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Surname Names Date of Baptism View
NaikKalange28 August 1913View
Neilsen van ReizigAnna Matilda Johanna15 April 1931View
Neilsen van ReizigAntonie Jens Christian31 July 1929View
Neilsen van ReizigJens Christian09 December 1914View
NelGarrie04 November 1979View
NelKaren04 November 1979View
NelsonAidan Hugh26 August 1956View
NelsonMavis Lilian08 July 1927View
NewcomeKim10 January 1982View
NewsamEleanor Florence01 September 1900View
NewsamMarjorie Noël01 March 1905View
NewtonJack29 December 1918View
NewtonJoan Eleanor17 November 1916View
NewtonPeter22 July 1921View
NicholasGeorge Samuel30 July 1911View
NicholasMargarita Magdalena01 December 1901View
NicholasMaria Magdalena05 December 1909View
NicholasPetrus David Mattheus07 August 1902View
NicholasVictoria Maria06 October 1907View
NicholasWilliam Abraham14 December 1913View
NichollsClarence Louvain17 November 1916View
NichollsGladys Elmyra01 February 1929View
NichollsHoward Vincent15 November 1912View
NichollsLydia Jacoba14 September 1945View
NichollsStanley Irwin18 November 1914View
NicholsWalter Henry08 July 1914View
NicolaasMatthew John13 December 1903View
NicolasIsaac Peter24 November 1904View
NielsenAgnes Annie05 November 1930View
NielsenErik Nellis05 November 1930View
NielsenFrances Jacoba27 August 1924View
NielsenIsabella Cora13 January 1926View
NielsenKathleen Monica11 September 1930View
NielsenPeter Andrew Henry10 January 1934View
Nielsen van ReisigSally Violet23 November 1927View
Nielsen van ReizigAndrew Petrus13 April 1923View
Nielsen van ReizigHenry Jens Christian04 November 1932View
Nielsen van ReizigHubert William21 April 1915View
Nielsen van ReizigIsabella Hendrika Cornelia09 October 1918View
Nielsen van ReizigIsabella Hendrika Cornelia07 May 1926View
Nielsen van ReizigJacobus Cornelis03 July 1936View
Nielsen van ReizigJacobus Cornelius07 March 1934View
Nielsen van ReizigJens Peter30 May 1923View
Nielsen van ReizigJohannes Frederick21 February 1917View
Nielsen van ReizigMagdalena Salomina Isabel06 June 1924View
Nielsen van ReizigMagdalena Salomnia07 June 1922View
Nielsen van ReizigMaria Susanna Fredericka24 September 1913View
Nielsen van ReizigPeter Andrew Frederick15 November 1937View
Nielsen van ReizigSophie Elizabeth02 December 1927View
NieuwoudtVanda Denise17 November 1973View
NorgarbChristopher18 August 1935View
NorgarbSybil Mary Melhuish17 April 1938View
NormanJames David25 November 1855View
NorrishJulia Claire12 July 1992View
NortonMagdalena Marie30 March 1913View
NorvalJames Charles18 March 1962View
NorvalSarah Jane15 November 1959View
Not GivenCatrina Susanna01 September 1859View
Not GivenHenry John14 June 1901View
Not GivenHester Rosina31 December 1893View
Not GivenJelinda02 June 1872View
Not GivenJohanna26 February 1871View
Not GivenPeter Barry15 June 1873View
Not GivenSalomo Moos01 September 1859View
Not GivenSusanna Fransina13 September 1857View
NovemberAbram13 April 1873View
NovemberAnna17 May 1914View
NovemberAssur Johannes19 April 1914View
NovemberJohannes19 April 1914View
NovemberMargaretha Susanna19 April 1914View
NovemberRudolf26 September 1906View
NunanCarol31 August 1947View
NunesJohn Hermon07 October 1908View
NunesWilliam Edward16 November 1910View
NunsAlfred Robert16 August 1871View
NunsAugustus White23 November 1910View
NunsEthel May05 October 1920View
NunsFrancis Herbert25 August 1869View
NunsFrederick William11 January 1863View
NunsIvy Ellen Nora10 October 1919View
NunsJames Alfred05 May 1865View
NunsLewis Antony21 November 1873View
NunsMary Ann10 March 1861View
NunsMatilda Ellen03 January 1877View
NunsWinifred Amelia28 June 1867View
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