St Peters Mossel Bay Baptisms 1855-2007 Search : K
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
KaaiSarah16 November 1902View
KaerlsAmelia Rosina24 September 1911View
KaffersJohn Johannes16 August 1913View
KaffersPetrus16 August 1913View
KaffirsAnnie Elizabeth01 February 1914View
KaffirsGeorge Frederick01 June 1873View
KaffirsGert14 June 1913View
KaffirsKatrina Maria03 November 1878View
KaffirsMagdalena Maria20 December 1874View
KaffirsMaria Johanna15 June 1870View
KaffirsMartha Elizabeth19 July 1911View
KaffirsMartha Johanna07 July 1876View
KaffirsTip22 October 1871View
KahnArthur Harold Evans20 July 1919View
KahnDouglas Haig Evans25 September 1916View
KahnKenneth Evans18 March 1914View
KalmeyerAbram29 December 1901View
KalmeyerElizabeth22 February 1914View
KalmeyerElizabeth24 May 1914View
KalmeyerElizabeth22 July 1900View
KalmeyerJohanna24 May 1914View
KalmeyerMoses29 December 1901View
KalmeyerRosina Katrina28 April 1912View
KalmeyerSarah Elizabeth29 May 1911View
KalmeyerThomas Richard23 July 1911View
KalmeyerWilhelmina24 November 1912View
KalseMichael29 January 1905View
KampAvril Arlene02 September 1956View
KampWinifred Lorraine07 March 1948View
KanaGert06 February 1907View
KaneMichael Daniel14 September 1903View
KannemeyerAbram23 February 1902View
KannemeyerAnne Elizabeth12 November 1893View
KannemeyerCharles25 October 1914View
KannemeyerFrans Johannes23 March 1902View
KannemeyerHenry George12 July 1903View
KannemeyerJames22 November 1914View
KannemeyerJohannes Jacobus Francis09 February 1860View
KannemeyerMartha Margarita23 February 1902View
KannemeyerMoses Josephus26 October 1902View
KantelierCatharina Wilhelmina18 August 1878View
KarelmeyerGert Antony26 July 1903View
KarelsElizabeth Margaretha30 June 1912View
KarelsFrances Elizabeth05 May 1912View
KarelsJacobus George12 November 1911View
KarelsKatrina Magdalena28 April 1912View
KarelsMagdalena Katharina14 July 1912View
KarelsMaria11 February 1912View
KarelsSarah Elizabeth31 July 1910View
KarelseAlice07 November 1909View
KarelseAmelia Hendrina30 November 1913View
KarelseChristina Susanna25 January 1914View
KarelseDinah17 February 1907View
KarelseDinah Sophia22 June 1913View
KarelseElizabeth26 October 1902View
KarelseEva Catherine27 June 1915View
KarelseGert Jacobus25 October 1914View
KarelseGert Johannis14 February 1915View
KarelseHenry August01 October 1911View
KarelseIsaac17 February 1907View
KarelseIsaac31 May 1914View
KarelseIsaac Jacobus13 August 1913View
KarelseIsaac Jacobus24 May 1903View
KarelseJacobus Petrus Matthew07 March 1915View
KarelseJohanna02 October 1904View
KarelseJohanna Margarita03 August 1913View
KarelseJohn25 February 1901View
KarelseJohn22 May 1904View
KarelseJohn Josephus19 January 1902View
KarelseKatrina23 August 1903View
KarelseKatrina Johanna26 October 1902View
KarelseMagdalena Hermina27 April 1913View
KarelseMaria Magdalena25 October 1914View
KarelseMaria Magdalena29 December 1901View
KarelseMina Margaretha28 December 1913View
KarelseNicholas15 December 1903View
KarelseNicholas Jacobus13 November 1904View
KarelseNicholas Jacobus10 August 1902View
KarelseSarah Elizabeth24 August 1902View
KarelseZacharias Johannis01 March 1908View
KarlmeyerChristian28 March 1915View
KarlssonWolmar Edward03 July 1907View
KarolseAdam Daniel24 August 1879View
KarolseIsaac Jacobus27 April 1879View
KarolseKatrina Damelina27 April 1879View
KarolseKatrina Damelina24 August 1879View
KarolseLevock Cornelius22 October 1893View
KarolseMaria Magdalena23 June 1878View
KarolseMaria Magdalena24 August 1879View
KarstenElizabetha Salomina14 January 1912View
KarstenMaria Annie09 November 1902View
KastenAndrew John29 July 1900View
KastorChristina Louisa11 July 1909View
KazabGeorge John23 April 1876View
KazatElizabeth06 April 1879View
KazatMaria Jane08 July 1877View
KeatesJoan Barbara25 November 1931View
KeffersMaria Susanna21 July 1912View
KennedyAlberta Margarita13 April 1902View
KennedyAndrina Margaretha11 May 1913View
KennedyDaniel11 January 1914View
KennedyDaniel Edward10 March 1912View
KennedyJames Phillipus20 December 1914View
KennedyJohn Andries10 March 1912View
KennedyJohn William29 August 1906View
KennedyKatrina Margarita12 July 1903View
KennedyLouisa Johanna25 January 1903View
KennedyLouisa Sophia12 March 1911View
KennedySamuel Peter11 April 1915View
KennettDawn Velma30 October 1929View
KeownAnnesley James24 February 1875View
KeownEvelina Elizabeth10 June 1900View
KerrRobert Duncan16 February 1923View
KerryMary30 April 1922View
KevidoSophia Rosina22 November 1913View
KienDaniel27 April 1902View
KienJacobus27 April 1902View
KievidsWilliam George13 September 1914View
KievitAndries Jacobus12 January 1913View
KievitAndries Ludovic24 November 1912View
KievitAnna Margaretha09 March 1913View
KievitChristina Eva26 May 1912View
KievitCornelia Sophia11 May 1913View
KievitDinah Magdalena27 September 1914View
KievitJohanna Eliza12 January 1913View
KievitKatrina28 December 1913View
KievitMaria27 January 1878View
KievitSpasina Rosina25 January 1914View
KiewietLawak Josias27 January 1901View
KiewitJason Jacobus22 October 1911View
KingBlossom30 January 1929View
KingCaroline Jane14 November 1927View
KingCecil Aaron Smith15 May 1901View
KingCedric Lionel29 January 1938View
KingClaude16 December 1903View
KingDanfric24 August 1934View
KingDaniel Alexander22 March 1876View
KingDaphne Elaine14 May 1919View
KingDouglas Bruce14 May 1919View
KingEliza17 January 1860View
KingEliza Jane08 February 1935View
KingElizabeth09 March 1856View
KingElizabeth Lettie28 November 1900View
KingEmily Matilda08 April 1870View
KingFlorence14 February 1921View
KingGeorge11 August 1905View
KingGeorge Aaron Smith16 January 1874View
KingGertrude Johanna18 June 1915View
KingGwendoline13 August 1924View
KingHazel Alice02 July 1911View
KingHenry Bindley Sidwell18 August 1912View
KingHerbert Aaron Smith04 August 1910View
KingHilda01 April 1903View
KingIvy Jane28 April 1915View
KingJames Ericksen26 September 1877View
KingJoan Winifred12 June 1925View
KingJohn Sidney09 August 1933View
KingLavinia Norah20 December 1945View
KingMarina26 September 1936View
KingMary Ann Jane22 January 1908View
KingMary Jane07 February 1917View
KingMary Jane13 December 1901View
KingMervin20 October 1926View
KingMona31 January 1923View
KingNancy26 May 1933View
KingOlga Enid12 March 1930View
KingSelwyn06 May 1950View
KingSelwyn23 August 1911View
KingSheila Maureen08 August 1923View
KingYvaldor19 March 1941View
KintesJohanna16 May 1915View
KirbyFrances Mary20 July 1877View
KirbyGerty James19 November 1875View
KirbyHumphreys Royden02 May 1879View
KirstenLeslie Heather21 March 1965View
KitchingAnthony Miles29 December 1969View
KitchingGrenville Arthur04 March 1915View
KivedoElizabeth Margaretha09 March 1913View
KivedoJohanna21 February 1909View
KivedoJohanna Paulina06 April 1913View
KivedoMagdalena02 May 1909View
KivedoMaria Magdalena20 January 1909View
KivedoPetrus10 April 1910View
KivedoSarah Johanna Alberta14 August 1910View
KivedoSusanna Maria11 January 1914View
KivietSpasina Magdalena25 March 1911View
KiyanidienGadien18 August 1909View
KlaaseJohanna17 May 1914View
KlaasieFrans20 September 1903View
KleinhansHendrick Andries19 April 1914View
KleinschmidtJohn Oswald02 April 1932View
KnipeLeslie Bazett01 August 1915View
KoelarMagdalena Maria16 August 1903View
KoensDora Magdalena15 July 1900View
KoenseDaniel Hendrick07 May 1909View
KoeriesEleazar Jesaja21 June 1912View
KoeriesHenry James16 August 1903View
KoeriesWilliam Benjamin15 June 1902View
KoertPetrus Andries11 May 1913View
KokMickylah Ashanti03 April 2011View
KolchunyDinah12 July 1914View
KommingAbraham19 January 1902View
KoolAgulhas Moses09 February 1913View
KooliesMagdalena Maria27 May 1900View
KootDaniel11 April 1915View
KootJohanna Magdalena11 April 1915View
KooyCarolyn May08 April 1961View
KooyMargaret Alida12 July 1963View
KordomCatherine05 April 1905View
KordomDorothea Sylvia02 May 1909View
KordomHester Susanna02 February 1913View
KordomMagdalena Margareta02 February 1913View
KordomSophia Maria14 July 1907View
KordomWilliam27 March 1905View
KortomJacobus Daniel16 June 1901View
KortomJacomina Magdalena16 June 1901View
KortomKatrina22 April 1900View
KortomMaria22 April 1900View
KriekAllicia03 March 1985View
KriekKeith24 March 1966View
KrielJacob06 February 1910View
KrielJohn07 July 1912View
KrielTom19 March 1909View
KrugerDebra Dale04 September 1983View
KrugerPenelope Amelia04 September 1983View
KuhnAmelia Emily Catherine01 August 1879View
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