St Peters Mossel Bay Baptisms 1855-2007 Search : I
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
IngramRichard Robert Bernard16 March 1938View
InnesGarreth Taylor08 September 1996View
InnesMichael Ross08 September 1996View
IsaacsAdam22 April 1900View
IsaacsAndries Cornelius15 December 1901View
IsaacsCatherine Elizabeth08 May 1904View
IsaacsDora Johanna01 May 1903View
IsaacsEdward Hendrik09 June 1878View
IsaacsEdward May09 August 1903View
IsaacsEmily Magdalena04 August 1901View
IsaacsEva04 February 1906View
IsaacsGeorge Frederick12 December 1913View
IsaacsGladys Selina20 August 1913View
IsaacsHendrick18 October 1874View
IsaacsHendricks Charles29 January 1905View
IsaacsHester Catherine18 September 1902View
IsaacsJacobus Johannes09 March 1879View
IsaacsJacobus Johannes19 July 1878View
IsaacsJohanna Katrina11 March 1900View
IsaacsJohanna Maria10 December 1875View
IsaacsJohannes Daniel13 December 1912View
IsaacsKatrina Johanna09 June 1878View
IsaacsLeah Maria20 September 1874View
IsaacsLena Jemima15 August 1906View
IsaacsMaria10 September 1913View
IsaacsPeter John06 October 1907View
IsaacsRobert Jacobus05 December 1873View
IsaacsSamuel Apollos03 November 1878View
IsaacsSusan Florence25 June 1905View
IsaacsWilliam Daniel22 January 1902View
IsaacsonPeggy Lynette21 December 1941View
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