St Peters Mossel Bay Baptisms 1855-2007 Search : V
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
ValkwynGeorge30 July 1905View
VallanceLynette Emily10 February 1946View
ValtijnJohannes Daniel28 June 1914View
ValtuinPetrus25 January 1914View
van AntwerpSamuel Daniel Benjamin07 April 1942View
van AssweganAndrew17 January 1915View
van AswegenElizabeth02 November 1913View
van BriessiesElsie Elizabeth25 May 1866View
van BriessiesLouis25 May 1866View
van BriessiesPlatje25 May 1866View
van BrisseisJohannes16 February 1873View
van BrisseisMaria29 May 1868View
van BrisseisMaria Wilhelmina Amelia02 November 1873View
van BrisseisPeter17 July 1868View
van BrisseisRosa26 May 1872View
van BrisseisSophia07 October 1870View
van BrisseisSpasie Christina09 June 1872View
van BrissiesCatherine23 May 1906View
van BrissiesKatharine15 November 1903View
van BrissiesMattheus18 October 1903View
van BrissisDaniel18 May 1903View
van BrissisJacomina11 October 1904View
van BrissisMartinus11 October 1904View
van BrissisSophia Katrina17 December 1893View
van der GrijpArthur Martin Wiggett04 September 1878View
van der GrijpFrederick William18 October 1876View
van der GrijpWilliam Geraldus31 August 1873View
van der HeijdenIngrid Jeanne06 April 1980View
van der MerweDavid Daniel03 June 1951View
van der MerweDerek Norman Charles06 April 1968View
Van der MerweRuby Jayne04 January 2007View
van der VyverAlexander John10 June 1931View
van der VyverElizabeth Maria19 May 1926View
van der VyverGerald30 October 1936View
van der VyverIrma23 October 1963View
van der VyverKarren25 October 1959View
van der VyverLouis14 April 1967View
van der VyverLouis Jacobus06 November 1933View
van der VyverRenée02 March 1958View
van der VyverSonja25 October 1963View
van der VyverWilliam Johannes09 October 1929View
van DrielEmily Mary Kathleen27 September 1917View
van HollsteinHans Francois03 December 1937View
van MeyerenVera Florence26 February 1931View
van NiekerkMegan Courtney29 May 2005View
van RenenPenelope Joy02 September 1951View
van RensburgAndré Johan11 September 1960View
van RensburgFerdinand Schalk19 December 1965View
van RensburgJacobus Johannes Janse22 January 1926View
van RensburgJoseph Johannes Jacobus16 June 1920View
van RensburgLouis Jacobus Faure20 November 1913View
van RensburgMaria Sophia20 July 1917View
van RensburgSalome June11 November 1933View
van RooyCaroline09 May 1900View
van RooyTobias25 March 1910View
van RooyenAnita14 January 1969View
van RooyenJacqueline21 February 1971View
van VuurenElizabeth Ann16 June 1973View
van VuurenGerhardus Jacobus24 March 1969View
van WesterhuisenDenis04 February 1926View
van WykAnita24 December 1954View
van WykMargaretha Susanna03 June 1951View
van WyngaardtErrol Stanley18 October 1945View
van WyngaardtLynette16 May 1943View
van ZijlHendrick12 October 1913View
van ZijlJohannes02 July 1911View
van zylJohannes09 March 1913View
van ZylMavis29 September 1918View
van ZylWendy Janet22 October 1944View
VanwijkAndries Jacobus13 September 1914View
VaughanColleen Esmé18 June 1939View
VeldsmanLouisa Jacoba02 October 1946View
Velds-manMatthys Christoffel14 May 1939View
VellisCatherine28 December 1858View
VenterChantal01 February 1987View
VenterMarc Christopher05 June 1983View
VenterSkye06 January 2002View
VermaakGeorge Frank27 April 1940View
VermaakNellis Jacobus24 March 1937View
VermaakSusan Dorothy19 July 1941View
VermaakSybil Joan04 April 1936View
VersfeldJean10 November 1923View
VersfeldMolly10 November 1923View
VersfeldValerie29 February 1928View
VersfeldVernon Cecil29 January 1920View
VertuinJohannes17 November 1912View
VilliersRosena Dorothea24 July 1863View
VintcentAlwyn Craig20 July 1969View
VintcentAlwyn Nelles13 February 1926View
VintcentBarbara Helen28 September 1976View
VintcentCorinne Philipa22 May 1960View
VintcentDiana Margaret02 October 1955View
VintcentDorothy Margaret Nairne11 December 1929View
VintcentElizabeth Frances28 April 1933View
VintcentGeorgia Margaret03 August 2008View
VintcentJoseph30 July 1931View
VintcentKatherine Joy09 March 1958View
VintcentLucia Mary18 January 1928View
VintcentRoss Michael Alwyn26 December 2002View
VintcentRutledge Andrew01 April 1972View
VintcentRutledge Michael19 February 1939View
VintcentZara Isabella03 August 2008View
VisagieAlberta Christina12 June 1908View
VisagieEmma Francina12 June 1908View
VisserLianne Leigh30 April 1961View
VisterJacob22 July 1860View
VisterJohn22 July 1860View
VisterMaria Gertruda29 November 1857View
VisterPeter22 July 1860View
VogesNellia Sarah Ann05 October 1902View
VolkwijnJohanna10 February 1907View
VolkwijnJoseph12 November 1903View
VollenhovenEvelina Dorothea20 May 1900View
VollenhovenRobert George16 October 1904View
Von HollsteinAndrew Christian07 February 1939View
von ReizigFrederick Charles Antonia28 June 1903View
VorsterElizabeth13 January 1946View
VoslooEmma10 January 1912View
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