St Peters Mossel Bay Baptisms 1855-2007 Search : T
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
TauteAndreas Jacobus26 November 1893View
TauteFrancina Sophia24 September 1900View
TauteWilliam Andreas10 January 1914View
TauteWilliam Andries13 July 1902View
TaylorAllida Susannah07 March 1909View
TaylorAnna16 February 1902View
TaylorCatherine17 May 1903View
TaylorChristopher Henry05 June 1983View
TaylorClifford John29 January 1978View
TaylorClive Lawrence29 October 1949View
TaylorCynthia Vera15 February 1914View
TaylorEdward Guy07 September 1919View
TaylorElizabeth Martha04 October 1914View
TaylorElizabeth Rosina09 May 1900View
TaylorGeorge John20 May 1917View
TaylorHannah24 December 1862View
TaylorHarriet Sarah21 March 1879View
TaylorHelena Rosina18 August 1901View
TaylorHendrick Johannes03 August 1913View
TaylorJacobus20 April 1902View
TaylorJacobus Nathaniel21 March 1915View
TaylorJames16 November 1864View
TaylorJohanna Isabel13 September 1903View
TaylorJohannes Jacobus Hermanus24 October 1912View
TaylorJohn14 April 1861View
TaylorKatrina19 January 1913View
TaylorLorraine Vera12 September 1953View
TaylorMargaret Fanny20 August 1879View
TaylorMaria18 October 1909View
TaylorPeter15 November 1903View
TaylorSarah Frederika Susanna01 September 1907View
TaylorSusannah Sophia02 July 1911View
TaylorWilliam04 November 1855View
TaylorWilliam Jacobus15 September 1912View
TeflinElizabeth13 September 1857View
TempletonMandy Mae06 November 1977View
TerblancheHannah15 October 1857View
TerblancheMargaret Emily09 May 1934View
TerblancheMargarita Isabella29 April 1900View
TerblansGeorge27 January 1878View
TerblansJohn Alfred24 August 1879View
TerblansMaria Henrietta30 January 1876View
TerblansPeter Johannes27 January 1878View
TerblansWilliam James22 October 1893View
TerrisEdmund Victor13 January 1915View
TeubesDorothy Rose27 November 1954View
TheunisHester Maria16 March 1913View
TheunissenChristian19 March 1913View
TheunissenDoreen26 September 1906View
TheunissenDorina Magdalena05 May 1909View
TheunissenHenry19 August 1906View
TheunissenJacobus19 August 1906View
TheunissenJohanna Katharina19 February 1911View
TheunissenJoubert Josias10 April 1908View
TheunissenKate Christina07 January 1915View
TheunissenMaria Magdalena04 October 1908View
TheunissenSarah Maria31 July 1910View
ThompsonElizabeth22 January 1873View
ThompsonElizabeth22 February 1914View
ThompsonFrancis Henry James17 January 1869View
ThompsonJacob22 February 1914View
ThompsonKatrina22 February 1914View
ThompsonKenneth Ivan08 May 1932View
ThompsonMary Ann15 March 1871View
ThompsonNora Isabel25 August 1904View
ThompsonSarah Louisa12 May 1867View
ThompsonWilliam Patrick04 January 1923View
ThompsonWilliam Robert09 April 1930View
ThompsonWinifred Mary11 September 1907View
ThomsonAlfred Andrew13 November 1872View
ThomsonJane Ann09 October 1870View
ThomsonMary30 December 1868View
ThomsonMatilda Anna25 August 1875View
ThomsonWilliam Robert09 October 1867View
ThoresenBjörn Ray26 March 1978View
ThoresenBruce26 March 1978View
ThoresenDorothea18 February 1931View
ThoresenEdith Cavell16 June 1916View
ThoresenEleanor Monica01 December 1920View
ThoresenFrederick18 September 1912View
ThoresenFrederick Arthur09 May 1923View
ThoresenFynn Martin19 September 1976View
ThoresenGeorge05 August 1936View
ThoresenGunhild09 June 1911View
ThoresenIrene May25 March 1925View
ThoresenIris Myrtle31 March 1915View
ThoresenJohn Abraham26 November 1926View
ThoresenJohn William10 October 1947View
ThoresenKaren Belinda08 November 1963View
ThoresenMaria Emma16 June 1875View
ThoresenMartha Elizabeth08 October 1909View
ThoresenMartin Denis11 December 1949View
ThoresenMartin William31 January 1919View
ThoresenMyra Jeanetta10 December 1913View
ThoresenRaymond07 March 1951View
ThoresenRicardo Lee02 February 1975View
ThoresenRicardo Raymond13 July 1933View
ThoresonFrederick Henry Arthur10 March 1874View
ThoresonGeorge William13 March 1878View
ThoresonJames Thomas13 December 1876View
ThorneLlewellyn Grant18 June 1961View
ThorneThomas Hamish18 June 1961View
TiffinJames David31 December 2006View
TilneyLewis26 April 1924View
TilneySuzette Louise15 June 1930View
TindallCarol Lyn20 April 1952View
TiteesCarl Philip30 August 1903View
TitiesAlice16 August 1905View
TitiesAndrew Peter14 May 1905View
TitiesAnna01 September 1859View
TitiesAsshur27 February 1907View
TitiesElfert Richard17 May 1914View
TitiesElizabeth30 August 1905View
TitiesElizabeth Sophia08 June 1862View
TitiesElsie05 July 1908View
TitiesElsie Catherine17 December 1869View
TitiesFrans16 August 1905View
TitiesFrans30 August 1905View
TitiesGabriel William28 April 1907View
TitiesGeorge Lewis26 October 1877View
TitiesJohannes Jacobus23 November 1866View
TitiesJohannis16 August 1905View
TitiesJoseph Edward13 October 1912View
TitiesLena Maria01 September 1859View
TitiesMaria01 September 1859View
TitiesMaria Gertruida15 February 1874View
TitiesMaria Gertruida08 January 1860View
TitiesMaria Magdalene19 February 1905View
TitiesNora Dorothea04 October 1908View
TitiesSophia Elizabeth09 August 1872View
TitiesSpasina30 August 1905View
TitiesSusanna Johanna18 October 1874View
TitiesSusanna Sophia09 February 1860View
TitiesWilliam Johannes15 February 1874View
TittertonPatricia Mary14 January 1917View
TittertonPaul Alan14 January 1917View
TitusAndrew John13 August 1905View
TitusAnnie Louisa21 December 1902View
TitusFrederick Jacobus17 February 1901View
TitusJaftha Johannes William17 June 1900View
TitusJohn13 July 1902View
TitusKarel Titus06 May 1900View
TitusMartha Martina19 May 1912View
TitusMinnie Maria03 January 1915View
TitusSpasina Rosina07 May 1911View
TitusSpasina Rosina01 May 1903View
TobiasAbraham Johannes02 September 1900View
TobiasAndries02 December 1905View
TobiasAndries Josiahs14 February 1910View
TobiasAnna Margarita17 March 1901View
TobiasAnna Philppina27 January 1878View
TobiasDora Rosina06 October 1912View
TobiasElizabeth Magdalena05 November 1911View
TobiasFrancis Fortuin25 May 1902View
TobiasHendrik John04 September 1879View
TobiasIsaac Mattheus26 October 1902View
TobiasJacob Johannes16 December 1906View
TobiasJacob Michael23 June 1901View
TobiasJames Thomas22 October 1876View
TobiasJohanna Dorothea19 September 1902View
TobiasJohanna Magdalene06 February 1910View
TobiasJohn12 April 1914View
TobiasJohn Fortuin23 June 1878View
TobiasMaria Magdalena27 October 1912View
TobiasMaria Margarita29 April 1900View
TobiasMichael28 August 1904View
TobiasMichael19 March 1909View
TobiasMichael Andrew Zechariah22 February 1905View
TobiasMichael Jacobus27 April 1879View
TobiasPeter26 May 1907View
TobiasRegina Maria09 July 1905View
TobiasRosina Magdalena27 June 1915View
TobiasRosina Maria Augusta07 June 1908View
TobiasSarah Maria13 April 1913View
TobiasWilliam Andrew28 February 1875View
TobiasWilliam Johannes08 September 1901View
TobiasZacharias Peter16 December 1906View
TrantaalPhilip James16 March 1913View
TrantraalAbraham14 July 1912View
TrantraalHester Susanna19 July 1914View
TrantraalJohanna Maria17 August 1913View
TrantraalJohannes10 November 1912View
TrantraalNicholas14 February 1915View
TrantraalPhilip Frederick12 August 1908View
TrantraalWilhelmina17 November 1912View
TreurenietGerhardus Jacobus08 November 1908View
TreurenietKatharina25 March 1912View
TreurenietRosina Magdalina26 July 1911View
TreurnetMaria03 May 1914View
TreurnietAdam15 November 1903View
TrimKenneth Thomas11 May 1914View
TrinlanAndries17 July 1868View
TrullMaria-Theresa17 October 1957View
TurnerLeslie John23 July 1958View
TurnerMichael Frederick21 June 1954View
TweedyEdward George20 December 1914View
TwigJames Peter Henry21 April 1875View
TwiggHenry Jacobus09 June 1872View
TwiggHenry Michael25 October 1878View
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