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Surname Names Date of Baptism View
ZaaimanHester Martha27 March 1910View
ZaaimanJohannes Petrus16 November 1912View
ZaaimanPetrus Johannes13 October 1912View
ZaaimanRudolf Jacobus18 June 1911View
ZandbergCeleste20 November 1988View
ZandbergCornelle02 December 1984View
ZehrtDeryn02 May 1982View
ZidonJohannes Jacobus05 January 1908View
ZinkantijnAnnie11 April 1872View
ZinkantijnChristian Johannes Jacobus17 August 1879View
ZinkantijnSusan Kathleen03 November 1901View
ZinkentijnAmalie23 May 1879View
ZinkentijnEva Katrina09 August 1872View
ZinkentijnGeorge Michael23 May 1879View
ZinkentijnSusanna Petronella23 November 1873View
ZinkfonteinAnnie Johanna14 August 1902View
ZinkfonteinChristian Johannes02 May 1909View
ZinkfonteinChristina30 September 1906View
ZinkfonteinEmily Eva07 June 1914View
ZinkfonteinJames Joseph02 March 1913View
ZinkfonteinJohannes William04 June 1911View
ZinkfonteinMaria Johanna11 April 1909View
ZinkfonteinMaria Kitty03 July 1904View
ZinkfonteinThomas Isaac05 November 1911View
ZwaartbooiCornelia Sylvia12 April 1914View
ZwaartlandHermanus16 May 1915View
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