St Peters Mossel Bay Baptisms 1855-2007 Search : D
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
DaleyAllen11 January 1953View
DaleyArthur James Bowman19 November 1902View
DaleyBertram14 March 1913View
DaleyDenis Noble06 August 1911View
DaleyElizabeth Maud18 September 1902View
DaleyEric Theodore George11 March 1903View
DaleyEsaias Raynier12 August 1875View
DaleyHelen Jane23 March 1941View
DaleyHugh Theodore Alfred05 November 1905View
DaleyJeannie Ethna05 April 1917View
DaleyKenneth Bowman02 November 1904View
DaleyLeslie Bowman18 July 1906View
DaleyLilian May09 August 1944View
DaleyLinda Dulcie Josephine14 September 1904View
DaleyLucy Irene07 September 1904View
DaleyMaryna Ellen20 December 1907View
DaleyRaynier Menteith06 December 1905View
DaleySalmina Abigail02 February 1874View
DaleySamuel Johnson18 April 1878View
DaleyTheodore Bowman14 November 1900View
DaleyVictor18 July 1919View
DaleyWilfred Cochran02 September 1900View
DamonAnna Maria21 September 1902View
DamonJoseph Frederick21 December 1902View
DamonsAbraham23 November 1866View
DamonsAdriana Maria10 January 1864View
DamonsAletta Magdalena17 December 1869View
DamonsCatherine23 November 1866View
DamonsCatrina Adriana25 August 1861View
DamonsDamon17 May 1874View
DamonsDejanah Maria28 December 1858View
DamonsDina Catherina Dorathea15 October 1857View
DamonsElizabeth Dorothea21 July 1901View
DamonsElzie Catherine28 December 1858View
DamonsGeorge Josias05 July 1872View
DamonsHester Catherine24 July 1863View
DamonsHester Rosina17 January 1915View
DamonsHetty Magdalena16 May 1915View
DamonsJohannes15 March 1872View
DamonsJohannes Frederick21 December 1913View
DamonsJohn Abraham16 August 1911View
DamonsJohn Samuel20 October 1865View
DamonsJosias Johannes04 March 1859View
DamonsLeah23 November 1866View
DamonsRosetta Sarah25 October 1867View
DamonsSarah Maria08 June 1902View
DamonsSarah Susanna Belinda15 October 1857View
DaneTelden Herbert07 March 1909View
DanielsAbigail Iris30 April 2000View
DanielsAnnette Sarah04 March 1877View
DanielsClarissa15 October 1857View
DanielsEva Katrina22 October 1876View
DanielsEva Katrina02 September 1900View
DanielsFrans02 January 1910View
DanielsFrans Samuel Jeftha22 June 1879View
DanielsIsaac27 October 1878View
DanielsIsaac29 March 1914View
DanielsJulinda Sarah03 May 1908View
DanielsKarel Samuel Petrus25 January 1901View
DanielsMaria Henrietta Elizabeth16 May 1875View
DanielsNicolaas Valentyn21 November 1858View
DanielsPeter11 February 1912View
DarlowLetty Elizabeth12 December 1926View
Davidge-PittsDecima Moina25 November 1914View
Davidge-PittsIvan Ernest11 January 1912View
DavidsElizabeth Johanna19 January 1902View
DavidsPhillipus16 November 1902View
DavisCyril28 October 1904View
DavisonDinah Georgina Katrina23 March 1877View
DavisonIsabella Mabel10 September 1879View
de BruinAllen Vernon01 October 1915View
de BruinElsje Lorraine22 June 1941View
de BruinIris04 February 1914View
de BruinJeannie Elizabeth03 October 1935View
de BruinJoan Isabel11 December 1938View
de BruinMargaret Elizabeth16 June 1946View
de BruinMary Ann26 June 1938View
de JagerAnnie Catherine Johanna20 July 1902View
de JagerAnnie Elizabeth04 May 1903View
de JagerCatherine Maria22 November 1903View
de JagerClifford Harold04 October 1916View
de JagerGeorgina Johanna10 June 1900View
de JagerLouisa Spasina02 June 1912View
de JagerOswald22 February 1922View
de JagerStephanas17 October 1919View
de JagersJulinda Maria29 November 1908View
de KockJane18 October 1904View
de KockiEdward22 January 1906View
de KokerChristopher08 February 1976View
de SwardtAlison Diana11 March 1956View
de SwardtAmelda Florence29 October 1921View
de SwardtAudley Bartholomeus01 March 1923View
de SwardtBeatrice Ruth12 March 1930View
de SwardtClaude Victor10 January 1927View
de SwardtConstance Thelma Johanna21 November 1923View
de SwardtDelvine Lorraine30 December 1941View
de SwardtEdward James05 September 1925View
de SwardtEdward Samuel20 October 1925View
de SwardtFrederick Oussenfeld07 January 1923View
de SwardtGideon Alan06 August 1950View
de SwardtGideon Archibald20 July 1923View
de SwardtGideon Henry Graeme16 April 1924View
de SwardtHarold Ronald04 June 1924View
de SwardtIvor13 September 1933View
de SwardtJohn Hendri03 February 1963View
de SwardtLowrens Brian14 January 1930View
de SwardtLynette11 October 1953View
de SwardtMaria Elizabeth24 August 1921View
de SwardtMark Edward31 January 1960View
de SwardtMichael Frederick01 October 1961View
de SwardtNeville Alfred10 February 1951View
de SwardtPaul22 March 1949View
de SwardtPeggy Amelda27 April 1927View
de SwardtReginald Desmond30 April 1926View
de SwardtStuart Lloyd Holtzkampf17 December 1961View
de SwardtValentine Jess20 October 1926View
de SwardtWallace Bert28 August 1934View
de VilliersFirlot20 November 1915View
de VilliersJuan21 September 1961View
de VosAndries05 July 1914View
de WetSamantha20 November 1988View
DeaconViolet09 May 1919View
DealAnnie Jane04 April 1901View
DealBarbara08 November 1863View
DealChristina Georgina19 November 1869View
DealElizabeth Catherine06 June 1915View
DealJohanna Maria21 June 1867View
DealJoseph Adam Martinus09 February 1860View
DealWilhelmina Catherina19 May 1865View
DealWilliam Henry08 November 1863View
DealWilliam Henry13 October 1909View
DeelHenry Andrew06 July 1913View
DeelHester Elizabeth30 April 1911View
DelbridgeWilliam John14 August 1878View
DelportCharles William07 March 1913View
DemasHester22 March 1872View
DenasAndries16 August 1914View
DenasDavid16 August 1914View
DenysschenGeoff01 September 1985View
DenysschenRaymond05 September 1982View
DerbyshireDorothy Evelina24 September 1926View
DerbyshireGeorge Ivor04 February 1925View
DesmoreAshley14 January 2007View
DesmoreCailin22 June 2002View
DesmoreCraig22 August 1971View
DesmoreJulian16 June 1973View
DesmoreSchaun Arthur01 March 1970View
DeyzelPeter John22 April 1967View
DiamondAdriana Carolina15 October 1857View
DiamondHector Samuel15 October 1857View
DiamondMaria Sophia15 October 1857View
DiamondRosette Sarah15 October 1857View
DicksonRobert James31 December 1913View
DieringJulian Anthony Cameron14 May 1954View
DiesMartha Agnes18 August 1912View
DifselWilliam Henry27 August 1879View
DixonAudrey Inez22 October 1930View
DixonCyril Dennis09 July 1911View
DixonFrederick John05 February 1905View
DixonGeorge Allen04 July 1906View
DixonKathleen Alice02 December 1909View
DixonKenneth Henry02 May 1923View
DixonPercy Frank05 February 1905View
DixonRoy Elwin03 March 1925View
DixonWilliam Irvan Keith18 January 1939View
DobsonKaren Diana07 November 1981View
DoddHenry15 December 1921View
DomingaHenry Francis08 December 1878View
DomingaJohn21 October 1877View
DomingaMaria Margaretha Elizabeth Wilhelmina24 October 1875View
DomingoCharles Cupido20 November 1903View
DomingoDaniel03 August 1873View
DomingoElizabeth Maria14 April 1878View
DomingoHermans25 October 1867View
DomingoJohannes22 October 1871View
DomingoJohn15 May 1862View
DomingoJohn03 January 1915View
DomingoJohn Moses14 July 1907View
DomingoKarl Isaac17 September 1869View
DomingoMabel Francina05 March 1911View
DomingoMaria Catherine21 September 1909View
DomingoMaud17 December 1908View
DomingoMoses Henry05 October 1913View
DomingoPeter Agulhas12 May 1901View
DomingoThomas30 December 1910View
DomingoThomas29 August 1901View
DonaldAnnie Ellen03 August 1913View
DonaldDorothy Maud28 January 1920View
DonaldJean Mitchell23 May 1911View
DonaldSarah Ann08 December 1915View
DoningFrancis30 April 1862View
DonningGraham04 February 1979View
DonsonJohanna Maria19 November 1911View
DouglasMaria Magdalena22 November 1876View
DowlingArthur Charles William Hutton03 May 1901View
DowlingIris Winifred Hutton03 February 1906View
DowningColleen Irene28 December 1971View
DowningCornelia Isabella21 November 1871View
DowningEdward Alexander21 July 1901View
DowningEileen Elizabeth20 January 1932View
DowningGerard Henry09 November 1952View
DowningJohanna Jacomina25 May 1870View
DowningMary24 August 1864View
DowningRichard Cyril27 January 1939View
DowningSusan Mildred10 August 1936View
DowningSusanna23 February 1857View
DraghoenderNicolas Johannes27 December 1902View
DraperAnnie Ellen10 December 1905View
DraperAugustus Herbert30 September 1914View
DraperFlorence Eugenie11 October 1909View
DraperSidney Albert10 April 1907View
DraperVictor Mark18 January 1917View
DraperWinifred Muriel17 May 1912View
DrysdaleJane08 November 1863View
du PlessisAbraham Alfred26 February 1905View
du PlessisDavid Jean13 July 1969View
du PlessisDelcia25 October 1927View
du PlessisElise Henrietta25 January 1964View
du PlessisElma04 May 1932View
du PlessisHermanus Emerus06 July 1913View
du PlessisJacob Andrews26 February 1905View
du PlessisJames Daniel10 March 1935View
du PlessisJames Peter25 February 1979View
du PlessisJane Magdalena09 September 1906View
du PlessisJean Henri11 January 1976View
du PlessisJohanna Jorina04 October 1908View
du PlessisJulinda Maria22 December 1912View
du PlessisKim10 February 1968View
du PlessisMurray Gordon18 March 1972View
du PlessisNicholas Isaac10 January 1915View
du PlessisNicolaas Frederick21 June 1876View
du PlessisPeter Johannes13 October 1912View
du PlessisReah08 January 1930View
du PlessisRose Catherine02 May 1915View
du PlessisSusan Ellen Daisy31 March 1911View
du PlessisValerie Johanna Olive Barbara22 May 1913View
du PlessisWilliam Henry02 August 1914View
du PreezJohannes Jacobus17 May 1914View
DuckAgnes Ellen Mary17 November 1916View
DuckAlfred Walter02 July 1922View
DuckIris22 April 1925View
DuckMollie Elizabeth20 February 1920View
DuckSarah Ann01 November 1876View
DuckStephen Ward19 March 1878View
DuckWalter21 November 1919View
DuikersHenry George20 February 1902View
DuisPhily18 April 1915View
DuisterAdam22 February 1903View
DuisterAmelia Katrina22 February 1914View
DuisterChristian Johannes24 May 1914View
DuisterJacobus Johannes21 March 1915View
DuisterJason Johannes Kiviet24 May 1914View
DuisterMaria Magdalena22 February 1914View
DuisterMoses22 March 1903View
DuisterSpasina22 March 1914View
DuisterWilliam Martinus27 January 1901View
DuitserAlice Katrina25 May 1902View
DuitserHendrik25 May 1902View
DuitserMagdalena Louisa29 December 1901View
DuitserMagdalena Louisa Wilhelmina23 September 1900View
DuitserMaria Elizabeth Katrina23 September 1900View
DuitserWilhelmina Katrina29 December 1901View
DuitsjanAndries Johannes29 January 1911View
DuitsjanJacobus26 May 1912View
DuitsjanJohannes Jacobus24 March 1912View
DuitsjanJohn24 August 1913View
DuitsjanSpasina22 February 1914View
DuncanAlexander02 March 1911View
DuncanAngela Susan02 July 1908View
DuncanAnne Jane25 March 1874View
DuncanImelda22 January 1912View
DuncanIvy17 June 1915View
DuncanMary Anne Jane06 February 1907View
DuncanSidney James27 November 1900View
DuncanSusan Henrietta02 January 1878View
DuncanWilliam02 August 1876View
DunnRichard24 March 1912View
DymondBeatrice Philippa Dryden06 November 1917View
DymondJohn Arthur Hughes Dryden13 January 1916View
DymondMargaret Elizabeth Dryden29 June 1909View
DymondMarjorie Joan Dryden04 April 1905View
DymondRuth Elizabeth Dryden24 January 1910View
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