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Surname Names Date of Baptism View
LaceyMadeline28 February 1900View
LamontBarbara Robe20 January 1926View
LaneJo-Anne09 April 1968View
LanePenelope Susan04 October 1969View
LangeveldtKeanu Reece28 May 1995View
LangeveldtQuaid Eithin11 October 1992View
LanhamLeonard Walter22 November 1921View
LapaanAdriana Susanna15 November 1857View
LapaanDombas Domingo15 October 1857View
LapaanJacobus15 October 1857View
LapanCatrina Susanna Maria09 February 1860View
LapansLouisa Audrina28 January 1858View
LareyThomas Jacobus11 June 1875View
LarkinGladys Louise21 May 1929View
LarkinJohn William22 January 1919View
LarkinKenneth Bryan12 October 1917View
LarkinNeville Cullis03 June 1923View
LarkinSheila Marion01 September 1921View
LarreyMartinus Phillipus20 February 1876View
LarreyPeter Christian12 January 1902View
LarreyThomas Cornelius07 September 1873View
LatteyJohn Aidan12 September 1874View
LaurensEva Katrina26 April 1873View
LavackHenry Johan18 October 1914View
LavackMoses Andries13 September 1914View
LawakJohn Hendrik22 July 1900View
LawrenceDonovan Adrian08 May 2005View
le ReyCornelia Rebecca09 July 1905View
le ReyErnest Daniel Peter30 August 1903View
le ReyPeter06 December 1901View
le RouxKaren Jeanette07 January 1962View
le RouxLou-Anne Mary16 November 1958View
le RouxPeter Graham25 December 1956View
le RouxSarah02 April 1905View
LeeBarry Jon26 April 1992View
LeeGareth Edward26 April 1992View
LeeSarah Kate26 April 1992View
LehmanMatthew Phillip27 December 1992View
LehmanNicole Caitlin27 December 1992View
LentoorAdam Adonis16 December 1900View
LevendalAndreas September11 February 1912View
LevendalAndrew John20 December 1905View
LevendalAndries John12 August 1904View
LevendalAndries Peter13 June 1915View
LevendalDaniel Markus03 August 1913View
LevendalDaries18 June 1912View
LevendalEllen Jane29 November 1914View
LevendalHenry Stephen06 December 1908View
LevendalHester11 January 1912View
LevendalHester Margaritha09 April 1911View
LevendalJacobus John07 December 1913View
LevendalJohn Daniel11 January 1914View
LevendalJohn Joseph William04 April 1909View
LevendalKatharina Maria07 March 1909View
LevendalMagdalena10 September 1905View
LevendalMaria Rosina09 January 1907View
LevendalSarah Jane Dorothy23 February 1906View
LevendalSeptember Stefanus11 February 1912View
LevendalThomas Philip06 November 1910View
LevendalWilliam12 February 1911View
LewackCornelia Wilhelmina27 April 1913View
LewackJohannes24 August 1913View
LeyChristina Johanna06 May 1868View
LeyJohn David17 April 1872View
LeySarah Maria23 May 1866View
LeySusannah Frances08 April 1870View
LichenhoutMagalie13 May 1908View
LiddiardJohn Richard06 February 1916View
LiddiardRosalind Ethel02 June 1912View
LightbourneHarry31 October 1900View
LindeJean Evlynd27 August 1932View
LindenAlbert10 April 1960View
LindgrenVictor06 February 1919View
LiningtonAnthony Neale11 September 1927View
LintonDavid Neil08 July 1951View
LintonMargaret Anne07 April 1963View
LitchArthur William01 December 1912View
LithgowHarold Arthur02 April 1908View
LloydElizabeth Maria10 January 1904View
LloydGlyn Bethuel01 February 1942View
LloydMaria Magdalena09 October 1904View
LloydTrevor Carel01 September 1985View
LochnerDouglas24 February 1915View
LochnerIsabel Jessie03 June 1917View
LochnerJohn Edward Albertijn06 June 1923View
LochnerRichard Joseph02 December 1925View
LodewijkJacob11 October 1903View
LodewijkJacobus Joseph18 December 1900View
LodewykJan Joseph08 April 1900View
LombardDouglas27 March 1946View
LombardRhona03 August 1938View
Longden-ThurgoodJayde18 July 1999View
LongmanZelda May17 February 1922View
LosperCatherine Henrietta17 July 1901View
LosperDavid Johannes28 April 1901View
LosperElizabeth29 December 1901View
LosperElsie Louisa28 January 1912View
LosperFrancis26 April 1903View
LosperFrans Richard01 November 1903View
LosperJohn21 August 1912View
LosperMichael31 January 1915View
LosperSpasina22 March 1903View
LotzJohannes Joseph21 June 1874View
LotzMagdalena Christina21 June 1874View
LotzMaria Johanna21 June 1874View
LouwAnna22 April 1900View
LouwElizabeth Johanna29 February 1908View
LouwJohannis18 October 1904View
LouwJohn05 April 1905View
LouwMaria22 April 1900View
LouwSamuel22 April 1900View
LouwSpasina15 November 1903View
LouwStanley Ohlsson20 August 1926View
LouwrensAubrey Arnold09 April 1961View
LouwrensBertram Norman01 June 1931View
LouwrensIvan Thomas11 October 1929View
LouwrensJennifer May06 April 1958View
LouwrensPeter John Arnold11 October 1929View
LowdenBeatrice Myrtle02 January 1926View
LoxtonAbigail Jo25 September 1984View
LoxtonCarol Ann17 March 1943View
LucasAlfred Sherrell Henry26 September 1877View
LucasEdith Mary12 February 1879View
LucasJohanna20 November 1904View
LucasWilliam Johannes17 February 1907View
LuddittEdna May05 April 1922View
LuddittWilliam Charles31 August 1923View
LukasAnnie Petronella14 March 1913View
LukasChristina Johanna01 March 1903View
LukasJohannes24 December 1910View
LukasMartinus28 June 1902View
LukasMoses30 July 1913View
LukasMoses Albert04 October 1914View
LukasThomas Philippus18 December 1907View
LuscombeWinsome Joyce24 February 1935View
LutzEdward Joseph14 August 1910View
LutzEliza Maria22 November 1907View
LuxtonDoris Irene04 August 1901View
LyonsBasil Burdett28 May 1879View
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