St Peters Mossel Bay Baptisms 1855-2007 Search : C
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
CairnsHamish31 October 1982View
CalothéBarbara Lyn13 April 1974View
CalothiNicholas James18 April 1976View
CameronAndrina20 March 1908View
CameronDaniel John12 April 1914View
CameronDorothea Martha10 November 1907View
CameronJames Johannes01 April 1877View
CameronJames Johannes18 July 1900View
CameronJames Richard27 March 1910View
CameronJessie10 March 1879View
CameronJohanna Magdalena21 September 1902View
CameronJohn Esaias22 January 1912View
CameronJohn Martinus05 October 1902View
CameronKatrina03 July 1905View
CameronMagdalena Maria06 September 1914View
CameronMaria Elizabeth21 February 1902View
CameronMaria Magdalena27 April 1879View
CameronMaria Magdalena01 March 1903View
CameronMaria Magdalina20 April 1910View
CameronMarias Magdalena07 January 1912View
CameronNancy27 January 1878View
CameronNancy Mary11 May 1902View
CameronNicholas Jacob11 August 1901View
CameronSarah25 June 1905View
CameronSarah Magdalena16 July 1905View
CameronThomas27 April 1873View
CameronThomas02 May 1909View
CameronThomas Peter04 August 1912View
CameronThomas Philip20 December 1903View
CameronWilliam05 August 1904View
CameronWilliam07 August 1907View
CameronWilliam16 October 1910View
CameronWilliam28 March 1904View
CameronWilliam Gideon27 April 1879View
CameronWilliam James27 October 1901View
CampbellHilton Edgar05 October 1930View
CampbellRachel Isla25 July 2009View
CampbellTrevor Duncan11 April 1933View
CapelPatrick Michael06 October 1968View
CarlsCarmi Leigh14 December 2008View
CarlsEzra Noël18 December 2005View
CarolusAbraham Martinus19 July 1878View
CarolusJohn Charles Witham23 April 1875View
CarolusMaria Magdalena16 June 1901View
CarrDaphne02 August 1923View
CarterAlbertha Queenie24 September 1919View
CarterAnnie Doreen06 April 1927View
CarterArthur Harold17 September 1909View
CarterCharles05 June 1859View
CarterClaude Thomas13 April 1910View
CarterDaphne10 May 1922View
CarterElizabeth Anna26 July 1905View
CarterHerbert Henry16 February 1916View
CarterJacobus Nicholas30 September 1900View
CarterJames Frederick16 August 1876View
CarterJames Frederick William12 August 1902View
CarterJames Thomas29 April 1874View
CarterJames William14 February 1864View
CarterJohn Henry21 August 1878View
CarterLouis Frederick26 April 1908View
CarterMarguerite Irene22 October 1913View
CarterMarlene21 December 1941View
CarterMary Frances29 March 1911View
CarterRobert Albert19 December 1923View
CarterSydney John03 June 1908View
CarterSydney Thomas27 April 1904View
CarterWilliam Alexander10 March 1907View
CarterWilliam Charles05 November 1905View
CarterWilliam Henry28 June 1876View
CaswellJohn Ronald08 January 1950View
CattonMary Ann05 September 1866View
CaveNatalie Mary Doreen09 February 1923View
CelestinDavid Cornelius18 March 1900View
CelestinMagdalena22 April 1900View
CelestinMaria Susanna20 April 1902View
CelliersPatricia Anne29 April 1972View
ChalmersArchibald29 January 1879View
ChalmersJames03 October 1877View
ChapmanElfreda Helen31 January 1864View
ChapmanRoland Potter31 January 1864View
CharlesThomas01 March 1914View
ChaseStuart Centlivres18 May 1879View
CherryMary Ann17 March 1901View
CilliersMaria09 May 1900View
ClaassenDuran Ray11 November 1990View
ClaassenKrystal25 February 1990View
ClaassenStefan07 October 1984View
ClaassenTeneil26 September 1982View
ClampettGail Carol19 December 1965View
ClampettHeather Lorraine05 March 1967View
ClarkeAlbert Charles William05 March 1909View
ClarkeBonnie Martha01 December 1981View
ClarkeHayden Barnes03 August 1980View
ClarkeHenrietta Grace27 September 1911View
ClarkeKathleen Marie21 April 1907View
ClarkeLynette15 September 1963View
ClassenIsabella Elizabeth Margaret08 August 1875View
ClintonThomas William29 December 1868View
CloeteCatherine Wilhelmina Elizabeth11 June 1875View
CloseMeryl23 December 1965View
CohoeSean Steven18 February 2001View
ColeWilliam Edward23 November 1877View
CollettAnthony Peter16 January 1949View
CollinsHeather Ann25 July 1964View
CollinsMargaret Robin25 July 1964View
ConstanceCelia Sophia14 August 1904View
ConstanceEllen Regina04 October 1908View
ConstanceJoseph Thomas13 October 1912View
ConstanceLouis Philip09 September 1906View
ConstanceSarah Margaretha01 April 1877View
ConstanceWilliam George Joseph05 June 1910View
ConwayAvice17 January 1917View
ConwayEllen Charlotte16 August 1871View
ConwayGift Lyolene01 June 1933View
ConwayLouis Nicol17 January 1917View
ConwayPhillis Susan07 September 1913View
ConwayViolet14 November 1910View
ConwayViolet Marion07 September 1913View
CorneliusJacobus16 June 1912View
CorneliussenOlief Regina04 September 1910View
CorneluisenEileen May26 April 1908View
CorneluisenMargaret Maria05 November 1906View
CorneluisenOlaff Jacobus23 July 1905View
CorneluissenJohanna Marguerita21 October 1903View
CorneluissenOscar Manuel23 May 1909View
CornielsYvonne Catherine Marie05 February 1930View
CornishPatricia05 May 1926View
CornishTremayne27 July 1932View
CornwellGerald Nield29 June 1940View
CotterillPhyllis Catherine03 December 1913View
CowleyCarol Anne25 October 1959View
CowleyGeorge11 September 1878View
CowleyJohn16 November 1870View
CowleyWilliam28 May 1873View
CoyneDenise22 January 1928View
CoyneFrederic Brian04 December 1931View
CrockettEmily Maria07 December 1864View
CrockettFrederick22 February 1860View
CrockettGeorge Bainbridge22 January 1868View
CrockettKate Helen14 July 1861View
CronjeZelda08 September 1956View
CrossJoan Fanny22 June 1919View
CroweAnnie Maria11 June 1905View
CroweEmily06 May 1908View
CroweGeorge Malyon03 March 1912View
CroweSheila Gwenneth18 April 1922View
CrozerChristina Georgina29 October 1875View
CrozerJohannes Jacobus27 September 1878View
CrozierAndries Philippus17 December 1900View
CuffAgnes May09 February 1921View
CuffAlan John07 October 1906View
CuffAlton Albert10 August 1926View
CuffAlton Boon28 March 1964View
CuffCaroline13 May 1866View
CuffCaroline Ann17 December 1876View
CuffCaroline Ellen21 November 1873View
CuffCecil Arthur29 April 1903View
CuffCharles Noble06 April 1870View
CuffCharles Noble17 September 1905View
CuffClaude Edward18 December 1901View
CuffDenis Alton05 February 1928View
CuffEleanor Ann31 January 1917View
CuffElizabeth10 December 1966View
CuffElizabeth Bonne25 June 1902View
CuffEllen Elizabeth30 December 1874View
CuffGordon Herbert15 January 1924View
CuffGwendoline24 September 1922View
CuffHerbert Alton14 February 1864View
CuffIngram Alston10 February 1904View
CuffJames Wilson16 May 1900View
CuffJane Amelia10 May 1868View
CuffJean Dalrymple01 September 1922View
CuffJohn30 June 1908View
CuffJohn Cochran17 April 1951View
CuffJoseph William Alton07 November 1877View
CuffJosephine Maud15 December 1878View
CuffLeonard Boon22 November 1893View
CuffLynette Margaret11 January 1952View
CuffPatricia02 June 1907View
CuffPercy Melvin18 December 1918View
CuffStanley Alton25 May 1920View
CuffTerence Edwin08 February 1921View
CuffVera18 November 1903View
CummingCaroline16 January 1874View
CummingClara Sophia02 August 1867View
CummingElizabeth08 January 1873View
CummingFrederick Duncan14 March 1869View
CummingGeorge Aaron28 July 1875View
CummingJohn14 April 1871View
CunliffePatrick Victor Wells07 November 1945View
CunninghamBrian Thomas16 June 1929View
CunninghamCharles Henry08 August 1866View
CunninghamFrancis William14 February 1873View
CunninghamHannah Elizabeth23 December 1868View
CunninghamJames16 November 1870View
CunninghamThomas Alexander08 April 1864View
CupidoAbraham28 July 1912View
CupidoAbraham Jacobus Martinus13 July 1902View
CupidoAdam09 February 1872View
CupidoAdam George12 July 1903View
CupidoAdonis15 June 1866View
CupidoAndreas Phillipus09 June 1901View
CupidoAndries15 July 1912View
CupidoAnna Catharina10 March 1878View
CupidoAnna Margarita29 December 1901View
CupidoCecilia16 December 1864View
CupidoCupido14 August 1868View
CupidoDamon22 April 1900View
CupidoElizabeth26 September 1906View
CupidoElizabeth Francina13 August 1876View
CupidoEva Francina Katrina12 July 1903View
CupidoFelix24 September 1900View
CupidoFrederick George05 November 1911View
CupidoGertruida Paulina20 February 1902View
CupidoIsaac26 January 1902View
CupidoJacobus15 June 1866View
CupidoJacobus06 November 1904View
CupidoJacobus11 April 1915View
CupidoJacobus28 July 1912View
CupidoJacobus26 January 1902View
CupidoJacobus26 April 1903View
CupidoJames John15 December 1901View
CupidoJohanes26 January 1902View
CupidoJohannes Israel16 February 1902View
CupidoJohn Jacobus15 June 1866View
CupidoKatrina Magdalena30 March 1906View
CupidoKatrina Margarita20 March 1901View
CupidoMagdalena12 July 1914View
CupidoMalgas Philip22 April 1900View
CupidoMaria Magdalena26 January 1902View
CupidoMartha06 December 1863View
CupidoMoses26 January 1902View
CupidoNicholas Jacobus26 October 1902View
CupidoNicholas Johannes12 November 1911View
CupidoPaulina Dorothea03 January 1915View
CupidoRichard Johannes09 October 1912View
CupidoRosina18 April 1915View
CupidoRosina24 July 1904View
CupidoRosina Johanna09 November 1913View
CupidoRosina Johanna Margarita17 December 1900View
CupidoSarah Elizabeth26 January 1902View
CupidoSaul Hendrick18 November 1877View
CupidoSolomon William11 September 1911View
CupidoSophia Lena22 November 1903View
CupidoSpasina26 January 1902View
CupidoSpasina Katrina18 February 1900View
CupidoThanan12 April 1872View
CupidoWilhelmina21 December 1913View
CurrieAnthony David09 February 1959View
CurriePaul Robertson09 February 1959View
CushingMaureen Fiona04 February 1923View
CushingPatricia25 June 1924View
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