St Peters Mossel Bay Baptisms 1855-2007 Search : E
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
EagarEric Martin Ivan14 February 1936View
EagarLancelot02 August 1905View
EagletonCaroline Julia12 February 1860View
EagletonEliza Sophia25 February 1855View
EagletonGeorge Edward30 August 1857View
Earp-JonesArthur Lancelot02 February 1920View
EastesGeorgina09 September 1913View
EddieAvis Valerie27 March 1929View
EddieDorothy Jean10 November 1926View
EddieWilliam Benjamin12 July 1931View
EdgarFrances Hannah29 December 1869View
EdgarHenrietta Maria19 May 1872View
EdgarJames Thomas Gough29 May 1868View
EdgarJohn Honiball23 November 1866View
EdgarWilliam Edward16 May 1865View
EdwardsAnnie06 December 1903View
EdwardsCatherine Magdalena06 December 1903View
EdwardsChales James02 December 1979View
EdwardsGeorge Henry25 May 1902View
EdwardsJane04 October 1981View
EdwardsLena Catherine18 May 1906View
EdwardsPeter28 May 1905View
EdwardsPeter30 October 1907View
EdwardsPeter David03 July 1904View
EdwardsRobert Colin16 December 2001View
EdwardsWilhelm Jacob01 May 1910View
EdwardsWilhelmina02 October 1904View
EdworthyAnn Kathleen02 January 1947View
EdworthyFreda May02 July 1919View
EdworthyIrma Avril08 May 1935View
EdworthyJob07 December 1921View
EdworthyJohn Oliver20 May 1914View
EdworthyKathleen Mary02 February 1916View
EdworthyMerle Cynthia29 December 1937View
EdworthyThelma Dora06 February 1924View
EedesEmily29 April 1877View
EedesJohanna04 August 1878View
EhlersAbel09 June 1878View
EhlersChristina09 June 1878View
EhlersCornelius Nicholas16 May 1875View
EhlersDinah Catherine16 May 1875View
EhlersDinah Margaret05 August 1900View
EhlersPeter09 June 1878View
ElbrechtCatherine16 August 1914View
ElbrechtEva Rosina02 December 1904View
ElbrechtJohanna01 June 1906View
ElbrechtJohanna08 January 1905View
ElbrechtJohn21 February 1908View
ElbrechtKatharine Magdalena07 September 1913View
ElbrechtMagdalina07 May 1911View
ElbrechtMaria Magdalena06 March 1910View
ElbrechtMatilda Susannah01 October 1911View
ElbrechtSabina Magdalena17 September 1913View
ElbrechtVictoria03 August 1913View
ElbrechtWilliam14 June 1911View
ElbrenkJohn23 June 1913View
ElbreuckJohannes Christian04 August 1901View
ElbreuckMaria Clara04 August 1901View
ElbreukFrederick25 November 1904View
ElbreukJohanna Rosina03 November 1904View
ElbreukJohannes David28 October 1900View
ElbrinkClara24 June 1906View
EldersCornelius James02 January 1910View
EldersEnid Ida11 January 1914View
EldersEunice30 July 1911View
EldersHelen Mildred30 August 1908View
EldersWilliam Richard06 October 1912View
EldridgeEmily Marcella08 December 1871View
EldridgeMary Jane09 October 1867View
ElsMerle04 January 1934View
EnglidowGerald Ernest28 April 1948View
ErasmusCornelius04 October 1914View
ErasmusDaniel03 August 1913View
ErasmusDaniel22 January 1903View
ErasmusElizabeth Wilhelmina05 September 1912View
ErasmusFrancina Petronella25 August 1912View
ErasmusJodie02 May 2009View
ErasmusJohanna Louisa03 December 1905View
ErasmusJohanna Margarita27 January 1901View
ErasmusKatrina Dilena07 February 1908View
ErasmusNicolette30 March 1938View
EsauJohn Jacob12 August 1900View
EspeyNicolette Jane03 July 1977View
EssexEthel Mary Olive14 June 1916View
EsterhuizenMichael10 December 1963View
EsterhuizenSharon Ethel06 August 1961View
EvansMichael Evan20 March 1930View
EvansShirley Anne06 October 1946View
EverettErnest Edward14 January 1917View
EzairJacobine Magdalena17 August 1879View
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