St Peters Mossel Bay Baptisms 1855-2007 Search : M
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
MaartAlice Elizabeth02 July 1911View
MaartAndrew Johannes17 August 1879View
MaartAnnie18 April 1905View
MaartDaniel Isaac30 August 1908View
MaartDaniel Petrus01 June 1879View
MaartDorothea19 August 1900View
MaartElizabeth23 October 1902View
MaartEmma Core06 August 1911View
MaartEva Margaret01 November 1903View
MaartHester Catherine08 April 1906View
MaartJohn Joseph06 October 1907View
MaartRosina Dorothea26 August 1900View
MaartSarah Hermina17 August 1879View
MaartSarah Margaretha17 August 1879View
MaartThomas Benjamin07 March 1915View
MaartWilliam Edward06 October 1912View
MacarthyCaroline Ann20 June 1875View
MacDonaldKim Lynne24 June 1973View
MacdonaldMary Eliza Georgina05 October 1873View
MacdonaldWilliam James Patrick15 August 1879View
MacklinAbraham Peter Stephen18 September 1912View
MacklinAnna Dorothea08 July 1908View
MacklinMary Ann12 July 1910View
MacklinReginald Stephen09 October 1935View
MacklinThomas William10 October 1938View
MacLoughlinRuth Elizabeth25 October 1905View
MajolaAnna Magdalena31 October 1906View
MajolaAnnie22 November 1912View
MajolaMartha Elizabeth Christina14 February 1908View
MalanAdèle Elizabeth05 April 1969View
MalanAndré Jacques Phillip15 January 1966View
MalanAnthea Mary27 March 1967View
MalanJohn15 December 1867View
MalanJohn16 October 1868View
MalanJohn Robert14 November 1869View
MalanLouisa Ann11 February 1866View
MalanMarc Rousseau20 September 1969View
MalgasAdam21 September 1866View
MalgasAgulhas John05 January 1913View
MalgasAgulus John21 September 1866View
MalgasAnna13 April 1879View
MalgasAnna Johanna15 July 1906View
MalgasAnnie Elizabeth07 April 1907View
MalgasAnnie Magdalena11 April 1909View
MalgasClara Henrietta Margaret14 October 1877View
MalgasClara Wilhelmina04 August 1907View
MalgasElizabeth30 August 1903View
MalgasEllen30 April 1905View
MalgasEmily Elizabeth20 May 1870View
MalgasEna Iris04 August 1907View
MalgasJacob22 September 1878View
MalgasJacob Martinus12 May 1912View
MalgasJohn22 September 1878View
MalgasJohn31 December 1867View
MalgasJohn22 April 1900View
MalgasJohn Johnson13 April 1879View
MalgasJohn Peter Benjamin12 August 1900View
MalgasLena22 September 1878View
MalgasMagdalena Petronella Sophia12 April 1914View
MalgasMargaretha17 May 1867View
MalgasMargaretha Elizabeth16 April 1869View
MalgasMaria Dorothea30 July 1911View
MalgasMaria Francina27 January 1878View
MalgasMichael Richmond11 April 1902View
MalgasMichael William Henry22 January 1905View
MalgasNot Given15 June 1866View
MalgasPeter Jacobus05 January 1879View
MalgasRaleigh Charles09 April 1911View
MalgasRosa Matilda13 June 1909View
MalgasRosena Elizabeth17 May 1867View
MalgasSaul21 September 1866View
MalgasSophia Magdalena17 May 1869View
MalgasSusan Catherine14 May 1905View
MalgasSusannah22 Aog 1859View
MalgasWilliam17 July 1912View
MalgasWilliam James29 June 1902View
MalherbeTanya14 March 1966View
ManchestDorothea07 June 1903View
MandefeldtMary Ann Catherine05 September 1858View
MandifeldtAmelia Sophia18 October 1868View
MandifeldtCaroline Maria Johanna23 March 1856View
MandifeldtMatilda Sarah11 May 1862View
MandifeldtSamuel Frederick Benjamin23 March 1856View
MandifeltGeorge William04 February 1877View
MandifeltMargaret Johanna26 May 1872View
ManhoSophia Elizabeth18 December 1900View
ManiveldtWilliam Benjamin05 May 1865View
ManningJoseph Robert12 June 1874View
ManningWilliam George10 May 1876View
MannoMartha Dorothea14 February 1915View
MantJohannes18 October 1878View
ManuelMaria01 September 1859View
ManuelMaria12 April 1872View
ManuelMaria Adriana01 September 1859View
ManuelPetrus Johannes01 September 1859View
MaoriChristoffel21 April 1878View
MaoriIsaac Peter09 September 1877View
MaoriMagdalena Rosetta21 April 1878View
MaoriMaria Adriana14 September 1879View
MaoriMichael Esaias09 September 1877View
MaoriSarah Magdalena09 September 1877View
MaoriSpasie Sena Catherine09 September 1877View
MaoriThomas Jacob09 September 1877View
MaraisAgnes10 May 1959View
MaraisBernetta Maria Elizabeth13 April 1879View
MaraisCharles Edward23 November 1906View
MaraisDaniel Peter30 May 1918View
MaraisDaniel Peter09 November 1934View
MaraisDaniel Pieter30 May 1918View
MaraisDenise10 June 1956View
MaraisEdna Maud01 May 1905View
MaraisGert Francis11 September 1870View
MaraisHenry John12 October 1961View
MaraisHester Isabella17 December 1869View
MaraisIris10 May 1959View
MaraisJacob17 August 1879View
MaraisMaré02 March 1955View
MaraisPamela Afra02 April 1928View
MaraisPatricia12 October 1961View
MaraisRichlieu Edmund07 August 1918View
MaraisSarelle20 August 1995View
MaraisStephanes Esaias09 September 1903View
MaraisStephanie Elsa30 May 1918View
MaraisWilfred Daniel01 December 1912View
MarchentRosina22 January 1902View
MarchinkowskiMichael Frederick27 July 1947View
MarcusRobert Jubertus27 October 1912View
MarksMargaret23 May 1914View
MarshDaniel Colin27 February 2000View
MarshEgbert Bletterman Arthur21 March 1879View
MarshElizabeth Magdalena08 February 1871View
MarshGeorge William17 December 1873View
MarshGeorge William28 February 1872View
MarshJosephine Cornelia28 March 1873View
MarshMaria Johanna14 June 1874View
MarshMatthew Charles27 February 2000View
MarshPeter John Charles15 November 1875View
MarshTimothy Stephen Robert27 February 2000View
MartCatharina Maria Dorothea14 April 1878View
MartJohn29 October 1876View
MartinVera Holdsworth21 March 1902View
MartinWilhelmina Hendrina28 October 1900View
MasonElizabeth21 July 1902View
MasonFrans Boi01 April 1877View
MasonJacobus18 November 1877View
MasonJustine03 April 1983View
MasonPaul30 November 1902View
MasonSacha-Ann03 April 1983View
MasonieEva01 October 1909View
MasonieKatrina02 November 1913View
MassynDalene Anne23 December 1965View
MassynFlorence Maud22 February 1933View
MassynLouie Eyvette26 May 1937View
MassynLynette Cecilia22 April 1962View
MassynSadie Avis12 June 1935View
MassynThomas Hamilton08 November 1968View
MassynThomas William22 April 1931View
MatanieJohn David04 October 1914View
MatchettHugh Clifton06 November 1921View
MatchettValerie21 December 1919View
MatfieldAmy Muriel05 August 1908View
MatfieldCharles16 July 1869View
MatfieldEdith Lilian01 October 1911View
MatfieldGeorge William22 January 1879View
MatfieldHenry14 May 1865View
MatfieldIvor Cunningham31 March 1907View
MatfieldLouisa02 September 1868View
MatfieldMagdalena14 December 1862View
MatfieldMary Edith23 August 1871View
MatfieldRobert Christopher Dempsey23 September 1874View
MatheeDaniel27 November 1904View
MathewsJohn Stephen22 January 1905View
MathijsHenry George11 September 1906View
MathijsenElizabeth Maria01 October 1911View
MativisCorneius15 May 1868View
MativisJacob15 May 1868View
MativisJacobus15 May 1868View
MatollaMichael Jacques09 May 2010View
MatsonBernard Landstedt01 November 1922View
MatsonJohan Oscar EnfredView
MatteeDaniel03 August 1913View
MatteeNicholas Johannes17 November 1912View
MattheAndries Petrus21 December 1902View
MatthéJacob26 October 1902View
MatthéJacob Hendrik22 July 1900View
MatthéJohn Alfred29 December 1901View
MatthéJohn Daniel15 December 1901View
MattheeAnnie Jane01 September 1911View
MattheeDebbie Leigh04 September 1983View
MattheeSalomon Johannes21 May 1911View
MattheeWesley Zane07 January 1990View
MatthewsAbraham Jacobus08 June 1902View
MatthewsAdam Isaac18 May 1902View
MatthewsAdam Smith18 November 1877View
MatthewsAlice Margaret04 June 1911View
MatthewsAnne Selina09 December 1906View
MatthewsAubrey Cochran30 March 1904View
MatthewsBeatrice05 November 1905View
MatthewsDoreen Louise24 August 1907View
MatthewsElizabeth20 September 1874View
MatthewsElizabeth31 July 1910View
MatthewsGordon Richard John13 June 1937View
MatthewsHenry26 June 1904View
MatthewsJacob17 March 1912View
MatthewsJanetta16 November 1902View
MatthewsJemima Elizabeth06 May 1900View
MatthewsKlaas22 July 1877View
MatthewsMarai20 April 1902View
MatthewsMaria Magdalena15 February 1874View
MatthewsMary Ann17 January 1909View
MatthewsMary Ann03 January 1937View
MatthewsPhilip Jacobus15 February 1874View
MatthewsPhilip Louis16 October 1908View
MatthewsSamuel Harry23 March 1913View
MatthewsSophia04 October 1908View
MatthewsSophia07 January 1912View
MatthewsSophia Sarah16 April 1876View
MatthewsSpasina Alberta12 August 1906View
MatthewsSpasina Maria17 March 1901View
MatthewsVictor18 December 1901View
MatthewsWilliam02 September 1900View
MatthiePhilip03 June 1903View
MatthijsenMabel Maud01 February 1914View
MatthysenHelen Nellie01 December 1912View
MattijsAnnie Elizabeth18 March 1908View
MattijsenCecil Claud03 July 1910View
MattijsenWilliam Michael27 July 1910View
MattsonHenry Albert17 April 1917View
MayMagdalena15 November 1903View
MayMaria Elizabeth23 August 1903View
MayMaria Margarita27 April 1902View
MayWilliam John30 June 1902View
MaylandJohanna19 January 1902View
MaylandSusannah18 October 1903View
MaylandThomas15 December 1901View
MaylandWilliam15 December 1901View
MaylandWilliam Johannes19 January 1902View
MaymanCornelius Jacobus21 July 1912View
MaynierD'Arcy Warfield21 January 1937View
MaynierDesirèe Glenda06 November 1930View
MazoniBeatrice Petronella05 June 1910View
MazonieHester Magdalena07 May 1911View
McBeanAda Maria Emily09 June 1872View
McBeanEmma Jane25 January 1878View
McBeanEmma Jemima Rebecca01 June 1879View
McBeanHester Catherine Elizabeth04 September 1870View
McBeanJames Henry06 November 1863View
McBeanJames William27 February 1907View
McBeanJohn Porns08 July 1877View
McBeanMargaret Annelia04 January 1874View
McBeanSarah Margaret14 February 1874View
McBeanWilliam Henry17 September 1869View
McCabeFlorence15 July 1863View
McCabeHannah Elizabeth08 April 1860View
McCarthyLouis Edward19 February 1915View
McDonaldAlice Catherine03 November 1901View
McDonaldErnst John16 February 1902View
McDonaldMargaret Henrietta27 April 1877View
McDonaldMaria Wilhelmina26 July 1901View
McDonnellMaria27 May 1903View
McFaddenDeirdré25 March 1973View
McGaffinMary Gwyneth18 January 1907View
McGloughlinBenjamin Charles08 August 1917View
McGregorNorma Josephine Clara Susannah14 July 1909View
McIntyreSara Winifred Ethel15 January 1868View
McLauchlinEllen26 July 1900View
McLaughlinWilliam Andrew17 December 1911View
McLeanMaria01 June 1879View
McLivisJohn04 September 1870View
McLoughlinBenjamin James02 August 1871View
McLoughlinElizabeth Ann14 July 1867View
McLoughlinEllen Cecilia20 September 1876View
McLoughlinEsaias John07 October 1907View
McLoughlinMagdalena Petronella24 February 1915View
McLoughlinMargaret Emma28 July 1865View
McLoughlinMaria Harriet09 July 1873View
McLoughlinWilliam John01 September 1869View
MeadFrederick Charles12 October 1925View
MehtaDayabhai05 May 1909View
MeiAndreas Janse25 January 1914View
MeiCornelius07 June 1912View
MeiDaisy Rosina09 August 1901View
MeiDaniel23 May 1901View
MeiElizabeth Alberta21 February 1908View
MeiMagdalena12 July 1914View
MeiMagdalena Rosina19 February 1913View
MeiMichael Peter12 July 1914View
MeiPetrus Andrew15 June 1913View
MeiSalomina Fredericka28 October 1908View
MeiWilhelmina Katharina26 May 1912View
MeimanCornelius19 May 1912View
MeimanKaspar Johannes21 January 1912View
MeiringBramwell Richard22 April 1925View
MeiringCharles Alton Conway04 February 1922View
MeiringIris Myrtle13 May 1914View
MeiringJames Henry10 September 1909View
MeiringPeter Raymond27 April 1906View
MeiringPhillis Hazel17 November 1915View
MerchantThomas Henry12 November 1948View
MerinoLeah Frances13 April 1879View
MertJulian John28 May 1995View
MessierAnnie26 January 1914View
MestlandElsie18 October 1903View
MeyerAdam19 April 1914View
MeyerAdam Johannes Jaftha19 October 1902View
MeyerAgnes Eliza07 February 1858View
MeyerAgnes Eliza Mary Ann05 December 1858View
MeyerAlexander Cecil04 August 1907View
MeyerAmelia26 April 1874View
MeyerAmy Eleanor22 August 1873View
MeyerAmy Mabel18 February 1902View
MeyerAnne Matilda18 April 1867View
MeyerAnnie Winifred31 October 1906View
MeyerAntoine Michal Barry08 August 1875View
MeyerAugusta Susannah Syfret08 April 1870View
MeyerCharles01 October 1902View
MeyerChristina03 July 1910View
MeyerChristina Maria Magdalena16 April 1876View
MeyerChristina Maria Magdalena22 February 1879View
MeyerClaris Agnes16 August 1906View
MeyerDavid20 April 1902View
MeyerDudley Neville22 December 1928View
MeyerEddy Randall21 December 1913View
MeyerEdward James16 May 1865View
MeyerEgbert William27 August 1860View
MeyerEliza Cornelia16 February 1879View
MeyerElizabeth14 April 1903View
MeyerEllen29 November 1914View
MeyerElsje05 July 1872View
MeyerEmily Elizabeth09 September 1868View
MeyerFiona Sanchia21 December 1929View
MeyerFlores Johannes Karl24 August 1879View
MeyerFrancis Frederick Lewis03 February 1875View
MeyerGladwin Norman Vallance11 April 1931View
MeyerHenry William21 October 1900View
MeyerHester Katrina25 October 1903View
MeyerHoff Charles04 December 1863View
MeyerIda Allan10 May 1876View
MeyerIsaac26 April 1874View
MeyerIsaac30 April 1905View
MeyerIsaac Jacobus16 April 1876View
MeyerIsaac Justus21 April 1901View
MeyerIsaac Petrus03 September 1911View
MeyerIsaac William10 October 1879View
MeyerJacobus Flores16 April 1876View
MeyerJacobus Michael08 March 1903View
MeyerJane Magdalena01 December 1912View
MeyerJohanna21 February 1913View
MeyerJohanna Emma Sophia10 February 1902View
MeyerJohannes Abraham16 April 1911View
MeyerJohannes James11 September 1904View
MeyerJohannes Mattheus16 November 1902View
MeyerJohn Clive04 February 1925View
MeyerKatrina05 October 1902View
MeyerKeith07 February 1923View
MeyerLeonie Norma18 February 1933View
MeyerMagdalena21 March 1915View
MeyerMagdalena Elizabeth20 December 1912View
MeyerMagdalena Katrina08 December 1901View
MeyerMagdalena Petronella17 November 1901View
MeyerMaria21 September 1913View
MeyerMaria Hendrika25 October 1903View
MeyerMaria Wilhelmina02 November 1913View
MeyerMaria Wilhelmina24 February 1901View
MeyerMatilda Sophia21 February 1872View
MeyerMichael Mattheus29 November 1908View
MeyerMoses Henry17 March 1907View
MeyerNicholas19 May 1912View
MeyerNicholas Jacobus22 May 1912View
MeyerNicholas Wollason25 February 1857View
MeyerNorman Edward10 July 1900View
MeyerOhlson John24 March 1909View
MeyerOlaff Engburtus26 August 1904View
MeyerOlivia Christiana11 March 1860View
MeyerPeter Edward10 October 1909View
MeyerPeter Edward19 December 1906View
MeyerPhilippus Israel16 March 1913View
MeyerPriscilla24 January 1912View
MeyerRobert Geoffrey22 June 1947View
MeyerRosina04 December 1907View
MeyerRosina Maria22 January 1911View
MeyerRosina Martina19 March 1905View
MeyerSalomo04 January 1874View
MeyerSamuel Cornelius27 April 1902View
MeyerSarah21 September 1913View
MeyerSarah21 March 1915View
MeyerSophia Magdalena04 October 1908View
MeyerSusan09 September 1906View
MeyerSusan Enid06 April 1920View
MeyerThomas Isaac26 November 1911View
MeyerViolet Magdalena18 March 1900View
MeyerWilliam22 January 1911View
MeyerWilliam Engelbertus12 January 1862View
MeyersAbram Saloman Cupido21 July 1872View
MeyersJohannes01 May 1914View
MichaelCatherine Johanna28 June 1903View
MichaelElizabeth Maria21 July 1901View
MichaelEsaias John18 October 1878View
MichaelEva25 October 1903View
MichaelEva Catrina23 December 1860View
MichaelIsaac Josias11 March 1906View
MichaelJacob Stephanus30 March 1902View
MichaelJohn20 September 1903View
MichaelMichael29 December 1901View
MichaelMoses Solomon21 December 1913View
MichaelsAnnie11 August 1907View
MichaelsCecil Alfred31 July 1910View
MichaelsCornelius John09 June 1907View
MichaelsElizabeth Magdalena07 November 1909View
MichaelsEmma Dorothea01 September 1912View
MichaelsHester Susanna27 April 1905View
MichaelsJohn Henry19 May 1909View
MichaelsJohn Michael04 October 1914View
MichaelsKatharina Rosina21 August 1912View
MichaelsKatrina Susannah16 October 1903View
MichaelsMichael04 September 1907View
MichaelsMoses Solomon19 April 1914View
MichaelsSusan08 April 1906View
MichaelsSusan03 January 1915View
MichealCornelius07 July 1905View
MichealsGeorge20 June 1905View
MichealsJacob17 December 1905View
MichieAnn03 July 1878View
MichieJohn Cochran06 September 1876View
MichieMavis Maud19 January 1913View
MichieVernon William25 July 1909View
MichielAbram Jacobus29 April 1900View
MichielAletta Johanna25 October 1903View
MichielAndries22 February 1914View
MichielDaniel20 July 1902View
MichielHenry William01 November 1903View
MichielHester Susannah17 November 1912View
MichielJacobus22 February 1914View
MichielJohanna Rosina16 June 1901View
MichielLeah Johanna29 April 1900View
MichielLena Katrina29 December 1901View
MichielMaria Elizabeth17 November 1912View
MichielMartinus Johannes22 June 1913View
MichielMoses Johannes24 March 1912View
MichielPhillis Kuys02 December 1901View
MillerAntoinette Mary19 November 1873View
MillerFanny Ann21 January 1872View
MillerFrank Meredyth07 February 1908View
MillerGladys Dolina19 January 1906View
MillerGlen22 January 1925View
MillerGwen Maureen23 November 1916View
MillerHilda06 February 1910View
MillerIvan Thomas10 June 1912View
MillerJoan Eva01 January 1921View
MillerLydia Louisa Maria07 June 1901View
MillerPeter William20 November 1872View
MillerRichard16 April 1869View
MillerStephen Alexander12 May 1907View
MillerWilliam Peter08 March 1867View
MilneSamuel04 July 1875View
MinnaarDaniel Cornelius21 March 1901View
MinnaarKatrina Magdalena Sophia21 February 1902View
MitchellAnnie Beatrice07 August 1878View
MitchellDavid George21 July 1936View
MitchellJacobus Andries01 February 1914View
MitchellJames Charles17 August 1947View
MitchellJean Maryrose16 July 1939View
MitchellMary Magdalena23 May 1915View
MitchellNancy17 October 1909View
MitchellRobert Willson26 March 1934View
MitchellSamuel05 January 1913View
MiyaCaleb Phakeme17 December 2006View
ModiesEliza18 October 1903View
ModiesWilliam18 October 1903View
MolmanDavid04 April 1907View
MolmanRosina17 May 1914View
MonnsSamuel Martinus10 August 1913View
MontagueJacobus26 July 1914View
MoodieAileen Dunbar26 February 1914View
MoodieAnnie Johanna11 April 1909View
MoodieBenjamin William Dunbar18 June 1910View
MoodieDerrick Dunbar28 April 1917View
MoodieElizabeth Dunbar03 February 1922View
MoodieElspeth Marion McIntyre26 April 1906View
MoodieGraham Dunbar21 March 1912View
MoodieJohanna Wilhelmna04 October 1914View
MoodieKenneth Donald McIntyre28 February 1910View
MoodieRoderick Henry McIntyre12 August 1922View
MoodienJohn Josephus16 April 1911View
MoodienMagdalena Rosina01 October 1911View
MoodienMoses Jacobus17 November 1912View
MoolmanHendrik16 August 1903View
MoolmanMaria18 October 1909View
MoolmanMaria09 February 1902View
MoolmanRosina Margarita16 August 1903View
MoonElizabeth Greta05 August 1936View
MoonJack William17 April 1935View
MoonJames George04 March 1938View
MooreAlison Gill12 July 1953View
MooreGeorge Henry12 October 1961View
MooreJames Richard Patrick12 June 1937View
MooreMichael John06 October 1957View
MoosAnnie Maria Louisa22 December 1901View
MoosEsaias18 October 1903View
MoosLouisa Christina06 September 1908View
MoosMagdalena Christina20 September 1874View
MoosMaria Johanna12 March 1876View
MoosNella Catherine Sophia03 November 1878View
MoosSophia22 July 1860View
MoosSusan Johanna17 May 1903View
MorrisGuy Terence18 January 1914View
MorrisJane Elizabeth10 February 1867View
MortimerCecilé Carol17 January 1970View
MosesDorothea Maria02 October 1912View
MosesEsther Susannah21 December 1913View
MosesMagdalena Martha20 August 1913View
MosesRosina Wilhelmina15 October 1911View
MossSolomon Johnson29 January 1905View
MoumakoeDaniel Bothlalo05 December 2010View
MoutonHendrik22 April 1900View
MoutonKatrina22 April 1900View
MoutonKatrina16 November 1902View
MoutonMagdalena20 April 1902View
MoutonMaria16 November 1902View
M'TuinPeter30 October 1868View
MudieDoreen Maclellan19 November 1908View
MudieJohn Robert Scott17 May 1876View
MullerAdam Stephanus12 November 1905View
MullerAdrianna Maria16 August 1874View
MullerAllman Vintcent27 September 1910View
MullerAndrew Jacobus15 December 1901View
MullerAndrew Johannes Jacobus11 April 1875View
MullerAndrew John13 July 1902View
MullerAndries02 May 1858View
MullerAngelina Dorothea13 August 1876View
MullerAnna Johanna14 December 1913View
MullerBarry Tweedie17 November 1911View
MullerCornelius Samuel24 March 1909View
MullerDinah10 October 1869View
MullerElizabeth Susan27 August 1913View
MullerEsaias Samuel13 August 1876View
MullerEva Margaret16 September 1864View
MullerEva Rosina24 September 1911View
MullerFrancis15 September 1863View
MullerFrederick Jacobus28 December 1913View
MullerFrederick Peter04 May 1954View
MullerGeorge Cedric04 March 1956View
MullerGeorge Cedric09 November 1923View
MullerHester Catherine22 July 1860View
MullerIdris Jeremy02 January 1958View
MullerIdris Thomas Coombes24 April 1926View
MullerJack Clifford Tweedie14 December 1926View
MullerJames Stephen06 January 1914View
MullerJohanna Maria14 July 1901View
MullerJohn Frederick18 July 1930View
MullerJohn James09 June 1878View
MullerJohn Pieter Stephen22 November 1903View
MullerJoseph Esaias06 August 1910View
MullerKelly Ann10 July 1994View
MullerLaura Edith19 February 1911View
MullerLawrence Joseph02 March 1873View
MullerLorna Tweedie17 November 1909View
MullerMaragaret Elizabeth13 January 1952View
MullerMaria22 April 1900View
MullerMaria Johanna13 April 1866View
MullerMaria Sophia16 October 1904View
MullerMichelle Gwyneth21 April 1962View
MullerNorah Rosetta13 June 1910View
MullerPauline Johanna14 April 1915View
MullerPeter John09 February 1862View
MullerPeter John Cornelius19 June 1868View
MullerPetrus10 January 1904View
MullerRobert Louis11 March 1900View
MullerRosina21 August 1903View
MullerRosina Magdalena13 April 1879View
MullerRyan Frederick01 March 1992View
MullerSarah Susanna Adriana22 August 1858View
MullerSela Berrindina04 June 1871View
MullerShani Glynis29 October 1961View
MullerSheila Joan11 October 1969View
MullerSophia Elizabeth11 February 1912View
MullerSpasina05 January 1902View
MullerStephen23 December 1905View
MullerTheresa Graham09 May 1964View
MullerTom Frederick12 October 1964View
MullerUna Adelaide16 August 1916View
MullerVivienne May04 June 1960View
MüllerAndrew Edward09 June 1907View
MüllerMarian11 September 1904View
MüllerPeter Thomas04 December 1904View
MüllerPetronella Magdalena29 July 1906View
MüllerSigne Mary Elizabeth23 September 1903View
MüllerTrevor Frank15 February 1964View
MulmanDavid18 April 1905View
MunichWilliam Henry24 December 1905View
MunickJohn Edward14 August 1904View
MunikDavid28 March 1879View
MunikHendrick10 September 1876View
MunikHenry Alexander20 February 1876View
MunnikMaria02 April 1905View
MurphyAbraham George09 March 1879View
MurphyIsabel Mary03 November 1920View
MurphyJoseph Stanley03 November 1920View
MurphySarah Johanna09 March 1879View
MurrayDouglas Wilshere29 July 1904View
MyersAlfred George Henry17 June 1904View
MyersJohn Kiderick25 April 1906View
St Peters Mossel Bay Baptisms 1855-2007 Alphabetical Index

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