
WarrenThomas Howlett and RosemarySteven BrentView
WestphalReuben Aubrey and Joan CarmenVivian LynnView
WrightNorman Stanford and Marjorie JoycePatricia AnneView
WillardGarth William and Joyce AliceBernice CarolView
WillemseStephen Dennis and Cynthia CharlotteDarryl QuentinView
WrightElred Walter and Daphne PaulinaIan RobinView
WaltersHenry Daniel and FlorenceFiona RoseView
WilsonEdward and Aletta Maria MargrietaEstelle AnnetteView
WrightNorman Stanford and Marjorie JoyceJacqueline DaleView
WestphalReuben Aubrey and Joan CarmenChimen LeeView
WalkerBrian Frank and Ann ElizabethJennifer AnnView
WaltersHenry Daniels and FlorenceBerenice JuanitaView
WilliamsAlbert Ernest and Rachel SophiaSandra ChaleenView
WestcottNorman Desmond and Joan MaryLeonie LizetteView
WrightNorman Stanford and Marjorie JoyceWayne BruceView
WrightDonald Aiden and Rita MonaTracy AnneView
WelshTyrone Alex and Shirley Joy WarrenJacqueline AnnView
WestphalReuben Aubrey and Joan CarmenDavid GreggView
WicksWilliam Arthur and Isabella HerminaJasmine IsabellaView
WagenaarDavid Hendrik and JillianLeigh RoseView
WeatherdonDarel Gary and DawnJulie-AnnView
WalkerBrian Frank and Ann ElizabethJon ColinView
WilkinsonKenneth and RitaMichelleView
WaltersHenry Daniel and FlorenceDenzel EugeneView
WiggillGeorge and CatherineLilyView
WiggillWilliam and Sarah ChristinaMary ElizabethView
WiggillGeorge and SarahJohn AbrahamView
WentzelJohannes Petrus and Johanna MariaJonathan FelixView
WentzelJohannes Petrus and Johanna MariaHester FrancesView
WilliamsJane GeorginaMabel EllydeView
WentzelKarel David and Elizabeth KathleenNellie JeanieView
WhittleThurston Percy and GladysGloria GladysView
WalkerWilliam Ross and Kathleen MyfanwyDavid RossView
WalkerWilliam Ross and Kathleen MyfanwyRobin RossView
WalkerWilliam Ross and Kathleen MyfanwyLindseyView
WoodGranville Seymour and BerylHarland SeymourView
WildAbraham and AnnAlbert lewis JohnView
WhitnallAlfred Stokes and Eliza ClampitFrederick CyrilView
WatsonAnnWilliam DouglasView
WharramGeorge and ElizabethAliceView
WoodGeorge and HarrietIsabella ElizabethView
WebbGeorge and HarrietArthur SheffieldView
WebbGeorge and HarriettEmma MarthaView
WilsonGeorge and MargaretAlicia MariaView
WalkerGeorge Edward and Mary AnnAlfred William EdwardView
WalkerGeorge Edward and Mary AnnEmily Alice MaudView
WrightGeorge Greatback and Ann Amelia IsabellaArchibald Hope BailieView
WestermanHenry and Mary JaneSarah EllenView
WestermanHenry and Mary JaneMary Ann JaneView
WalkerHenry Lewis and Ellen AnnLouisa Frances Ann LewisView
WebbHenry Lindoe and Elizabeth Sarah PriceThomas WilliamView
WinnyHerbert and Rose HannahBertha AnnieView
WakefieldJames and Ellen JaneMargaret WordView
WasherJohn James and CarolineEdward LewisView
WelchmanJohn Todd and Hannah MaryMary ElizabethView
WelchmanJohn Todd and Hannah MaryGeorge HenryView
WatermeyerPetrus George Jacob and Charlotte JohannaHenry Francis CloeteView
WatermeyerPetrus George Jacob and Charlotte JohannaJohn Gehard HoetsView
WhitlockRichard and EllenEsther MildredView
WhitlockRichard and EllenJane EllenView
WhitlockRichard and EllenJohnView
WrightSamuel Cron and ZipporahJoseph Morthland CotterillView
WilsonSamuel Spence and AnnWilliam HillView
WrightThomas and Mary AnnMarion BellView
WhiteThomas and Mary AnnMary JaneView
WoodThomas and MiraSarah CarolineView
WarrenThomas Howlett and MaryBertha ElizabethView
WhiteWalter Nairne and AnnieCecil EdwardView
WrightWilliam and Edith CharlotteLouis AntoineView
WrightWilliam and ElizaEliza JaneView
WildWilliam and EstherElizabeth AnnView
WildWilliam and EstherEmilyView
WindvogelWilliam and MarthaLydiaView
WindvogelWilliam and MarthaJosephView
WindvogelWilliam and MarthaDorcasView
WrightWilliam and SarahEdith FrancesView
WrightWilliam and SarahWilliam RobertView
WrightWilliam and SarahRobert JamesView
WainwrightWilliam S. J. and FrancesWilliam HoraceView
WienandHenry Bernard Frederick and Emily JeanetteEmily JeanetteView
WhitefieldWilliam Henry and Margaret EllenAnne KatherineView
WebbJames and Rhoda Stella PerkinsAdline AnnView
WarrenRobert and Emma JaneRobert JoshuaView
WyldSamuel and Elizabeth AnnFrederick RossView
WarrenRobert and Emma JaneHerbert PercyView
WarrenRobert and Emma JaneJohn ColinView
WollenschlaegerJohn and JaneElizabeth AugustinaView
WeimanAugust and JulianaCaroline Maria HenriettaView
WoyciehowskiAnton and Otelde MatildaPieter Joseph AugustView
WrightWilliam and LucyJessie EvelyneView
WoodsJames and Matilda AnnEmily aliceView
WilliamsRichard John and ElizabethVictoria ElizabethView
WoodsElizabeth Jane and JohnWilliam Frederick Adam DarlingView
WaitWalter and MarthaAlison MargaretView
WattsPhilip Hart and Mary AnnCathrine AnneView
WatsonWilliam and MariaJamesView
WheatlandEdward Bacon and ElizabethJames Palmer BraddockView
WhiteWilliam and ElizabethHarrietView
WoodArthur and Elizabeth JaneStephanus LenoxView
WattsGeorge Chapman and LaurettaEmily LaurettaView
WilliamsJohn and Maria CatharineWilliam Alexander KnightView
WolfeMildmay William and Fanny SophiaCecilia BurleighView
WymanWilliam Webb and Maria JohannaWilliam Henry ThomasView
WasleyFrancis and JuliaMary JuliaView
WheatlandEdward Bacon and ElizabethGray GordonView
WattsPhilip Hart and Mary AnnHenry ChapmanView
WattsGeorge Chapman and LaurettaJames PhilipView
WattsPhilip Hart and Mary AnnChapmanView
WymanWilliam and MariaHenry JamesView
WilsonRobert Francis and ElizabethEdwin FrancisView
WillcockJohn and Helen HayPaul ForbesView
WilliamsonGeorge Taylor and MargaretMaryView
WitbooiColley and Elezima?Mpumelelo EustaceView
WilliamsonGeorge Taylor and MargaretMargaret JeffreyView
WebbWalter Bertrand and Esme LornaElizabeth JoanView
WenzlerAugust Johannes and Gerty SusanChristina VioletView
WhittalRubyMichael LewisView
WilkinsHenry Christian and Amy Mavis DoreenMavis XanaduView
Warren-SmithIvan and Eileen AvisLyster NeilView
Warren-SmithIvan and Eileen AvisSally AnneView
WilkieAlexander Reid and Olivia Thompson FairfallMargaretView
WaniJohn and ElsieMargaret NombuyiseloView
WiggillHenery and Hilda KathleenDenise CathrineView
WiggillHenry and Hilda KathleenJennifer AnnView
WalkerChristopher John Mortimer and Joan SoutheyAnthony Ian MortimerView
WaineEdmund Charles and Kathleen ElizabethSusan CarolineView
WaineEdmund Charles and Kathleen ElizabethJames DouglasView
WallWilliam John and Katarene (Whiteboy)William JohnView
WallWilliam John and Katarene (Whiteboy)John RobertView
WhiteboyAfricaan and ZelaMitjeView
WallWilliam John and Katherine (Whiteboy)Margaret ElizaView
WallWilliam John and Katherine (Whiteboy)George MurrayView
WallWilliam John and Margaret (Michells)Emily HannahView
WallWilliam John and Margaret (Michells)Catherine EllenView
WallWilliam John and Margaret (Michells)Elizabeth JaneView
WallWilliam John and Margaret (Michells)Henry FrancisView
WallWilliam John and Margaret (Michells)Michael StephenView
WallWilliam and Margaret (Michells)Harriet AnnView
WedderburnWilliam and MiriamWilliam Richard WhitingView
WallWilliam and MargaretFrederick ThomasView
WallWilliam and MargaretJames EdwardView
WallWilliam and MargaretCharlesView
WilshereEbenezer Stibbs and Maria AnnetteEdith AmeliaView
WilliamsFrederick and Mary Ann JaneMaud InversteinView
WilliamsFrederick and Mary Ann JaneAlice InversteinView
WhyllyWilliam James and Caroline JohannaCatherine JeanetteView
WalkerLawrence Newman and Florence IsabelNorah Dorothy ElizabethView
WrightEdwin Cromwell and JudithEdwin Thomas CromwellView
WebbWalter and Mary GertrudeEmma DorotheaView
WebbWalter and Mary GertrudeMuriel EvelinaView
WebbOliver Harwood and Sarah MaudeCecil HenryView
WebbWalter and Mary GertrudeHenry AustinView
WilmotMilton Thomas George and Adelaide JessieEnid SangsterView
WebbWalter and Mary GertrudeWalter Frederick AustinView
WellsFranklin Thomas and Helena Johanna LouisaHenry Albert FranklinView
WellsFranklin Thomas and Helena Johanna LouisaRupert Cecil AndrewView
WellsFranklin Thomas and Helena Johanna LouisaTrevor DudleyView
WebbLeslie Rorke and Elaine BurtonAnthony LeslieView
WilmotAlan Richmond and Una SydneyMark RichmondView
WilmotNicholas Eardley and Yvonne LynetteGregory EardleyView
WilmotRobert Richmond and Pamela DianneGeoffrey RichmondView
WilmotRobert Richmond and Pamela DianneKirstin DianneView
WilboreCharles Eric and Olive AnnieKeith RobertView
WatsonBertie Gordon and Gertrude Elfrida MaudDerek JohnView
WitmoreWilliam and IreneFrank HollyerView
WhittalWilliam Baden and Irene AlmaMelville AnnanView
WhittalWilliam Baden and Irene AlmaAlan DouglasView
WilkinsonJohn William and Catherine ShepherdGeoffreyView
WatsonBertie Gordon and Gertrude Elfrida MaudKeith DesmondView
WiblinCecil James and Iris AmethystJoan SyvilView
WinkworthJan and BettieGoliathView
WarrenThomas Howlett and Edith EmilyFaldon BrianView
WiblinCecil James and Iris AmethystYvonne Annette MargaretView
WeimanPaul Edward and Kathleen MagdalenErroleen WinifredView
WankwortPeter and RachelSarah MagdalenaView
WykehamHerbert Noel and Kathleen MarueriteEleanora BlancheView
WarrenAlexander Ralph and Phyllis AmeliaPeggy LorraineView
WestlakeErnest George and Isabella TorvigMarion DorothyView
WebbStanley and PhyllisWendyView
WarnerRonald Edward and Louisa MariaGerald LouisView
WelhamRobert and Violet ElizabethLynetteView
WilkinsonHugh and Johanna HelenaGeoffrey ErrolView
WeyerWolbe? Alfred Wilhelm and Rhoda AnnJoanView
WagenaarRoelof Johannes Petrus and Elizabeth JacobaRoelof Johannes PetrusView
WilliamsRobert and MarthaRodney ArthurView
WilkinsonHugh and Johana HelenaGloria DelphineView
WelhamRobert and Violet ElizabethMichael AndrewView
WilliamsRobert and Martha MariaEllen FrancesView
WongKenneth and DorisEvelynView
WongKenneth and DorisDaphneView
WongKenneth and DorisElaineView
WischAugust Ferdinand and SheilaJeanetteView
WatsonGeorge Stuart and Mavis IvyBeverley PatriciaView
WhatleyRobert Lionel and Dorothy MargaretSylvia DawnView
WhatleyRobert Lionel and Dorothy MargaretLionel FrederickView
WadeWalter Raymond and Cynthia DawnMichael GeoffreyView
WheatleyJames Gibson and Edith EvelynJohnView
WilliamsRobert and Martha MariaRobert CliveView
WeissBernard Edward Emil and IreneEdward MichaelView
WatsonErnest France and Lorna MargaretGregory JohnView
WadeWalter Raymond and Cynthia DawnRenee JoyceView
WhatleyRobert Lionel and Dorothy MargaretJuneView
WilsonRaymond George and Louise HariettLionelView
WilliamsRobert and Martha MariaEsther PaulineView
WhittalAubrey Arthur and Rhoda Sarah AnnLeonard DouglasView
WhatleyRobert Lionel and Dorothy MargaretCarolView
WeissBernard Edward and IreneTrevor AnthonyView
WadeWalter Raymond and Cynthia DawnGloria JeanView
WatsonIvan Roland and June-ClareIvan MichaelView
WilsonTrevor Rowland and Susanna DorotheaKathleen BeatriceView
WilsonTrevor Rowland and Susanna DorotheaRowland HawthenthwaiteView
WilsonTrevor Rowland and Susanna DorotheaPierre ArnoldView
WesterdaleBasil and Barbara SheilaShaneView
WeissBernard Emil and IreneDarleneView
WesterdaleBasil and Barbara SheilaRoyView
WarkusDenzil Arthur and Norma LilianDean MalcolmView
Walters??Henry HaroldView
Walters??Kenneth GeorgeView
WeissBernard Emil and IreneCarolynView
WatsonKeith Desmond and Jean AudreyAlan KeithView
WesterdaleBasil and Barbara SheilaMeryllView
WeissMilton Michael and Hilda ElizabethJoy NicoleneView
WarkusDenzil Arthur and Norma LilianLynn ReneeView
WrightFrederick Alfred and Beryl WinnifredRobert DaleView
WynnBasil Denis and Amy DawnTracy LeeView
WittstockTrevor Edward and DaleneDebra AnnView
WheelerJohn Casteldene and Lesley VivienPatricia LindsayView
WilliamsRodney Bevan and Lynette AngelaDeanView
WilsonIvor and Mercia AnnetteWarren Carl GeorgeView
WildRobert Arthur and Valerie ConstanceTheresaView
WildRobert Arthur and Valerie ConstanceAlisonView
WilliamsRodney Bevan and Lynette AngelaBrandenView
WilliamsDavid Stuart and Lesley DianeDamian JohnView
WatsonFred and ElizabethFred JosephView
WoodwardFrederick Francis and Lilian AudreyPhyllis AudreyView
WewegeJacobus Johannes and Annie ElizabethJoyce KathleenView
WindellJoseph Hardcastle and BerthaWilliamView
WatsonRobert Walter and Esther Mathilda MariaDoris MayView
WestonGraceHenry Reginald NormanView
Willets??Stanley CraigView
WrenWilliam James and Florence VictoriaMay EllenView
WebbCharles Richard and Winifred ClariceHector Richard ArthurView
WebberWilliam Henry David Charles and Eliza AmeliaLionelView
WillcocksJoseph and Jane ElizabethJane MurielView
WaltersWilliam Templemore and Beatrice MaudPhyllis AudreyView
Watson??Louisa LenoraView
WatsonAlexander Richard and Ella MaudBrian WatsonView
WraggJohn William and Mary KateJohn WilliamView
WeberCarl and OlgaAubrey DenysView
WrightCecil and Emily MyrtleMavis MurielView
WitthausWilliam Henry and Augusta LindreaRuth LindreaView
WebbCharlie Richard and Winifred ClariceCarmen Amy FlorenceView
WrenWilliam James and Florence VictoriaHubert GartsideView
WatsonEdward Andrew and Louisa LenorahLouisa LenorahView
WrightNewton Stanley and Kathleen MyrtlePhyllis ThoraView
WrightCecil and Emily MyrtleMervyn ClarenceView
WatsonAlexander Richard and Ella MaudEdward GrahamView
Whitaker??Stanley GeorgeView
WrightGeorge Albert and Mildred EleanorRussell AlbertView
WinnDaisyLilian PareView
WentworthArnold Atherstone Gerald and ElizabethStephen Arnold Atherstone GeraldView
WebberCarl and OlgaDouglas GeorgeView
WakefordSamuel Dredge and Dorothy Gertrude AgnesPamela DaphneView
Wright??Septimus LeslieView
Watson??Edward AndrewView
WeberGeorge and Jessie ElizabethGeorge AlbertView
WucherpfennigTheodor Carl and Violet ElizabethTheodore ErnestView
WrightThomas Samuel and Emily MyrtleLeslie EugenneView
WrightThomas Samuel and Emily MyrtleCecil DesmondView
WrenWilliam and Florence VictoriaMarionView
WillcocksJoseph and June ElizabethDouglas MelvilleView
WrefordAlfred St. John Whittington and Grace Cecil TrevesGeorge Lawrence St. John WhittingtonView
WoodJoseph Henry Russell and Lilian MaySheila EsmeView
WoodwardFrederick Francis and Lillian AudreyCyril FrancisView
WebbMaurice and AdaLorna BurseyView
WilsonHerbert and Mary MargaretRuth ElizabethView
WilsonHerbert and Mary MargaretRobert AlanView
WilsonHerbert and Mary MargaretIan ThomsonView
WilliamsJoseph and Frances JohannaFrances MargaretView
WaberskiWalter Frank and Kathleen WinifredHarold WalterView
WestbrookAmyDennis CharlesView
WucherpfennigTheodor Carl and Violet ElizabethEdward CedricView
WitthausWilliam Henry and Augusta LindreaHenry KeithView
WicksWilliam and Dorothy DrennanAnthony WilliamView
WeberHenry George William and Jessie ElizabethHelen MayView
WrightCecil and EmilyLorna PhyllisView
WebsterJoseph and Beatrice MaudLoris MargaretView
WoodbridgeConrad John and Ellen MaudEdward JohnView
WaylandJames Harold Clinton and JessieDorothy FaithView
WhittleWalter John and BlancheCynthia MerleView
WitthausWilliam Henry and Augusta LindreeKenneth GabrielView
WucherpfennigTheodor Carl and Violet ElizabethDorothy ElizabethView
WebbWilliam Evans and Dorothy CatherineDesmond EvansView
WilsonHerbert and Mary MargaretColin Herbert BoltonView
WestleyJanetArthur HamiltonView
WrightCecil and EmilyThora FayView
WicksWilliam and Dorothy DrennanDerek DrennanView
WebbMaurice and Ada ErmyentrudeDoreen BurseyView
WeberHenry George William and Jessie ElizabethGertrude MaryView
WhiteboyJohn and Gertrude Elizabeth ??NollyView
WarmanWilliam and Doris MabelBarry hendersonView
WebbCharles Richard and Winifred ClariceDawn EsmeView
WilliamsGeorge Walter Garnham and Claris Dorothy (Bristow)Leicester GarnetView
WinnaarJacob David and JanieDavid James AblainsView
WentEdwin Godfrey and Sarah JohannaEdwin GodfreyView
WildeAlfred Neville and GraceMarcusView
WaltersCharles Edward and Mabel FlorenceEthne MargaretView
WitthausWilliam Henry and Augusta LindreaJanet LilyView
WhittalSidney Herbert and Catherine MargarethaSidney HerbertView
WebbMaurice and Ada ErmyntrudePamela BurseyView
WucherpfennigTheodor Carl and Violet ElizabethJoyce VioletView
WhiteWilliam Wentworth and Frances EvelynAuriel EvelynView
WhiteRobert George and Nesta AtherstoneDerric AtherstoneView
WattrusThomas Gordon and Jessie ElizabethEsme JoyceView
WilsonWinslow Arthur and Elizabeth AnnLouis GrahamView
WithielWilfred and MarionAlice MaudView
WithielWilfred and MarionJohn EntwisleView
WareCharles Henry and Elizabeth MargaretCharles Edgar ThomasView
WrightHubert and IreneGeraldine AnneView
Watters (Waters?)Henry Lock and Gertrude EthelJohn Maurice TrevelynView
WrenWilliam James and Florence victoriaPemal MadelineView
WagnerFrank Cameron and Constance MayKeithView
WaldeckWilliam Frederick and AnnieWilliamView
WildishStanley George and Maude Victoria ElsirinaFlorence ClaraView
WillcockArthur and Beatrice IreneJoyce AnnView
WhittleWalter John and BlancheDavid JohnView
WhittakerJane SusanLily JosephineView
WardStephen George and May EthelClaude BruceView
WatesCecil George and LucyMary ElizabethView
WentworthArnold Athelstan Gerald and Mary ElizabethEthel MargaretView
WheelerJohn Lionel Casteldine and Edyth RosamondJohn CasteldineView
WilcoxReginald Charles and GertrudeCharles DesmondView
WebberWilliam Henry David Charles and Eliza AmeliaHerbertView
WebberWilliam Henry David Charles and Eliza AmeliaLawrence RaymondView
WebbMaurice and Ada ErmyntrudeLyle BurseyView
WattersCecil Robert and Edith Norah (Seiderer)BerylView
WellerAlbert James and Jessie MaudPatricia NorahView
WatchamMervin Percival and GwenythGraham MervinView
WiggettBenjamin Martin and Maude MaryHelena MadgeView
WucherpfennigTheodor Carl and Violet ElizabethTheodor EdwardView
WrightCecil Arthur and Gladys MayLawrence EricView
WhittalHenry Arthur and Ethel MayDouglas HenryView
WildishStanley George and Maude VictoriaShirley DoreenView
WalkerHenry George and VioletPatricia MaureenView
WaylandFrederick Albert Clinton and Olga Eleanore HedwigYvonne DesraeView
WilliamsRobert and ThelmaGloria PamelaView
WattersCharles Edward and Mabel FlorenceDaphneView
WillcockArthur and Beatrice IreneHerbert DouglasView
WoodRedvers Horatio Clyde and Iona Yvonne AnnaRobert DaleView
WhiteCyril de Lacy and Margaret MayMargaret de LacyView
WhiteCyril de Lacy and Margaret MayJoan de LacyView
WaltersHarry and MariaWalter JosephView
WaltersWalter Joseph and Blanche MurielBasil KennethView
WhitfieldLionel Duncan and EnidKevin LionelView
WattsLennox and Daphne JeanJudith CarolView
WiggillDouglas Newton and Lorraine LilianRonald DouglasView
WylieJohn Graham and SylviaNeville RodrickView
WillardHarry and KatieElizabeth VeronicaView
WebbOswald Vivian and Lydia MariaPaulView
WilsonLewis Anthony and Rosalie JohannaAlexander JohnView
WilliamsAlbert Henry and Margaret JoanRoyView
WhiteJames and Helene ElizabethJeanne MarilynView
WiggillHenry and Hilda KathleenVeronica RuthView
WilcoxReginald Charles and Gertrude FrancisPeter MartinView
WeberAugust and EstherGeoffrey AlbertView
WoolbridgeTristram Russell and Elaine CampbellCharles RussellView
WarrenLeo Whittmore and Vera MurielRaymond ClaudeView
WalkerArnold Bombroffe and Kathleen VeraCheryl jeanView
WaltersWalter Joseph and Blanche MurielShirley PatriciaView
WillcocksRichard Joseph and Margrieta MariaPeter JosephView
WiggillHenry and Hilda kathleenKenneth leonView
WhittalReginald and Dorothy AnneRodney GeorgeView
WilcoxHarry Cyril and Hester SusanKevin NolanView
WhitfieldLionel Duncan and EnidMarion AnnView
WyldeMinnieBarbara ElizabethView
WylieJohn Graham and SylviaVanessa MerleView
WoolridgeTristram Russell and Elaine CampbellJonathan HunterView
WeberGeoffrey Albert and Winifred Daphne DorothyGary AugustView
WeyerBernard Michael William and Virginia PaulinaMaureen VirginiaView
WarrenRoland Harvey and Eileen MaudMichael RolandView
WoodwardCyril Francis and ElenaLillian AudreyView
WebsterGarnett John and Gwendoline MinnieCliveView
WebsterGarnett John and Gwendoline MinnieTrevor JohnView
WooldridgeTristram Russell and Elaine CampbellRosamundView
WillcocksRichard Joseph and Margrieta MariaColin LeslieView
WylieJohn Graham and SylviaBrian JohnView
WicksDerek Drennan and Elizabeth JeanJenniferView
WarrenRoland Harvey and Eileen MaudMargaret GraceView
WalkerJohn and AmyElaineView
WilliamsBuller and Dorothy LetticiaYvonne LouisaView
WoodWilliam Thomas and Shirley MayRobin AnthonyView
WagnerKeith and Melva LillianLeanneView
WagnerKeith and Melva LillianSharonView
WhitfieldRay Wyndham and Alice JohannaJames Edward WyndhamView
WyldeMinnie DorothyCharmaine FelicityView
WylieJohn Graham and SylviaLee AnneView
WolmaransBarand and LillianBeverley AnneView
Williams??James SydneyView
WilcoxHarry Cyril and Hester SusanBrenda JoyceView
WhittalRichard Thomas and Mildred HarrietColin JohnView
WareWalter and Shirley AudreyPatricia AnnView
WillcocksRichard Joseph and Margrieta MarieAlan KeithView
WhittalRichard Thomas and Mildred HarrietBelinda AnnView
WagnerKeith and Melva LillianMicheleView
WylieJohn Graham and SylviaPeter BruceView
WoodWilliam Thomas and Shirley MayDiane SharonView
WatsonTrevor William and Pamela AnnLynne GwendaView
WhittakerClyde William and Fay JoanGary ClydeView
WyldeSallyKeith ErnestView
WyldeMinnie DorothyGlynnis BeverlyView
WalkerJohn Phillip and Amy (deceased)Anthony RichardView
WalkerJohn Phillip and Amy (deceased)NevilleView
WoodwardCyril Francis and ElenaFredrick FrancisView
WebberHerbert and Hazel MarciaPatricia SherilynView
WatsonTrevor William and Pamela AnnBrian KeithView
WeberDouglas George and Felicia MayHeidi AnnView
WalkerAlexander Charles and LenaDenzil BasilView
WilcocksRichard Joseph and Margreita MarieGary BruceView
WalkerCharles Elax and LenaRichard ClintView
WhittakerClyde William and Fay JoanRussellView
WalkerCharles Alexander and LinaTrevor ChristopherView
WithingtonDerrick Albert and Jean ElizabethGail LesleyView
WredeRobin Noel and Sarah AnneChristopher MarkView
WatsonTrevor William and Pamela AnnDeanne LeeView
WoodingtonJames and MinahBen ErickView
WoodGraham Durward and Roma Dorothy ElizabethDebra-AnneView
WoodGraham Durward and Roma Dorothy ElizabethHeidi BronwynView
WredeAthol Gene and LuriceDale BernardView
WoodwardCyril Francis and ElenaColin JohnView
WoodBryan Matthew and BerylHaydon MatthewView
WredeRobin Noel and Sarah AnnePaul RobinView
WeissBernard Emil Edward and IreneKevin WayneView
WilcoxDesmond Denis and Ann ElizabethRene JaneneView
WelshAlex Sidney and JeanTyrone AlexView
WallaceCyril Brian and Carol YvonneCarmen LeighView
WhitfieldRay Wyndham and Stella ButlerGrantView
Wallacecyril Brian and Carol YvonneCherie DianeView
WilcoxDesmond Denis and Ann ElizabethKeith MichaelView
WhiteheadJohn Tennant and Kathleen ElizabethJocelyn KateView
WalshTerence Vincent and Eleanora JoyceAndrew EdwinView
WatsonRoderick Dallas and Ann SummersonIain Courts DallasView
WatsonRoderick Dallas and Ann SummersonAlistair SummersonView
WatsonRoderick Dallas and Ann SummersonGraham DallasView
WrightAlexander John and Margaret AnnArthur JohnView
WilcoxDesmond Denis and Ann ElizabethTeresa AnnView
WarrenEric Alfred and Irene DawnNicola DeidreView
WelshIan Richard Hepburn and Diana EnidClaire EsmeView
WeirRichard Aubrey Desmond and Dawn HildaWendy LeeView
WestcottAshton Andrew and Sheila Mary MaudHeather SharonView
WatsonDonald George and Pamela EvelynAnthony GeorgeView
WatsonDonald George and Pamela EvelynMichael HankView
WrightWilliam and LucyJames CharlesView
WrightWilliam and LucyLilley AlbertineView
WellbelovedJames Charles and Charlotte MariaWilliam James HaversView
WakefordJoseph and ElizabethWalter JosephView
WhitfieldJohn and AnneEllen JaneView
WhitfieldJohn and AnnKate LouisaView
WrightWilliam and LucyDavid OliverView
WollenschlagerJohn and JaneElizabeth AugustinaView
WeimanAugust and JulianaCaroline Maria HenriettaView
WoyciehowskiAnton and Otelde MatildaPieter Joseph AugustView
WrightWilliam and LucyJessie EvelyneView
WoodsJames and Matilda AnnEmily AliceView
WilliamsRichard John and ElizabethVictoria ElizabethView
WoodsJohn and Elizabeth JaneWilliam Frederick Adam DarlingView
WillowsWilliam and Mary HawksHannahView
WhitfieldJohn and AnnMary ElizabethView
WestcottJohn Berry and Amelia FrancesTamzin ClemensView
WoodJohn and Elizabeth JaneAlice MaudView
WyldeFrederick William Kekewich and Anne ElizabethAnnie AmeliaView
WestcottJohn Berry and Amelia FrancesStonewall ArthurView
WhitfieldJohn and AnnSarahView
WillowsWilliam and Mary HawksSelina MaudView
WilliamsRobert and AnnieLouisaView
WhitfieldJohn and AnnIvy AliceView
WyldeAbraham James and Mary AgnesElizabeth LaviniaView
WillowsWilliam and Mary HawksAlice EthelView
WilsonJohn Henry and ErnestinaAmelia MatildaView
WillowsWilliam and Mary HawkesEdwin WyburyView
WilliamsonJames and Eleanor LouisaJamesView
WarnakeAugust and Ernestina Henriette EmmaElizabeth Henriette MariaView
WhitfieldJohn and AnnWilliam DavidView
WilliamsonJames and CarlenaEsther Matilda MariaView
WollenschlaegerWilliam and EmilyFrederick CharlesView
WhitfieldJohn and AnnRuth WallisView
WhitfieldOscar Leo and Matilda JohannaMary Myrtle CumberlandView
WatsonHarry George and Anne ElizabethCecil GrahamView
WhitfieldOscar Leo and Matilda JohanahRobert Leo HavelockView
WildHenry William and Louisa AnnDouglas AbrahamView
WillowsThomas and Selina JaneWilliam ThomasView
WhitfieldOscar Leo Robert and Matilda JohannaMidford Ernest NozeView
WillardJames and Charlotte Augusta SophiaCharlotte AugustaView
WildHenry William and Louisa AnnEleanorView
WillowsThomas and Selina JaneLaura EuniceView
WildHenry William and Louisa AnnHarryView
WillowsGeorge and Laura CreftBertram LovellView
WoodRobert Agars and Ida Henrietta EmmaIlse Evelyn AgarsView
WillowsGeorge and Laura CreftSydney GeorgeView
WelshThomas Henry and Florence GertrudePercy AdolphusView
WildAlbert Lewis John and Mabel StewartEric StewartView
WillowsGeorge and Laura CreftOswin AubreyView
WillowsWilliam and Ellen FrancesNorman AlthamView
WilsonJohn Henry and Ernestina FredrickaRuby Georgina CarolineView
WildAlbert Lewis John and Mabel StewartAlbert RobertsView
WelchmanErnest Herbert Steeds and Lena WilsonLily HowardView
WildHenry William and Louisa AnnArthurView
WillowsGeorge and Laura CreftEffie MaryView
WildAlbert L. J. and Mabel StewartViolet IsabelView
WredeHenry August and MarthaFrances OrmondView
WelchmanErnest Herbert Steeds and Selina WilsonMaria EmilyView
WillowsHenry and Maude MaryAlma VioletView
WillowsGeorge and Laura CreftThomas WhyburyView
WillowsGeorge and Laura CreftRonald WilliamView
WilsonJohn Henry and ErnestinaWilfred EdwardView
WeisgerberAugusta EmmaEdward GeorgeView
WildAlbert Lewis John and Mabel StewartEileen JessieView
WhittakerThomas Henry and Benetta MayGarnet MelvilleView
WildAlbert Lewis John and Mabel StewartDoris MayView
WhitfieldJohn George and Victoria Elizabeth MayConstance Gladys EllaView
WilsonPeter and Birdie GladysMuriel IreneView
WilsonPeter and Birdie GladysMarjory GladysView
WillowsEdwin Mybury and Nellie Harriet MayAlwyn GrahamView
WildAlbert Lewis John and Mabel StewartGwendoline MaryView
WebbDouglas Hilton and FredaLlewellyn ArthurView
WillowsEdwin Wybery and Nellie Harriett MayKenneth StanleyView
WillowsWilliam Thomas and Flora BeatriceNina BeatriceView
WillowsTom Oxden and florence Lydia MacLoutsieArthur Douglas OxdenView
WebbDouglas Hilton and FriedaCyril EricView
WollenschlaegerEdward Theodore and Agnes IdaFaith EmilyView
WestCharles Henry and EmmaCarmenView
WebbDouglas Hilton and FriedaRonald EvansView
WillowsWilliam Thomas and Flora BeatriceJack RobsonView
WildHarry and Ethel ElaineElaine LynetteView
WollenschlagerEdward Theodore and Agnes IdaAtholView
WildLlewellyn and Margaret VaneNevilleView
WakefordSidney Duckles and Gertie IreneCyril MelvillView
WildLlewellyn and Margaret Vane HendersonHarold HendersonView
WillowsSydney George and Ethel MayDerek GeorgeView
WakefordSidney Duckles and Gertie IreneRona AgnesView
WildEric Stewart and Mary MaudeDulcie MethwynView
WildHarry and Ethel ElaineJenniferView
WillowsBertram Lovell and LauraMaureen IllvaView
WildHarry and Ethel ElaineColleen VerelleView
WildDouglas Abraham and Ethel FrancesEthel Sheila (adopted)View
WollenschlaegerEdward Theodore and Agnes IdaTheodoraView
WollenschlaegerEdward Theodore and Agnes IdaEdwardView
WillowsBertram Lovell and LauraCynthia MaryView
WakefordSidney Duckles and Gertie IreneStella AudreyView
WillowsNorman Altham and Doris JoyceElaine MaryView
WestcottClarence Cecil and Phoebe AnnieRonald KeithView
WildCapt. Harry and Ethel ElaineGillian AimeeView
WillowsBertram Lovell and LauraValda JoyView
WillowsNorman Altham and Doris JoyceRonald NormanView
WoodsDonald and Joyce IreneLeonard GeorgeView
WillowsNorman Altham and Doris JoyceMolly NormaView
WillowsBertram Lovell and LauraErrol RobeyView
WoodDonald and Joyce IreneDanielView
WheatleyGeorge and JenneyWarwick LaurenceView
WillowsGeorge and Laura CroftRonald WilliamView
WildAlbert Lewis John and Mabel StewartEileen JessieView
WillowsEdwin Wybry and Nellie Harriet MayLoris HopeView
WildAlbert Lewis John and Mabel StewartDoris MayView
WilsonPeter and Birdie GladysMuriel IreneView
WilsonPeter and Birdie GladysMajory GladysView
WildAlbert Lewis John and Mabel StewartGwendaline MaryView
WillowsEdwin Elsberg and Nellie Harrieta MayKenneth StanleyView
WillowsWilliam Thomas and Flora BeatriceNina BeatriceView
WillowsWilliam Thomas and Flora BeatriceJack RobsonView
WakefordSidney Duckles and Gertie IreneCyril MelvilleView
WillowsSydney George and Ethel MayDerek GeorgeView
WakefordSidney Duckles and Gertie IreneRona AgnesView
WildEric Stewart and Mary MaudeDulcie MethwynView
WillowsBertram Lovell and LauraMaureen IllvaView
WakefordSidney Duckles and Gertie IreneStella AudreyView
WillowsNorman Altham and Doris JoyceElaine MaryView
WillowsBertram Lovell and LauraValda JoyView
WillowsNorman A. and Doris JoyceRonald NormanView
WillowsRonald Norman and MaryAlison RoseView
WillowsRonald Norman and MaryWilliam BruceView
WainwrightMaurice Douglas and Margaret LucyJason RyanView
WheatleyGeorge Warwick and Jennifer DoreenRoslyn JoanView
WebbMorton William Barnes and Madeleine RoseNowell Raymond BarnesView
WrightEdgar Wynne and Claudia Octavia ThomassineJoyce WynneView
WelkensCornelles PetreusHester Antontte MariaView
WhittalJohn Francis Annan and EdithIvy MaryView
WarrenSamuel Oliver and Lucy DorothyMaria Teresa Harriet GeorgeView
WaterstonRobert Burns and Constance AmeliaStanley GordonView
WyldeAlfred Carrington and Clarissa SophiaAnnie Clara CarringtonView
WhittalGeorge Vivian and Florence MargaretJohn VivianView
WyldeArthur Truro and Martha LouisaLionel HeroldView
WhittalGeorge Vivian and Florence MargaretRobert WilliamView
WebsterRichard Ernest and Mary Margaret FrancisDennis Charles RoyView
WhittalGeorge Vivian and Florence MargaretConstance VeraView
WrightSt. John Gordon and Grace IreneAlan GordonView
WarrenSamuel Oliver and Lucy DorothyGeorge Stoddart TraversView
WebsterRichard Ernest and Mary MargaretRichard EltonView
WarrenSamuel Olivier and Lucy DorothyAlexander OlivierView
WhiteReginald de Lacy and Ada EthelMary de LacyView
WaterstonRobert Burns and Constance AmeliaEric ChristopherView
WarrenJack Gray and Gladys EdithAlys MargaretView
WhittalGeorge Vivian and Florence MargaretEric VincentView
WilsonJohn Weir and Yoland EdithAmeliaView
WhiteReginald de Lacy and Ada EthelEthel de LacyView
WhittalJames William and Margaret OswaldCyril OswaldView
WarrenGeorge William Ford and alice IlvaEdward GeorgeView
WilsonJohn Ferdinant and Emily ElizaEthel GladysView
WebsterRichard Ernest and Mary Margaret FrancesDaphne FrancesView
WyldeCharles Ryneveld and Dorothea Eleanor ReayJohn KekewichView
WebsterRichard Ernest and Mary Margaret FrancesDudley ByronView
WarrenGeorge William Ford and Alice IlvaDouglas NetherleighView
WyldeCharles Ryneveld and Dorothea Eleanor ReayDennis HeroldView
WhittalJames William and Margaret OswaldBeryl JeanView
WarrenGeorge William Ford and Alice IlvaJames EricView
WatersFrederick Benjamin and Lola SusannaErrol JohnView
WarrenGeorge William Ford and Alice IlvaHarold MalcomView
WilcockHarry Beedles and Dorothy Elizabeth LindaDennis EllisView
WoodcockAlbert and Thurza FlorenceAlbert HenryView
WhittalCharles Edwin and Edna CharlottieDulcie ElizabethView
WhittalErnest Futter and Eva EmmaMarjorie EnidView
WarrenClifford Miles and Gladys VernaNina MilesView
WhittalCharles Edwin and Edna CharlotteSylvia DoreenView
WoodFrank Lorenzo Stewart and CharlotteDaphne MargaretView
WebbHarold and Thelma AvisLorraine MurrayView
WhittalCharles Edwin and Edna CharlotteKeith DesmondView
WarrenClifford Miles and Gladys VernaMichael John MilesView
WhittalAlbert Arthur and Ida AliceHarold EdwardView
WattrusLeslie Verner and Alice DorothyDudley VernerView
WestArthur Herbert and Grace Eva MonaWalter OakleyView
WhittalErnest Futter and Eva EmmaIan JamesView
WestArthur Herbert and Grace Eva MonaRonald WelsfordView
WrightCecil Arthur and Gladys MayJoanView
WarrenVivian Arthur and Edna BeatriceDenis VivianView
WhittalAlbert Arthur and Ida AliceTrevor ArthurView
WarrenBrian Miles and Cecele DaphneZena VanessaView
WhittalStanley Douglas and Effie MayEvans DouglasView
WattersHenry Loch and Gertrude EthelAnita LoveView
WarrenReginald William and Irene GwendolineJennifer WinnifredView
WoodiwissGeorge Garner William and Ethelwyn MaryBrian GeorgeView
WhittalJohn Vivian and Florence JoyceSheila ClaireView
WarrenBrian Miles and Cecele DaphneCelesteView
WhittalHarold Norman and Gladys PrunellaErrol AthloneView
WarrenReginald William and Irene GwendolineDeneys ReitzView
WhittalArthur Alfred and Ivy TaylorShirley WinifredView
WhittalArthur Alfred and Ivy Taylor RandallGracie ElaineView
WitbooiWilliam and NawekiniStella NomamaView
WhittalHarold Norman and Gladys PruenellaLaura RochelleView
WarrenJohn Miles Gordon and CatharinaMareView
WyldeDouglas Charles and Edna MurielDawnView
WarrenBrian Miles and Cecele DaphneRobert BrianView
WiggillRonald Garnet and Nora IvyColleen NoraView
WhittalHarold Norman and Gladys PrunellaLeslie ClydeView
WhittalJohn Vivian and Florence JoyceOwen VernonView
WhittalJohn Vivian and Florence JoycePeter JohnView
WyldeJohn and Winifred MaryEric JohnView
WyldeDouglas Charles and Edna MurielElizabeth GailView
WyldeJohn and Winifred MaryNeil CharlesView
Watt-PringleDennis Vivian and Molly JaneDennis royView
WyldeDouglas Charles and Edna MurielMiltonView
WattsLennox and Daphne JeanTerence ChristopherView
Watt-PringleDennis Vivian and Molly JaneShirley JaneView
WarrenBrian Miles and Cecele DaphneCecele NanetteView
WattrusDudley Verner and Gloria ConstanceColleen Sheilagh VernaView
WattrusDudley Verner and Gloria ConstanceStella Yvonne VernaView
WattrusLeslie Verner and Constance VioletCarolyn VernerView
WildGraham Campbell and Elizabeth JeanLesley GraemeView
WalkinshawCharles Alfred and Mary IssabellaMichael DereckView
WalkinshawCharles Alfred and Mary IssabellaNeil ClementView
WalkinshawCharles Alfred and Mary IssabellaShirley AnnView
WalkinshawCharles Alfred and Mary IssabellaIngrid BelindaView
WarrenMichael John Miles and Ann Rose MarieJenefer TracyView
WrightNeville Edward Jonathan and Margaed AnnJohn GrahamView
WatermeyerJohn Bowker and Jean MargaretHelen JeanView
WarrenMichael John Miles and Ann Rose MarieJohn Agnos MilesView
WrightNeville Edward Jonathan and Margaed AnnBridgitte LeeView
WhittleDavid John and Gladys RoseSean AnthonyView
WhittalIan James and AdaMark JamesView
WarrenMichael John Miles and Ann Rose MarieRobert Craig MilesView
WhittalIan James and AdaAnn EvaView
WhittalIan James and AdaGail LynetteView
WhittleDavid John and Gladys RoseJenny StarView
WrightNeville Edward Jonathan and Margaed AnnCheryl TracyView
WhittalOwen Vernon and PatriciaBrendin JohnView
WyldeMichael Douglas and Lynne EmilyCraig DouglasView
WoolardArthur and Helena ElizabethJohn Kenneth George ReedView
WalkerJames Norbury and AmyJames WilliamsonView
WillowsFrederick Henry and Lucinda CarolineDoreenView
WhiteJames Henry and Alice ElizabethClaudine MarionView
WhiteGeorge Luraine and Kathleen EllaStanley LorraineView
WhitePercival Lorraine and Eleanor GertrudeEleanor MarionView
WhiteBertram Egerton and Frances KathleenShirley Elizabeth SancroftView
WalkerJames Norbury and AmyDouglas EdwardView
WesselsCharles Henry and SarahSarah MargaretView
WesselsCharles Henry and SarahMary MagdalenaView
WhiteAlfred Joseph Alexander and Catherine Janecollin Lancelot CoatesView
WhiteGeorge Lorraine and Kathleen EllaClive LorraineView
WoolardArthur and Eleanor ElizabethMyrtle Geraldine EleanorView
WebbGilbert Vallance and Mary FlorenceEustace VallanceView
WrightHenry Arthur and Marie AliceEdith AliceView
WarnerBasil Hale and Hilda ReadeMonica Mary HallView
WhitePercival Lorraine and Eleanor GertrudeLouise CarlisleView
WrightHenry Arthur and Marie AliceMuriel Marie DorotheeView
WilliamsCharles William and Aletta ElizabethGeorge Charles WilliamView
WilliamsCharles William and Aletta ElizabethAnnie May OliveView
WoodCharles Henry Wood and WinnifredWinnifred MargaretView
WhiteAlfred Joseph Alexander and Catherine JaneLaurie Mary McQuadeView
WilliamsWilliam HarryCharles WilliamView
WestEdward Courtenay and Hilda FlorenceMary HildaView
WilliamsSarahFanny Eveline RosinaView
WindsorDudley Charles and MayEsme Florence BayesView
Williams-Van ZylJoseph and AnnieRobert William Van Zyl (adopted)View
WhiteNorman Mitford Bowker and SybilSylvia CastellView
WaltonGeorge Whittaker and Lily JemimaFrank StamfordView
WrightHenry Arthur and Marie AliceLucy Ivy WinifredView
WentworthLeonard Leslie and Ellen MaudHazel MaudView
WilliamsCharles William and Aletta ElizabethHarold Claude NoelView
WestEdward Courtenay and Hilda FlorenceGwendolen BlancheView
WoolardArthur and Eleanor Elizabethclement Marcel EdwardView
WaltonGeorge Whitaker and Lily JemimaGeorge HenryView
WessonAlice MaudeDoris MaudeView
WadlowClement Hamlyn and BeatriceJoan GreshamView
WhiteAlfred Joseph and Catherine JaneMona CeciliaView
WebbGilbert Vallance and Mary FlorenceRalph Cultza VallanceView
WilliamsEvan and EdithEva MaryView
WentworthReginald Raymond and Sarah Anne MariaCecil Reginald JohnView
WentworthLeonard Leslie and Ellen MaudLeonard LeslieView
WrightWilliam Newton and MaryWilliam JohnView
WeirHarry and KatherineJeanView
WilliamsBernard and Evelyn MarjorieGwennethView
WillJohn Chalmers and Edith EmilyJohn SidneyView
WentworthReginald Raymond and Sarah Anna MariaArthur William EdwardView
WrightHenry Adrian and Marie AliceAudrey EmmaView
WilliamsBernard and Evelyn MarjorieRuthView
WentworthLeonard Leslie and Ellen MaudErnest EdwinView
WhiteBertram Egerton and Frances KathleenMargaret Kathleen DamantView
WoodWalter Dunbar and Norah IdaCleone Kestell DunbarView
WolmaransJoseph William and Gladys GertrudeEileen ElizabethView
WessonAlbert Ernest and Elsabi Johanna SophieMagdalene PamelaView
WessonClarence William and Mildred Malvina BestVictor ClarenceView
WrightHenry Adrian and Marie AliceCynthia MaudView
WilliamsCharles William and Alleta ElizabethMuriel EstelleView
WendlandtBlancheLeonard GrahamView
WilliamsHarry and ElsieSamuelView
WolmaransJoseph William and Gladys GertrudeChristina GertrudeView
WilliamsBernard and Evelyn MarjorieHelenView
WatsonRundle Burges and Mabel ConstanceRowley BurgesView
WebbFrank Kestell and Nora Jane KnightElizabeth Jane KnightView
WilsonFrederick Thomas and Agnes ElizabethGwendoline Yvonne CarolineView
WoestRichard Henry and Ruby LouisaWilliam RichardView
WrightHarry Adrian and Marie AliceMarjorie AvisView
WhiteFrank Cecil Nevins and Illma Muriel PattersonDesmond Frank NevinsView
WestawayJohn Alfred Charles and Rose FlorenceBasil EllmoreView
WoodWalter Dunbar and Norah IdaHilary DunbarView
WheeldonArthur Stanley and Constance EmilyConstance JoyView
WebbWilliam Wakeford and ElsieYvonneView
WentworthWilliam John and Florence Martha ToddPatricia Florence MayView
WatsonRundle Burges and Mabel ConstancePamela Mary BurgesView
WallaceRobert James and Esther IreneMary GiftView
WrightHenry Adrian and Marie AliceJoan Eunice CicelyView
WolmaransJoseph William and Gladys GertrudeJoy RuthView
WilliamsCharles William (deceased) and Aletta ElizabethCharles BernardView
WilmotJohn Richmond and AlettaNancy HelenView
WheeldonArthur Stanley and Constance EmilySheila RayView
WrightNorman Reuben and Madeleine Violetcynthia ImeldaView
WessonAlbert Ernest and Elsabi Johanna SophiaGilbert CarlyleView
WilmotJohn Richmond and AlettaWalter RichmondView
WilliamsAndrew and Agnes MarionKenneth PeterView
WilliamsAndrew and Annie (Wessels)Lena View
WentworthWilliam John and Florence Martha ToddHelen MaryView
WhiteFrank Cecil Nevins and Illma MurielEstelle Illma NevinsView
WebbFrank Kestell and Julia AlgoaDawn KestellView
WatsonSherwood Willoughby and Helen MargaretMarian IsabelView
WesselsJames and Johanna VictoriaEthel ElaineView
WolmaransJoseph William and Gladys GertrudeDoreenView
WestThomas Nesbett and Lilian BerthaSheila AdelineView
WilliamsonJoseph and Audrey HollistAudrey Francis JoyView
WebsterRayner Randal and Helena MargaretaRayner WalterView
WorrakerClarence Guy and Hilda AliceEsmond HumphreyView
WessonDorrington Henry and IrisStella Gladys CharmineView
WoestRichard Henry and Ruby LouisaDorothy ElizabethView
WrightNorman Reuben and Madeline VioletVincent Vaughan AlfredView
WebbFrank Kestell and Julia AlgoaColleen KestellView
WallaceRobert James and Ester IreneApsley BryanView
WatsonSherwood Willoughby and Helen MargaretMargaret AnnView
WebsterRaner RandalAllan OwenView
WheeldonArthur Stanley and Constance EmilyHarry TrevorView
WhiteFrank Cecil Nevins and Illma Muriel BattisonRobert NevinsView
WalterJames Hebden and Phyllis Alice ClareAlicia MaudeView
WilliamsonJoseph and Audrey HollistLucy MaryView
WolmaransJoseph William and Gladys GertrudeMyra ThelmaView
WrightAlfred Milburn and Gweneth MaryNorman MilburnView
WebsterRayner Randell and Helena MargaretLucy HelenView
WessonDorrington Henry and Gladys IrisColin MelvilleView
WhealGordon John Maurice and Mary GraceYvonne AdrienneView
WebberBert Edmund and Edith RosalindDennis EdmundView
WestawayJohn Alfred Charles and Rose FlorencePatricia EllmoreView
WestawayJohn Alfred Charles and Rose FlorenceDonald EllmoreView
WheeldonArthur Stanley and Constance EmilyArthur BrianView
WingArthur and Elsie AnneDavid ArthurView
WicksNorman Payne and MayCynthia AmyView
WilliamsAndrew and AgnesMorris LouisView
WesselsMilton Reuben and Mary LetitiaDorothy MatildaView
WayWinifredJohn EdwardView
WhiteGladysGladys RoseView
WesselsMilton Reuben and Mary LetitiaEunice AnnView
WilliamsAndrew and Agnes MaryannMargaret JoyceView
WebsterRayner Rander and Helena MargarethaRuth EnidView
WhealGordon John Maurice and Mary GraceJoan ThurzaView
WilliamsWilliam Robert Henry and Ruby OliveLionel GeorgeView
WilliamsWilliam Robert Henry and Ruby OliveDesmond WilliamView
WilliamsWilliam Robert Henry and Ruby OliveNoel PaulView
WilliamsWilliam Robert Henry and Ruby OliveNorah ElizabethView
WilmotRichard John and Alice Maggie SophiaAlice May SophiaView
WrightAlfred Milburn and Gweneth MaryWilliam HenryView
WillisBenjamin Cinnamon and Regina AnnaCynthia ElaineView
WolmaransJoseph William and Gladys GertrudeJoan FayView
WinkworthSarah ElizabethGordon JohnView
WesselsMilton Reuben and Mary LetitiaIvy SophieView
WicksNorman Payne and MaySheila MayView
WilliamsAndrew and Agnes MarionMearyes GeorginaView
WestOliver Morgan and NoraFaraday OliverView
WilmotRichard John and Alice Mary SophiaAubreyView
WrightAlfred Milburn and Gweneth MaryDouglas WilfredView
WesselsMilton Reuben and Mary LetitiaStephen GilbertView
WebberBert Edmund and Edith RosalindClive AllenView
WilliamsJames Henry and Sophia Aletha MariaAletha MariaView
WilliamsHans Andrew and Agnes MaryGerald AndrewView
WarnerAlan John and PhyllisAlison MaryView
WaltersHermanus Johannes and Constance BeatriceConstance HeatherView
WaltersHermanus Johannes and Constance BeatriceHelena HermianView
WillettsStanley Craig and Violet AnnieGuybon Hastings CraigView
WarrenCharles Thornycroft and Joan RaeCharles RobertView
WetwoodCharles Richard Beresford and LorraineCharlaineView
WilsonAlexander and Agnes Dorothy KendalElizabeth CarolineView
WhitlockDouglas Haig and Susan Elizabeth DaneleneMaureen DorothyView
WatsonPercival Gerald and Cornelia Dorothea LouisaDorothea MargaretView
WilmotRichard John and Alice Maggie SophiaPeterView
WebsterRayner Ronald and Helena MargaretLilian Violet MargaretView
WilmotDenton Richmond and Marianne FannyMichael DentonView
WilliamsAndrew and AgnesClaude ArthurView
WynessKenneth Cecil Gray and Nesta EileenJeanView
WanbergDaniel Reginald and Teddie VenaDarleneView
WrightThomas Blagborn and Marjorie Dorothea ArmytageNeil Roux BathewellView
WarrenCharles Thornycroft and Joan RaeColin ButlerView
WagstaffEric Arthur Peel and Joan ReynalttNigel ReynalttView
WilliamsAndrew and AgnesOlga AgnesView
WatsonFrank and Rae EmilyPeter FrankView
Warnerallen John and Winifred Mary PhyllisJohn NicholasView
WilliamsWinfredDesmond RaymondView
WatsonFrank and Rae EmilyBenetta AnneView
WesselsMilton and MaryReuben MiltonView
WilliamsJames Hendry and Sophia AlethaTheunis ChristoffelView
WilsonErnest and BeatriceAudrey GaelView
WattleworthRobert Benjamin and Dulcie EelynRobert PaulView
WigginCharles ErnestWilfred ShunshallView
WestellRobert George and Evelyn JuliaKeith GeorgeView
WebsterKenneth Fraser Warren and Daphne Olga MontagueLynette WarrenView
WilliamsWilliam Charles George and HelenJohn RichardView
WeighellHenry Coulson and Ruby ConstanceSarah JaniceView
WynneEdward And Kate (Mcgough)Mari AgathaView
WeyersEdward And Lizzie (Newton)Edward AlfredView
WilliamsAlfred And Ellen (Smith)Mary JohannaView
WalshJoseph James And Margaret (Grady-Quinn)Patrick Anselum?View
Washer? Carroll???Mary Agnes CarolineView
WynneThomas And Mary Anne (Mance)Mary JaneView
WarneBenjamin And Mary (Hayman)Ethel JosephineView
WynneJohn And Ada (Bailey)William HenryView
Webster ??James GrantView
WynneGeorge And Catherine (Wewege)Sarah AnnView
WiseEdward H. And Elizabeth (Newton)Thomas HenryView
WebsterJames Grant And Agnes (Maher)Margaret Mary AngelaView
WynneEdward And Kate (Mcgough)KathleneView
WarneBenjamin And Mary Unis (Hayman)Lewellyn BertieView
WarrenFrederick John And Mary Anne (Shriner)AnnieView
WynneJames, Jr. And Harriet (Childs)Annie Frances EddieView
WynneThomas And Mary Ann (Mance)James WilliamView
WilliamsWalter Warren And Bertha (Walsh Nee Schmidt)George Walter GarnhamView
WynneGeorge And Catherine (Wewege)GeorginaView
WynneEdward And Kate (Mcgough)Annie FlorenceView
WarneBenjamin And Mary (Hayman)James DouglasView
Williams??Walter WarrenView
WilliamsonJames L. And Mary (Kelly)MaudView
WindhamDavid And Maria (Windham)Walter Lewis?View
WynneJames Jr., And Harriet (Childs)GladysView
WalshEdward And Harriet Emily (Partridge)William EdwardView
WilliamsGeorge And Margaret (Weldon)Anita VictoriaView
WilliamsCharles And Mary (Simons)Frank ChristianView
WiseEdward Henry And Elizabeth (Newton)John RichardView
WardRobert And Mary Ann (Jeary)Mary FlorenceView
WarrenJohn And Mary (Hayman)JoannisView
WatsonWilliam And Isabella (Garcia)Fanny MildredView
WynneGeorge And Catherine (Wewege)Vinny MaryView
WalkerRobert And Agnes Anna (Lee)Maurice JamesView
WilliamsWalter Warren And Bertha (Walsh Nee Schmidt)Arthur EdmondView
WynneEdward And Kate (Mcgough)PatrickView
WynneJames And Harriet (Childs)James AbrahamView
WhiteEdward And Ann (Alexander)Mary Elizabeth SarahView
WynneThomas And Mariann (Mance)Mary Elizabeth JaneView
WillettCharles Hepburn Cawood And Kate Mary (Burke)Basil Amist JohnView
WarneBenjamin And Mary Eunice (Hayman)Mary EuniceView
WattsM? And Catherine (Illegible)Catherine SelinaView
WalkerRobert And Agnes (Lee)Robert WilliamView
WilliamsonJames Leonard And Mary WilliamsonHugh DouglasView
WiseEdward Henry And Elizabeth (Newton)Edward HenryView
WilliamsCharles And Mary (Simons)Maria Matias?View
WhyteEdward And Anne (Murphy)Joseph JamesView
WynneJames And Ellen (Harriet?) (Childs)EdithView
WynneJohn And Gertrude (Harris)Henry JohnView
WarneBenjamin And Mary (Hayman)Catherine MaryView
WeldonTimothy Augustin And Evelyn Ashley (Main)RichardView
Whyte (White?) (Coyle?)Samuel And Mary JaneAgnes MaudView
WoodEdithIvon Sydney ArthurView
WynneJohn And Harriet (Nee Childs)HarrietView
WilliamsLouis And Catherine (Adams)Ellen MatildaView
WhiteAloysius Bernard And Rosetta (Lowden)Bridget Alma MaryView
WalkerAgnesMary AgnesView
WalshEdward And Emily H. (Partridge)Alice JaneView
WynneGeorge And Catherine (Wewege)George Thomas PatrickView
WhiteEdward And Anne (Alexander)Mary MagdalenView
WilliamsH. And Jul (Simon)JohnView
WalkerRobert And Agnes (Lee)Claude SamuelView
WynneJames And Ettie (Childs)MaryView
WiseEdward And Elizabeth (Newton)Elizabeth MayView
WarneBenjamin And Mary (Hayman)Florence CeceliaView
WynneJohn And Gertrude (Harris)Arthur FrancisView
WhiteEdward And Anne (Alexander)Mary MagdalenView
WalshGerald Joseph And KateGerald WilliamView
WeldonTimothy A. And Eveline (Main)Timothy Alfred GeorgeView
WynneJames And Sarah Elizabeth (Duncan Nee Cursen)Emily MaryView
WarneBenjamin And Mary (Hayman)Hilda GraceView
WynneEmilyJohn PhilipView
WynneJohn And Gertrude (Harris)Charles BasilView
WiseEdward H. And Elizabeth (Newton)William HenryView
WalshEdward And Harriet Emily (Partridge)Edward CharlesView
WoollgarJohn Henry (John William Charles?) And Ellen Maud (Kates Nee Hogan)John Henry WilliamView
WhiteAnniePeter Edward AugustineView
WeldonTimothy And Evelyn (Main)James GodfreyView
WalkerRobert And Agnes (Lee)Clarence LeonardView
WynneJames And Harriet (Childs)Arthur HerbertView
White??Johanna Mary ElizabethView
WynneEdward Charles And Sophia Maria (Foster)Irene GladysView
WalshGerald And KathleenKathleen MaryView
WynneJames And Elizabeth (Curzen)Emily ElizabethView
WarneBenjamin And Mary (Hayman)Ivon OswaldView
Williams??William JohnView
WilliamsWilliam John And Lucy (Gregory)Grace VictoriaView
WaterwitchJames And SarahMary Josephine Magdalena (Mattuks Nee Waterwitch)View
WilloughbyRobert And Rebecca (Hockley)John ArthurView
WilliamsHarry And EllenJoseph HarryView
WarreCharles And Julia (Maher)Muriel MaryView
WalshJoseph And Louisa (Schafer)Catherine MaryView
WhelanJohn Francis And Emma (Cranmer)John Francis JosephView
Watts??Catherine MaryView
WyldeFrederick And Annie (Ryneveld)Annie (Dwyer Nee Wylde)View
Wise??Mary PhilaView
WattsCharles Alexander And Catherine (Williams)Henry JosephView
WilliamsLouis And Catherine (Adams)LouisView
WeldonTimothy And Eveline (Main)Anitta Florence MayView
WynneJames And Harriet (Childs)Frederick ErnestView
WalkerRobert And Agnes (Lee)Bertrand JosephView
WoollgarJohn H. Charles And Ellen (Kates Nee Hogan)Mary HarriettView
WiseEdward Henry And Elizabeth (Newton)Mary JuliaView
WynneEdward Charles And Sophia Maria (Foster)Doris KathleenView
WhiteCharles Daniel And Ann (Alexander)Charles DanielView
WarreCharles Augustus And Julia Gertrude (Maher)Ethel AngelaView
WeldonJohn Francis And Madeline (Phelan)Hector TimothyView
WalshJoseph And Louisa (Schafer)Ethel MayView
WilliamJoseph And Rachel (Keever)Mary KathleenView
WeltonRichard And Ellen (Mchenry)Bridget MabelView
WilsonCharles And Ann (Roberts)CharlesView
WilsonCharles And Ann (Roberts)IvyView
WilsonCharles And Ann (Roberts)MaryView
WynneJames And Elizabeth (Watkins)Maud MaryView
WattsCharles And Catherine (Williams)Agnes JosephineView
WeldonTimothy And Evelyne (Main)EvelyneView
WhiteEdward And Anna (Alexander)Thomas NatanaelView
WalshErnest Michael And Maud Susan (Bennette)Ernest CharlesView
WallJohn Frederick And Catherine Evelina (Mcmahon)Sidney WilliamView
WynneEdward Charles And Sophia Maria (Foster)Hilda FrancesView
WynneEdward Charles And Sophia Maria (Foster)Birtha MaudeView
WestJohn Charles And Rebecca Ellen (Devitt)Patrick John LewisView
WilsonAlexander And MargaretAlexanderView
WilliamsArthur And Maria Elizabeth (Morris Nee Philips)VioletView
WarreCharles Augustus And Julia Gertrude (Maher)Dorothy AgnesView
WilliamsNicholas And Kate (David)Samuel NicholasView
WilsonCharles And Elizabeth (Roberts)Elizabeth MaryView
WeldonRichard And Ellen (Mceneiry)Ellen KathleenView
WilsonCharles And Annie (Roberts)Ethel MaudView
WeldonTimothy And Evelyn Ashley (Main)George WilliamView
WiseEdward And Elizabeth (Newton)Iris KathleenView
WoodFrank Arthur And Susannah Laura (Dods)Arthur GeorgeView
WynneJames And Heddie (Childs)Isabelle MayView
WestJohn Charles And Rebecca Ellen (Devitt)Hilda AliceView
WeldonJohn Francis And Annie Madeline (Phelan)Gerald JohnView
WynneEmilyRobert George RichardView
WelshThomas Henry And Alice Louisa (Isacke)Johanna FrancisView
WalshErnest Michael And Maud Susan (Bennette)Maud FlorenceView
WalshJoseph And Louisa (Schafer)Doreen LouisaView
WilsonCharles And Elizabeth (Roberts)Violet KathleenView
WilliamsArthur And Maria Elizabeth (Morris Nee Philips)Rhoda AnneView
WalshWilliam Henry And Annie M. (Keane)Hilary LeonoraView
WynneJohn And Gertrude (Harris)HughView
WynneEdward Charles And Sophia Maria (Foster)Florence MabelView
WilliamsLouis And Catherine (Adams)LouisaView
WeldonRichard And Ellen (Nellie) (Mceneiry)Walter EdwardView
WatsonJohn Joseph And Margaret Mary (Mulrooney)Teresa CatherineView
WoodJohn And ImeldaMaryView
WestawayStudley Squire And Maud (Lavender)Aloysius Leslie Courtney LavenderView
WaitGert Johanes And Maud Elinor (Butler)HildaView
WilliamsHenry James And Catherine (Rensberg)Catherine SarahView
WilliamsDamon And Annie (Goliath)Henry JamesView
WalshJoseph And Louisa (Schafer)Ellen LucyView
WarreCharles Augustus And Julia Gertrude (Maher)Evelin PatriciaView
WilliamsArthur And Mary (Philips)Anne ElizabethView
WalshErnest Michael And Maud (Bennette)Gilbert VictorView
WilsonCharles And Elizabeth (Roberts)Edward AlbertView
WeldonJohn Francis And Annie Madeline (Phelan)Florence CatherineView
WardJames John And Louisa (Lanney)Emily Florence (Murray Nee Ward)View
WynneJohn and Maria Wilhelmina (Studer)Alma PatriciaView
WynneBenjamin Francis and Mary Bridget (Steed)BernardView
WilliamsHenry James and Catherine (Rensburg)Anna MagdaleneView
WilliamsLouis and Catherine (Adams)RoseView
WynneGeorge and Frances May (Steed)GeorgeView
WaitGert Johannes and Maud Elinor (Butler)Reginald EdgarView
WilsonJoseph Augustine and Ellen (Anderson)Percy LouisView
WatsonJohn Joseph and Margaret Mary (Mulrooney)William DennisView
Williams??Sydney WalterView
WalkerRobert and Agnes (Lee)AlexanderView
WilliamsArthur and Maria (Phillips)AdaView
WalshJoseph and Louisa (Schafer)William JosephView
WilliePhilip and Maria (Hermans)Alexander HermanView
WarneAlfred Joseph and Margaret Daisy (Harris)Alfred JosephView
WilsonCharles and Elizabeth (Roberts)Alfred LawrenceView
WynneJohn and Maria Wilhelmina (Studer)Norman JosephView
WynneGeorge and Frances May (Steed)PhillipView
WilliamsWilliam and Maria (Harris)Annie CatherinaView
WilliamsAlicePercy JosephView
WelshThomas Henry and Alice Louisa (Isacke)Kathleen MaryView
WalshJames Bartholomew and Amy (Annie) Amelia (Mayman)William GeorgeView
WeldonAugustine Patrick and Alice Short (Morton)Maria IsabellaView
WilliePhilip and Maria (Hermans)Elizabeth KimeView
WynneBenjamin Francis and Mary Brigid (Steed)EileenView
WynneEdward Charles and Sophia Maria (Foster)Phyllis VernaView
WaitGert Johannes and Maud Ellen (Butler)Vivien EricView
WynneJohn and Maria Wilhelmina (Studer)Ewald AnthonyView
WestawayStudley Squire and Maud (Lavender)Kingsley GeorgeView
WynneGeorge and Frances May (Steed)RobertView
WilliamsNicholas and Kate (Davis)Daniel JacobusView
WatsonJohn Joseph and Margaret Mary (Mulrooney)Alice WinnifredView
WilliamsFrancis Edward and Hannah Josephine (Ahearne)James PercivalView
WynneEdward Parnell and Maria Elizabeth (Rabie)Catherine HazellView
WoodRichard Edward and Florence Beresford (Walsh)Basil BeresfordView
WalshThomas Patrick and Susanna Johanna (Leeuwner)Bertha MayneView
WilliamsJohn and Rose (Spillman)MagdaleneView
WilliamsJohn and Rose (Spillman)AliceView
WilliamsArthur Henry and Mona (Bardien)Alfred James HenryView
WilliePhilip and Maria (Hermans)Mary ValentineView
WaspeAlfred Sidney and Gladys Magdeline (Noble)Leonard AlfredView
Wilson??Mary MarthaView
WilsonCharles and Elizabeth (Roberts)Gladys Agnes MargaretView
WynneJohn and Marie Wilhelmina (Studer)Wilhelmina Hazel AgnesView
WarmingtonLizzieJoseph MarieView
WolffEugene Emil Nicholaus Ignaz and Gabriele Mathilde Emilie (Ella) (Herber)Walter Eugene Gustav JosephView
WhadcoatSydney and Katharine (Pollock)SydneyView
WilsonCharles Penn and Kathleen Kirkwood (Pooley)Barbara KirkwoodView
WaltonCharles Lewis and Mary Hyacinth (Pooley)Augustus LewisView
WaitHenry James and Louisa Jane (Dyer)Cathleen JaneView
WaitHenry James and Louisa Jane (Dyer)Winifred CarolineView
WynneGeorge and Frances May (Steed)DonaldView
WilliamsArthur and Mona (Bardo)ArthurView
WilsonRobert and Feldes (May)Mary ElizabethView
WilliamsLouis and Catherine (Adams)Doris ChristinaView
WilliamsEllenCathleen TeresaView
WaitGert Joannes and Maud (Butler)EileenView
WilliamsClaraIsaac JamesView
WatsonJohn Joseph and Margaret Mary (Mulrooney)Kathleen MaryView
WaspeAlfred Sidney and Gladys (Noble)Mary EnifView
WaltonCharles Lewis and Corrie (Pooley)Noreen LewisView
WalterLawrence and Lydia Rachel (Scott)William PercyView
WilloughbyJohn A. and Agnes Eileen (Quirk?)Eileen Veronica MaryView
WoodThomas and Mary (Doran)MaryView
WilliePhilip and Maria (Hermans)Alfred AbrahamView
WalshThomas Patrick and Susanna Johanna (Leeuwner)May IllegibleView
Wassan John Manueal and SataarMaryView
WilsonCharles and Elizabeth (Roberts)Winifred FrancesView
Walter?? (Nee Prince)Mary ReginaView
WilliamsFrank and Mary (Seiweening)Charles EdwardView
WilliamsThomas and Maria (Odendaal)John View
WoodsElizabeth MatildaJoseph WalterView
WrightBasil Ormson and Ida Maud (Parkinson)Gordon Ormson ManleyView
WilliamsSidney Walter (Herbert) and Mary (Sullivan)Florence HildaView
Walsh?? (Nee Bennette)Margaret Susan (Maud)View
WrightArthur Ernest and Mary Anne (Mulrooney)Ernest JohnView
WalterJoseph and Regina Rosa (Prince)Sophie ReginaView
WhiteWilliam Philip and Sarah (Mckee)William PhilipView
WattsCharles and Maud (Harris)Frank AugustusView
WalshPatrick Augustine and Ellen Mary Veronica (Gibson)Ellen VeronicaView
WaitHenry James and Louisa Jane (Dyer)Henry JamesView
WynneJohn and Maria Wilhelmina (Studer)Mercia BerthaView
WilliamsDaniel and Annie (Goliath)Sarah Mary (BRASS nee WILLIAMS)View
WilsonCharles Penn and Kathleen K. (Pooley)Phillip CharlesView
WarrickerWilliam Jacobus and Rose Rosina (Koopman)LeonardView
WarrickerWilliam Jacobus and Rose Rosina (Koopman)CyrilView
WilliamsWalter Herbert and Mary (Sullivan)ArthurView
WalshThomas Patrick and Susanna Johanna (Leeuwner)Thomas CharlesView
WilsonRobert and Philda (May)FrancinaView
WaitGert Johannes and Maud (Butler)ClaudeView
WarrakerPeter Jacobus and Mary Ann (Roach)Thora AnneView
WaltersCharles Henry Morris and Magda Mary (Gerber)Percival StanleyView
WrightArthur Ernest and Maryanne (Mulrooney)FrederickView
WilliamFrank and Mary (Wynford)Prudens PhilisterView
WynneThomas John and Alice Beatrice (Mcnamara)Ronald ThomasView
WilsonCharles and Elizabeth (Roberts)Robert CharlesView
WilliamsRenald George and Marie Estella (Momple)Philip PatrickView
WoodThomas and Mary (Doran)Marion AnnieView
WilliamsLuis and Catherine (Adams)Alfred AubreyView
WalshWilliam Edward and Ida Plesance (Hornigold)Edward JohnView
Williams?? (Nee Tod)Daisy GladysView
Williams??Gerald St. AnthonyView
WilliamsGerald St. Anthony and Daisy Gladys (Tod)Peter Osmond WilloughbyView
WilliamsEmilyOswald LuisView
WattsCharles and Maud (Harris)Mary AnneView
WaltonLewis Charles and Mary Hyacinth (Pooley)Donald LewisView
WestinSusanPhilip JosephView
WhitbooiWigland and Harriet (Fairlie)SophiaView
WalshThomas Patrick and Susannah (Leeuwner)Meinie LombardView
WarrickerWilliam and Rose (Koopman)BasilView
WilliamsWalter Herbert and Mary (Sullivan)LukeView
WoodThomas and Mary (Doran)James ThomasView
WilliamsGeorge Walter Garnham and Violet Amelia (Christensen)Walter GeraldView
WelgemoedGodfred and Maud (Flowers)AlfredView
WrightArthur Ernest and Mary Ann Catherine (Mulrooney)Daphne CatherineView
WatsonJohn Joseph and Margaret Mary (Mulrooney)Patrick JohnView
WalshWilliam Edward and Ida (Hornigold)Douglas CharlesView
WaspeAlfred Sidney and Gladys Josephine (Noble)Ernest FrederickView
WelchGeorge Arthur Watts and Catherine Ellen Bellingham (Brady)Doreen BradyView
WilkinsonArthur Frederick and Annie Regina (Noble)Dudley AlbertView
WillettBasil Amos and Ethel May (Matson)Leonard John CharlesView
WynneThomas John and Alice Beatrice (Mcnamara)Kenneth RaymondView
WattsCharles and Maude (Harris)Sarah MatildaView
Walsh?? (Nee Miller)Elizabeth MatildaView
WilliamsArthur Edmund and Elizabeth Ann (Williams)Mary CeciliaView
WilsonCharles and Elizabeth (Roberts)PercivalView
WhitebooiMichael and Catherine (Koeraad)AndrewView
WilliamsGerald and Daisy (Tod)Margaret Mary CatherineView
Welsh??Thomas SethView
WarrakerPeter Jacobus and Mary Anne (Roach)Verna EdnaView
WassinJohn Manuel and Keyar (Sataar)ManuelView
Weatherall-ThomasWilliam George and Alice Ellen (Lyons)Winifred CarolineView
WilliamsThomas and Dora (Smith)MinnieView
WagnerJoseph and Maria (Hendricks)KathleenView
Williams??Johanna Susana MargueriteView
WelgemoedJohn and Maud (Flynn nee Flowers)Annie (FLYNN)View
WileyCecil John William and Winifred Maud Mary (Townsend)Winifrede Norah AnneView
WarrickerWilliam Jacobus and Rose (Koopman)William JacobusView
WarrickerWilliam Jacobus and Rose (Koopman)Myra MagdaleneView
WelshThomas Seth and Ethel Margaret (Kelly)Catherine Mary GertrudeView
WatersenJohn Alexander Brown and Elizabeth Wilhelmina (Le Grange)Julia Beatrice Patricia (BROWN)View
Eastern Cape Baptisms Alphabetical Index

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