St Peters Mossel Bay Baptisms 1855-2007 Search : P
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
PackerElizabeth18 March 1906View
PackerJohn Henry15 June 1910View
PackerMargaret30 June 1907View
PalmerAllen Ray02 February 1944View
PalmerBarry09 January 1972View
PalmerBronwyn16 January 1977View
PalmerDouglas Richard15 August 1948View
PalmerElizabeth Anne23 June 1946View
PalmerHoratio Henry18 April 1916View
PalmerMartin Alfred28 December 1976View
PamplinAnnie Priscilla20 January 1912View
PamplinElizabeth Caroline Alberta02 September 1906View
PamplinEmily17 October 1906View
PamplinEmily Maria02 May 1875View
PamplinEvelyn Johanna19 October 1905View
PamplinFrancis16 August 1874View
PamplinFrancis12 April 1872View
PamplinFrancis18 March 1901View
PamplinFrancis William01 June 1879View
PamplinGavelina05 June 1904View
PamplinIsabella Margaret19 July 1908View
PamplinJohn15 March 1867View
PamplinJosephina27 October 1901View
PamplinJosiah15 March 1867View
PamplinMaria Elizabeth04 May 1873View
PamplinMaria Elizabeth Magdalene16 August 1903View
PamplinRichard15 March 1867View
PamplinRichard John Thomas15 April 1903View
PamplinSophia15 March 1867View
PamplinSophia Elizabeth Johanna09 September 1877View
ParsonsSarah Louise22 July 2007View
PatersonArchibald James20 December 1929View
PatersonBarry Henry20 December 1929View
PatersonGeorge Newey04 April 1906View
PaulsCatherine Frances16 January 1972View
PaulsNoleen Delaine15 October 1966View
PaulsVeronese16 November 1968View
PaulseSarah Rosina Magdalena28 July 1876View
PawlseMarianna Adriana17 May 1874View
PaxinosEurydice10 January 1964View
PearsenCecil Spencer11 November 1901View
PedroAmelia08 June 1873View
PedroAnna Catherine18 July 1875View
PedroChristina Sophia24 June 1900View
PedroHenry William13 November 1874View
PedroJohn16 June 1871View
PedroLewis Isaac Herdien06 July 1902View
PedroMaria Marianna16 May 1875View
PedroMaria Marianna12 August 1877View
PeekDaniel Henry27 November 1904View
PeetRosemary04 August 1953View
PegramCeline Melissa27 April 2007View
PegramMatthew Charles11 April 2010View
PentonLetitia14 June 1857View
PentzLeonie Jessie02 June 1938View
PerryJohn Walter20 February 1938View
PerryMichael Arthur03 September 1939View
PetersenCatherine08 April 1900View
PetersenElizabeth Magdalena27 August 1913View
PetersenIrene Frances04 December 1908View
PetersenIsaac Jacobus28 December 1913View
PetersenJohannes Jacobus01 February 1914View
PetersenJosias21 February 1913View
PetersenMargaret Johanna25 July 1877View
PetersenMinnie Elizabeth04 December 1908View
PetersenMyrtle Agnes30 September 1912View
PetersenRosina19 July 1914View
PetersenSusan Maria04 December 1908View
PetersonMaria Nancina Caulina23 August 1914View
PeterzeElizabeth05 August 1900View
PetzerYelva26 January 1934View
PhilipJohannes08 December 1876View
PhilipsEliza Louisa22 May 1872View
PhillipsAlbert08 May 1914View
PhillipsAngeline Kathleen12 November 1913View
PhillipsArthur Vasco Ian Bray15 October 1909View
PhillipsAubrey Arthur22 January 1911View
PhillipsBernard06 November 1907View
PhillipsBlanche Muriel30 December 1903View
PhillipsCatherine06 March 1871View
PhillipsCecil Harry12 September 1900View
PhillipsCharles21 May 1879View
PhillipsDaphne31 October 1923View
PhillipsEliza Louisa04 August 1915View
PhillipsEliza Mary23 June 1912View
PhillipsElizabeth Jane06 September 1867View
PhillipsFrances21 October 1915View
PhillipsFrederick Roberts12 September 1900View
PhillipsHenry06 September 1867View
PhillipsJoan28 April 1919View
PhillipsJohn14 October 1874View
PhillipsJosie Muriel26 November 1909View
PhillipsLionel07 September 1920View
PhillipsMarray David Thomas21 March 1945View
PhillipsMyra29 July 1917View
PhillipsOwen Vincent22 May 1905View
PhillipsRichard09 May 1869View
PhillipsThomas24 June 1877View
PhillipsThomas22 August 1953View
PhillipsThomas Llewellyn12 September 1900View
PhillisAdam04 August 1871View
PhillisAdriana18 December 1874View
PhillisAgulus Hendrick04 December 1868View
PhillisEva23 May 1879View
PhillisJohanna Elizabeth21 December 1866View
PhillisJohannes Abram21 July 1901View
PhillisJohannes Josaias16 December 1900View
PhillisJohn27 September 1872View
PhillisJohn Modien19 August 1900View
PhillisJoseph25 May 1866View
PhillisJoseph16 November 1902View
PhillisJoseph Henry16 March 1877View
PhillisMoses24 May 1867View
PhillisMoses20 April 1902View
PhillisPetrus16 December 1900View
PhillisSolomon09 March 1877View
PhillisSolomon Joseph21 October 1900View
PhyllisRichard Robert09 July 1875View
PickMartha Katrina20 March 1908View
PickardAda Ann04 April 1877View
PickardHenry Walter Lesslie04 November 1874View
PickardLucy Gertrude04 April 1877View
PickeringAlice Magdalene04 August 1912View
PickeringAndrew Carl25 October 1912View
PickeringCharles Jacobus19 October 1866View
PickeringCharles James26 June 1904View
PickeringChristina Rosina04 December 1910View
PickeringDavid03 March 1865View
PickeringGeorge James05 July 1908View
PickeringHarold07 March 1915View
PickeringHenrietta03 November 1907View
PickeringHenry George19 April 1874View
PickeringJames01 May 1910View
PickeringJohn Julian10 September 1901View
PickeringJulian24 June 1907View
PickeringJulian Henry07 July 1872View
PickeringMagdalena24 December 1861View
PickeringManuel Charles William06 July 1913View
PickeringMargaret06 March 1906View
PickeringMaria Dorothea15 July 1910View
PickeringMary03 April 1911View
PickeringRebecca Rosina18 October 1909View
PickeringRosena Catherine15 November 1867View
PickeringRosina Eliza07 September 1902View
PickeringSarah Dorothea15 August 1906View
PickeringWilliam17 August 1879View
PickeringWilliam Andrew04 October 1908View
PienaarColin04 May 1969View
PienaarDenise Anne08 March 1944View
PienaarDerrick09 February 1947View
PienaarLaraine Janet29 December 1949View
PienaarMeryl Helen15 June 1952View
PienaarNoel Sidney12 February 1956View
PienaarSamuel22 May 1904View
PienaarShelagh Rose12 August 1979View
PienaarTheresa28 September 1926View
PierenHester Katrina12 May 1901View
PieriraSolomon04 May 1914View
PieterseAletta Johanna06 September 1903View
PieterseAmelia Francina01 September 1907View
PieterseAnnie Doreena Magdalena02 June 1912View
PieterseCatharine Elizabeth17 July 1912View
PieterseChristina Margaretha11 October 1912View
PieterseCornelius Johannis04 October 1903View
PieterseDaniel03 February 1909View
PieterseDaniel Jacobus31 January 1915View
PieterseElizabeth Johanna30 November 1913View
PieterseElizabeth Maria20 July 1902View
PieterseHester Elizabeth26 November 1911View
PieterseHester Rosina08 November 1906View
PieterseIsaak Jesaja17 July 1912View
PieterseJacob Isaac23 June 1912View
PieterseJohanna04 February 1906View
PieterseJohanna Margaritha01 October 1911View
PieterseJohn15 November 1903View
PieterseJohn Andrew03 April 1908View
PieterseJohn Solomon23 August 1911View
PieterseJoseph02 July 1905View
PieterseKatharina Francina26 May 1912View
PieterseKatrina Maria21 February 1908View
PieterseKatrina Rosina14 September 1913View
PieterseMagdalena Johanna03 December 1906View
PieterseMagdalena Petronella03 June 1906View
PieterseMargaretha Frederika14 February 1909View
PieterseMaria Magdalena09 October 1908View
PieterseMaria Magdalena Alberta11 February 1912View
PieterseMary Magdalene08 October 1905View
PieterseMina11 May 1914View
PieterseNellie Margaretha03 May 1908View
PieterseNicholas29 May 1907View
PieterseNicholas Johannes07 July 1901View
PietersePeter17 April 1867View
PietersePhilip19 August 1906View
PieterseRobert17 July 1912View
PieterseRosina18 September 1907View
PieterseSamuel Solomon03 July 1910View
PieterseSarah Magdalena07 March 1915View
PieterseSarah Maria27 March 1910View
PieterseSolomon18 October 1904View
PieterseSpasina08 March 1903View
PieterseWilliam18 September 1907View
PieterseWilliam September13 July 1902View
PietersenAmelia12 June 1864View
PietersenAnn Elizabeth10 January 1869View
PietersenDoreen Louisa14 August 1910View
PietersenHannah Amelia11 May 1862View
PietersenJohanna Catherina17 August 1866View
PietersenLentje Cornelia15 January 1871View
PietersenMaria Rosina28 June 1878View
PietersenMatilda Augusta09 March 1873View
PietersenPeter Frederick Alexander19 July 1876View
PieterzeAbraham John18 December 1870View
PieterzeAlexander09 February 1860View
PieterzeAnna Magdalena08 January 1860View
PieterzeChristina Wilhelmina16 April 1876View
PieterzeDavid Jacobus20 April 1879View
PieterzeElizabeth23 November 1873View
PieterzeElizabeth26 November 1876View
PieterzeElizabeth Spasina09 August 1872View
PieterzeFluos23 November 1873View
PieterzeHendrick Jacobus18 December 1870View
PieterzeJacobus26 November 1876View
PieterzeJacobus09 February 1860View
PieterzeJacobus Esias08 May 1870View
PieterzeJohannes22 October 1876View
PieterzeJohannes13 September 1863View
PieterzeJohannes27 April 1873View
PieterzeJohannes13 June 1909View
PieterzeJohannes Josaias08 December 1878View
PieterzeJohn01 June 1879View
PieterzeJolinda Magdelina18 December 1870View
PieterzeJulie Jacobus23 January 1876View
PieterzeLouisa Sarah Hester31 August 1879View
PieterzeMagdalena22 October 1876View
PieterzeMagdalena Johanna06 January 1901View
PieterzeMargaretha16 December 1864View
PieterzePeter27 January 1878View
PieterzeRosina Magdalena22 June 1879View
PieterzeSalmina09 February 1860View
PieterzeSarah08 December 1861View
PikCornelius Ernst02 March 1902View
PitmanJohn David14 December 1918View
PlaatjesAdam21 July 1912View
PlaatjesAdam Johannes Petrus23 July 1911View
PlaatjesEmily05 April 1903View
PlaatjesFrederick04 June 1871View
PlaatjesPeter Jacobus27 June 1915View
PlaatjesRachel Magdalena11 March 1910View
PlaatjesSarah Magdalina09 February 1872View
PlaatjesWilliam Henry James23 July 1875View
PlaatjiesPhilida Sophia28 February 1875View
PlatgeHenry23 May 1903View
PlatjesKatrina Maria26 October 1877View
PlatjieJohn Jacobus11 April 1858View
PlatoElizabeth11 January 1914View
PlatoeKatharina Elizabeth08 October 1911View
PlatoeKatharina Magdalina12 March 1911View
PlatoeMagdalena Susannah10 August 1913View
PlatoeMagdalina14 May 1911View
PlatoeMaria Sophia13 June 1915View
PlatoeWilliam Daniel11 April 1915View
PlatowHendrik09 February 1902View
PlatzeDaniel Hendrick22 July 1860View
PlefsisMichael John26 June 1864View
PleissisHendrick Francis17 July 1868View
PlessisAdam Nicholas22 March 1903View
PlessisCatherine Julinda09 September 1906View
PlessisCelia Catherine16 March 1866View
PlessisChristina Eliza12 May 1871View
PlessisChristina Johanna16 September 1906View
PlessisCornelius Johannes27 November 1908View
PlessisDaniel Engelbertus07 November 1858View
PlessisEdward Martinus14 December 1862View
PlessisElizabeth23 November 1870View
PlessisElizabeth15 October 1911View
PlessisElizabeth Christina21 December 1902View
PlessisEmily Hendrina07 February 1912View
PlessisEva Catherine02 March 1873View
PlessisFrancis Robert21 November 1873View
PlessisHendrik16 November 1902View
PlessisHermanus Michael22 July 1906View
PlessisJohn Charles14 December 1862View
PlessisLouisa31 May 1872View
PlessisMaria21 December 1902View
PlessisPetrus Jacobus06 November 1910View
PlessisSusan Margaret13 March 1868View
PlessisWilhelmina08 October 1869View
PlessisWilhelmina16 November 1902View
PlessisWilliam Johannes11 August 1901View
PlietzVanda Denise09 October 1935View
PokpasDaniel Benjamin19 November 1911View
PokpasGert22 April 1900View
PokpasJohanna Magdalena17 August 1913View
PokpasRosina Dorothea20 December 1903View
PokpasWilhelmina Maria16 June 1901View
PosijnLily Evelyn31 July 1929View
PowellJulia Charlotte07 December 1997View
PowellRowen Edmund23 October 1994View
PowelsAnthony05 July 1872View
PowelsWilliam22 March 1872View
PowrieAgnes Winifred09 November 1870View
PowrieAlfred05 March 1862View
PowrieAlice Maude14 August 1867View
PowrieCharles Henry29 June 1865View
PowrieEdith Maude15 July 1860View
PowrieEliza Amelia18 April 1877View
PowrieHenry Hobart Gird17 June 1879View
PowrieJessie Helen Emma Jane17 March 1876View
PowrieJoseph Ebenezer19 February 1873View
PowriePercival Chamberlain03 October 1858View
PowrieRobert Gird18 November 1863View
PowrieSusan Annie02 September 1874View
PowrieWilliam Septimus Gird12 May 1869View
PozijnAbraham Andrew07 January 1923View
PozijnHendrika Philipina30 May 1920View
PozynIsabel Cora07 October 1925View
PozynJens Christian20 February 1918View
PretoriusPeter15 October 1944View
PretoriusSean09 June 1985View
PrinceClara Adrianna Rosina21 April 1878View
PrinceClara Wilhelmina18 July 1875View
PrinceFrancina Margarita13 April 1902View
PrinceHenrietta Katherine Amelia14 February 1874View
PrinceJacob Damons13 April 1879View
PrinceJacob Peter Andrew10 March 1902View
PrinceJohanna Annie06 May 1900View
PrinceJohn Joseph16 March 1902View
PrincePeter John16 April 1876View
PrinceRebecca10 January 1876View
PrinceSelah Rosina18 July 1875View
PrinceStephanus18 May 1902View
PrinceThomas Johannes Jacobus16 June 1901View
PrinceWilliam Daniel04 October 1914View
PrinsAnna21 July 1901View
PrinsIsaac Ernest20 December 1903View
PrinsJohanna16 December 1900View
PrinsNicholas19 January 1902View
PrinsRosina Dinah20 April 1910View
PrinslooJohanna Maria15 December 1911View
ProbertGwendoline01 September 1921View
ProbertLeslie Harold23 October 1925View
ProbertReginald Raymond07 August 1918View
ProbertVictor Charles16 February 1916View
PruisPeter06 July 1913View
PuckleNorman Skirrow11 September 1878View
PurenJohannes08 March 1903View
PurenJohn27 January 1878View
PurenPetrus Johannes27 April 1879View
PurenPetrus Johannes24 August 1879View
PurenRosina27 January 1878View
PurenRosina27 January 1878View
PurenSelina27 January 1878View
PurenSpasina Katrina22 October 1876View
PurenThomas Bertie16 May 1902View
PuschkeGeorgia Natalie21 January 1996View
PuttCecilia Emma09 May 1877View
PuttJoseph William10 October 1875View
PuttMatilda Charlotte30 July 1879View
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