St Peters Mossel Bay Baptisms 1855-2007 Search : A
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
AaronsJohanna18 December 1905View
AaronsJohanna18 December 1905View
AbelAmanda Jane15 November 1955View
AbelEdward Rupert03 March 1957View
AbelWilliam John01 July 1951View
AbrahamsCatherine Margaret25 June 1905View
AbrahamsCharles Eric31 August 1913View
AbrahamsDinah19 April 1914View
AbrahamsHester Maria11 January 1914View
AbrahamsLydia21 October 1906View
AbrahamsMaria14 February 1909View
AbrahamsMaria07 January 1915View
AbrahamsMaria Catrina18 April 1915View
AbrahamsOlive Astrida02 July 1911View
AbrahamsRosina24 November 1893View
AbramsBenjamin05 July 1914View
AbramsCornelius15 September 1912View
AbramsGeorge19 September 1907View
AbramsGert16 February 1902View
AbramsHenry Daniel28 October 1910View
AbramsJacob13 July 1907View
AbramsJoachim15 December 1901View
AbramsJohanna Elizabeth08 April 1900View
AbramsJohn David14 March 1913View
AbramsJohn William08 April 1900View
AbramsRosina Katrina11 April 1915View
AbramsSarah29 May 1907View
AbramsThomas30 November 1910View
AbsalomMaria08 January 1905View
AchebergAnna Maria22 September 1907View
AcherbergJohn Alfred03 December 1905View
AcherbergOscar Hatcher05 March 1911View
AckerbergCaroline24 October 1917View
AckerbergGeorge Albert30 June 1915View
AckerbergHedvig Victoria18 June 1913View
AckerbergWilfred19 May 1920View
AdamsCatherine29 January 1905View
AdamsCharles Alexander29 December 1868View
AdamsDinah20 April 1902View
AdamsJacobus20 April 1902View
AdamsJohannes03 April 1871View
AdamsPaulina Alima04 October 1914View
AdamsWilliam Andrew04 November 1914View
AddisonGerald Peter Lacey29 November 1942View
AdkinsNeil Alfred02 May 1923View
AgulhasDorothea16 August 1905View
AgulhasElsie Katrina29 June 1902View
AgulhasSalmon Johannes23 June 1901View
AgullasPeter William21 March 1875View
AgullusFrans Johannes30 January 1876View
AgullusJohanna Rosina28 May 1876View
AgullusKatrina21 June 1903View
AgullusMaria26 April 1903View
AgulusAdam27 April 1873View
AgulusCatherine Rosina22 October 1876View
AgulusFrans27 July 1873View
AgulusHermanus Hendrick27 October 1878View
AgulusJasa Jacobus28 December 1873View
AgulusJohann05 October 1870View
AgulusJohanna Magdelena25 September 1870View
AgulusKatrina Magdalena24 August 1879View
AgulusRosina28 October 1877View
AgulusSalomo22 October 1876View
AgulusSpasina27 April 1873View
AhrendseJohannes Jacobus19 August 1900View
AhrensCraig Ian19 April 1992View
AhrensGareth Louis19 April 1992View
AhrensMegan Eve16 February 1992View
AhrensSteven Miles19 April 1992View
AkkerDora28 January 1858View
AlbertsKarel Jacobus Stefanus16 July 1939View
AlexanderConnie Mary30 June 1920View
AlexanderHermanus26 July 1914View
AllartGeorgina24 July 1863View
AmalieChristian Wilhelm14 May 1875View
AmalieMaria Christina16 February 1872View
AndersenBasil Victor07 December 1913View
AndersenConstance May02 May 1909View
AndersenCyril Stanley Cuff07 July 1907View
AndersenDarrell Ernest09 July 1909View
AndersenDoreen Maud11 January 1922View
AndersenHazel Dorothy20 January 1904View
AndersenJoan Beverley17 February 1922View
AndersenMadge Amelia03 October 1915View
AndersenMarjorie06 January 1928View
AndersenNicoli George20 August 1911View
AndersenNorma Denise04 April 1945View
AndersenOwen Hamilton03 October 1915View
AndersenPeter06 January 1928View
AndersenRita Doreen04 October 1905View
AndersenWaveney Joyce17 February 1922View
AndersonAnnie Kate30 October 1868View
AndersonEdward26 November 1902View
AndersonFrances Caroline19 November 1869View
AndersonHerbert Frederick06 November 1912View
AndersonMaude28 December 1870View
AndersonSarah08 September 1872View
AndrewDenise24 October 1948View
AndrewEllen Frances13 December 1903View
AndriesMichael Anthony George22 February 1914View
AnthonyAugust Johannes23 May 1879View
AnthonyAugustus Mattheus21 July 1901View
AnthonyGeordina Elizabeth17 March 1901View
AnthonyMaria Susanna16 March 1902View
AntonieCatherine Elizabeth22 February 1906View
AntonieFrancis21 July 1907View
AntonyFrans17 July 1904View
AntonyWilhelmina Rosina Mabel19 July 1903View
ApieAndries Johannes19 December 1911View
ApieIsaac17 December 1911View
ApiePetrus Johannes19 April 1914View
AprilAnna Elizabeth Wilhelmina Magdalena16 April 1876View
AprilKatrina Magdalena28 November 178View
ArendseAndrew Thomas05 May 1912View
ArendseArthur John03 May 1914View
ArendseCarolina Elizabeth22 March 1903View
ArendseDaniel30 May 1913View
ArendseEsther Katrina02 June 1905View
ArendseGideon Jacobus02 June 1905View
ArendseGideon Jacobus02 May 1913View
ArendseIsaac01 October 1903View
ArendseJohanna Susan12 July 1914View
ArendseKatharina Marion14 July 1912View
ArendseMaria Magdalena01 November 1901View
ArendseMaria Rosina Dorothea13 March 1903View
ArendseMartha Susannah02 June 1905View
ArendseNicholas Alfred17 October 1906View
ArendseNicholas Jacobus02 November 1902View
ArendsePeter Johannes16 October 1903View
ArendseSamuel11 September 1910View
ArendseSarah Rosina03 May 1914View
ArendseSarah Sophia11 September 1910View
ArenholdAdolf Conrad04 November 1966View
ArenholdElizabeth Ann04 January 1963View
AriesCatbherine Magdalina05 June 1910View
AriesCatherine22 August 1906View
ArmfieldWalter John Herbert21 January 1900View
ArmoedJames28 June 1909View
ArmoedMartinus Johannes Jacobus18 October 1903View
ArpieJohannes Jacobus17 May 1903View
ArriesAbraham15 November 1903View
ArriesGert22 May 1904View
AshdownJoan Clara12 February 1918View
AspelingEileen Daphne08 December 1922View
AspelingElizabeth Eleanor24 August 1906View
AspelingJohannes Ernest Frederick01 March 1921View
AspelingSusan Martha Rachel29 December 1919View
AtaleJacobus Andrew14 February 1915View
AustinMercia Alexandria14 December 1947View
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