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Surname Names Date of Baptism View
RabergAlgot Bernhard13 September 1908View
RabergGiovanina Cristiana03 December 1905View
RabergGotthard Giovanni02 June 1907View
RademeyerClaressa Maria Frederica01 April 1877View
RademeyerCornelius Josias Johannes19 September 1873View
RademeyerDavid Solomon31 December 1876View
RademeyerFrans Jacobus25 January 1876View
RademeyerFrederick Nicholaas19 September 1873View
RademeyerMichael Johannes Jacobus19 September 1873View
RademeyerNocholas Frans Jacobus13 November 1874View
RadorlovickHarriet Maria25 July 1879View
RadorlovickKatrina Wilhelmina25 July 1879View
RadorlovickMagdalena Ernestina25 July 1879View
RafflerWillie Andrew16 January 1925View
RafflesAlfred Victor15 November 1922View
RafflesMinnie Kathleen30 March 1929View
RafflesMuriel08 December 1920View
RafflesStephen Teddy04 March 1933View
RauchInge07 February 1982View
RawlandFrederick Ronald22 July 9131View
RaysonPeggy Myra09 October 1935View
RedelinghuisAdrianna Maria19 May 1872View
RedelinghuisCecilia26 January 1879View
RedelinghuisElzie Francina12 January 1862View
RedelinghuisEsaias Samuel09 November 1873View
RedelinghuisFrancis Andries Jacobus19 May 1865View
RedelinghuisHester Susanna05 December 1873View
RedelinghuisJacob Daniel Olkers05 December 1873View
RedelinghuisSara Susanna05 December 1873View
RedelinghuysDavid Paul24 February 1980View
RedelinghuysElizabeth Maria15 May 1862View
RedelinghuysFrancis James15 May 1862View
RedlinghuisBenjamin Charles20 November 1904View
RedlinghuisBetty Johanna01 September 1859View
RedlinghuisCatrina Sophia01 September 1859View
RedlinghuisHester Catherine Cornelia25 October 1867View
RedlinghuisIsaac Jacobus01 September 1859View
RedlinghuisMaria Cecilia31 October 1858View
RedlinghuisSarah Susannah01 September 1859View
ReesCharlotte Elizabeth07 March 1931View
ReitzWilhelm Johannes18 December 1994View
RemasRosetta17 May 1867View
RensbergSusan Mary07 September 1902View
RensburgAdam John04 June 1875View
RensburgAdam Martinus22 September 1878View
RensburgClarissa28 January 1858View
RensburgDaniel13 August 1906View
RensburgDejanah Elizabeth23 November 1866View
RensburgJacobus Japhtha25 October 1857View
RensburgJaphtha28 January 1858View
RensburgJohanna29 April 1908View
RensburgMartinus23 November 1866View
RensburgSpacie Johanna23 November 1866View
RensburgSpasie Katrina Johanna23 November 1877View
RessouwValerie19 May 1912View
RichardsDarren Andrew09 January 1983View
RichardsMarc Warren19 May 1985View
RiddelsAbraham28 January 1912View
RiddelsFrans26 July 1914View
RiddelsPetronella Magdalena30 March 1913View
RiddelsThomas Johannes28 February 1915View
RiddlesAndries Jacob24 August 1902View
RiddlesJohn Alfred28 December 1913View
RiddlesJoseph26 April 1874View
RiddlesMaria Magdalena30 September 1874View
RiddlesRosina Damilina23 May 1875View
RiddlesSarah Katrina23 December 1900View
RileyAlbert Ernest12 May 1910View
RileyAlexander William18 October 1876View
RileyAlfred Robert26 November 1873View
RileyAndrew25 September 1878View
RileyAnn Louisa04 December 1878View
RileyAnnie Susannah17 July 1925View
RileyAubrey John02 June 1926View
RileyCaroline Susan21 September 1870View
RileyCecilia17 February 1906View
RileyCharles Stevens21 June 1914View
RileyCleveland Haig10 August 1917View
RileyDaisy Johanna08 January 1915View
RileyDoreen Mavis28 November 1906View
RileyDouglas25 January 1911View
RileyEdna Dulcie20 July 1902View
RileyEdward18 August 1874View
RileyEdward14 February 1864View
RileyEdward Charles Henry06 January 1909View
RileyEdward Frederick08 May 1907View
RileyEliza Jane13 October 1861View
RileyEliza Lun18 August 1916View
RileyElizabeth Margaret31 July 1912View
RileyErnest Albert14 November 1923View
RileyFrances Genneth Gertrude01 September 1905View
RileyFrances Jeanette21 August 1874View
RileyFrances Jeanette06 November 1901View
RileyGeorge Albert26 November 1902View
RileyGeorge Andrew08 October 1869View
RileyGeorge Charles17 September 1879View
RileyGertrude Norien29 March 1922View
RileyGladys10 January 1913View
RileyHenry James28 July 1875View
RileyHerbert Llewellyn05 May 1909View
RileyIdena Leonaro16 March 1913View
RileyIleen23 November 1906View
RileyJames06 April 1870View
RileyJohn17 January 1872View
RileyJohn06 July 1900View
RileyJulia Sarah24 April 1878View
RileyLydia Alfreda08 September 1909View
RileyMargaret Jeanette02 May 1905View
RileyMargaret Jeanette02 May 1905View
RileyMary07 April 1914View
RileyMary Ann28 June 1876View
RileyMary Ann Maria28 July 1875View
RileyMary Ann Sophia25 November 1903View
RileyMona Catherine09 April 1920View
RileyNanette24 June 1938View
RileyRichard15 December 1871View
RileyRichard29 November 1911View
RileyRichard Edward13 August 1865View
RileyRobert Frank24 May 1868View
RileyRosaline30 October 1907View
RileyVivian Llewellyn01 February 1928View
RiversReginald Noel18 December 1905View
RobertsonCourtney Victor11 November 1990View
RobertsonDonette Violet22 December 1920View
RobertsonHendrika Maria12 February 1905View
RobertsonOrson Jacob14 October 1906View
RobertsonPatricia Winifred Aylmer29 April 1928View
RobertsonRosina Maria29 May 1911View
RobertsonVida Elizabeth21 September 1916View
RobertsonYvonne Cynthia28 September 1930View
RobinsonElsie Katrina27 September 1914View
RobsonNancy Louvain09 March 1915View
RobsonRonald William11 February 1914View
RoedeAdam23 June 1878View
RoedeAnna Wilhelmina27 October 1878View
RoedeDinah Magdalena27 October 1878View
RoedeJelinda27 April 1879View
RoedeLeah Johanna23 June 1878View
RoelfseElizabeth Catherine Maria30 October 1868View
RoelfseMatthew William06 January 1861View
RoelfseSabina23 October 1859View
RoelfseWilliam Matthew16 September 1864View
RoelfzeApollis28 December 1858View
RoelfzeJohannes Abraham16 January 1859View
RogersCarol Helen03 March 1946View
RogersJan Otto18 March 1942View
RogersLynne03 March 1946View
RolandAlfred Reginald10 June 1906View
RolandLouisa Mildred17 April 1904View
RolandMay Gladys22 July 1908View
RolandRupert Claude07 August 1910View
RomanDinah15 November 1907View
RomanDinah Maria21 September 1866View
RomanGeorge Christian21 May 1865View
RomanGeorge Johannes05 March 1911View
RomanHester Wilhelmina12 April 1872View
RomanJacob26 April 1903View
RomanJacoba Elizabeth02 May 1872View
RomanJohannes01 March 1901View
RomanJulinda Sophia27 December 1914View
RomanKatrina Maria06 July 1879View
RomanMagdalens Salomina Phillida15 May 1868View
RomanMarjorie01 December 1913View
RomanMartha Elizabeth15 February 1874View
RomanMichael Henry29 October 1876View
RomanPeter Jacobus17 September 1869View
RomanPeter Jacobus Hendrik22 June 1902View
RomanSusannah Jacomina14 December 1862View
RomanWilhelmina Katrina26 April 1903View
RoodeAdam25 June 1911View
RoodeAdam Stephanus22 October 1893View
RoodeAndrew Nicholas02 April 1911View
RoodeAnna Johanna19 January 1902View
RoodeCatherine Wilhelmina02 August 1908View
RoodeCatherine Wilhelmina22 February 1907View
RoodeEllen Johanna27 September 1901View
RoodeElsje27 October 1872View
RoodeEva Elizabeth17 May 1914View
RoodeFrans23 November 1902View
RoodeJohn29 December 1901View
RoodeJohn Alfred28 July 1912View
RoodeJohn Jacobus10 December 1905View
RoodeJulinda Sophia27 April 1913View
RoodeLeah Elizabeth01 November 1903View
RoodeMaria Wilhelmina18 December 1904View
RoodePetrus Johannes20 June 1915View
RoodeSolomon29 December 1901View
RoodeSolomon Johannes28 June 1914View
RoodeWilhelmina Margreta30 March 1913View
RoosElizabeth Anna02 May 1927View
RoosHenry Peter08 July 1925View
RourkeJohn Richard28 December 1971View
RouxMichelle29 May 2007View
RowGlen19 November 1961View
RuitersChristina Johanna14 November 1873View
RuitersElizabeth Magdalina14 November 1873View
RuitersJohn Abraham14 November 1873View
RuitersMaria12 May 1909View
RuitersMichael19 March 1909View
RuitersRosina14 November 1873View
RuitersRosina Rebecca01 April 1877View
RuitersSarah12 May 1909View
RuitersWilliam John Francis16 August 1878View
RushtonJill31 May 1931View
RussouwAndries Johannes Oosteval15 May 1868View
RussouwHenry Cornelius08 May 1870View
RussouwVictoria Aletta Georgina19 October 1866View
RutherfordAimee Jayne18 April 1987View
RutherfordBryan James08 December 1991View
RyanAlfred Louis23 February 1879View
RyanCatherine Maria10 August 1865View
RyanEdward Lewis26 May 1873View
RyanElizabeth Catherine30 September 1864View
RyanLawrence Philip14 August 1868View
RyanLuke Joseph04 June 1871View
RyanNot GivenView
RyderBeatrice Ann11 February 1929View
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