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Surname Names Date of Baptism View
OberholzerPeter Frederick06 September 1943View
OctoberAbraham Josias18 January 1903View
OctoberAmelia Rosina15 June 1913View
OctoberCornelius18 October 1904View
OctoberDinah Spasina22 June 1879View
OctoberElizabeth Johanna01 November 1914View
OctoberElizabeth Kathleen21 April 1912View
OctoberElsie Katrina22 July 1877View
OctoberEva Adrajanah04 August 1871View
OctoberFrancina Margarita25 May 1902View
OctoberFrederick22 May 1912View
OctoberGertruida28 November 1911View
OctoberHenry Hudson17 May 1914View
OctoberHermans Joseph01 November 1867View
OctoberHester Sophia08 May 1901View
OctoberHudson Hermanus20 September 1903View
OctoberIsaac21 April 1878View
OctoberIsaac Jacobus22 June 1879View
OctoberIsaac Peter19 November 1869View
OctoberJames Daniel18 March 1900View
OctoberJan21 April 1876View
OctoberJohanna Nancy21 June 1912View
OctoberJohn25 May 1866View
OctoberJohn Jacobus19 April 1914View
OctoberJohn Michael12 March 1876View
OctoberJoseph Nathaniel21 March 1915View
OctoberJoseph Samuel09 July 1875View
OctoberKatharina Magdalena17 March 1912View
OctoberKatrina22 June 1879View
OctoberKatrina Johanna26 July 1914View
OctoberKatrina Johanna23 March 1902View
OctoberMagdalena04 July 1910View
OctoberMaria Magdalena24 November 1912View
OctoberMaria Martha22 February 1914View
OctoberMichael24 August 1910View
OctoberNicholas22 June 1879View
OctoberNicholas24 March 1912View
OctoberNicholas08 December 1912View
OctoberNicholas22 September 1902View
OctoberRosina Adriana21 April 1878View
OctoberRosina Magdalena14 August 1877View
OctoberSerena Catherina Magdalena08 December 1878View
OctoberSophia16 December 1900View
OctoberSophia Adrianna16 August 1874View
OctoberSophia Katrina16 May 1873View
OctoberSpasina Rosina22 November 1914View
OddieLois Carol07 September 1945View
OelfseHendrik11 July 1900View
OhlsonConstance Johanna19 July 1914View
OhlssonEthel Maria12 December 1902View
OhlssonMargaret Irene17 July 1907View
OhlssonOscar Quentin12 April 1904View
OlkerJacob17 December 1869View
OlkerJohn Charles Jacobus22 October 1871View
OlkersAndreas10 December 1908View
OlkersAndrew Charles20 August 1913View
OlkersAnnie02 May 1915View
OlkersAnnie05 March 1913View
OlkersAnnie Selina20 January 1907View
OlkersCatherine Hester Ellen25 January 1901View
OlkersCatherine Mary30 October 1908View
OlkersClara29 August 1902View
OlkersDaniel Frederick26 May 1909View
OlkersDaniel Stefanus14 April 1912View
OlkersDaniel Stephen22 August 1906View
OlkersHendrick Johannes09 March 1913View
OlkersHenry Charles24 October 1875View
OlkersJacob16 August 1913View
OlkersJacobus Frederick18 August 1912View
OlkersJohanna Magdalena20 September 1874View
OlkersJohannes Edward19 July 1911View
OlkersJohn02 October 1904View
OlkersJohn23 March 1913View
OlkersJohn Andrew23 March 1910View
OlkersJohn Daniel11 September 1910View
OlkersMaria Sarah Catherine14 October 1877View
OlkersMartha Rosalina catherine15 July 1900View
OlkersNicholas17 May 1914View
OlkersNicholas Jacobus05 March 1911View
OlkersSamuel18 June 1911View
OlkersSamuel Francis07 September 1873View
OlkersSarah Katrina Diana14 September 1879View
OlkersSolomon05 January 1914View
OlkersSophia09 July 1911View
OlkersSophia Catherine31 December 1906View
OlkersSpasina Johanna07 June 1914View
OlkersWilliam01 December 1909View
OlkersWilliam16 May 1913View
OlkersWilliam Johannes14 October 1879View
OlleyEmma-Jane29 December 1991View
OlleyJulia Mary21 March 1993View
OlsenAlice08 November 1903View
OoslodienWalter Henry David06 November 1901View
OraaiElizabeth Susannah21 February 1915View
OraaiHendrick Mattheus16 March 1913View
OraaiJohn Martinus20 October 1912View
O'ReyJacobus02 September 1904View
O'RieEva17 April 1903View
O'RieJack22 March 1903View
O'RieJohanna Constance21 September 1902View
O'RieJohn17 April 1903View
O'RieMaria Rosina20 January 1901View
O'RieMary Elizabeth05 September 1906View
OrsonJohannes Jacobus30 July 1878View
OrtonEmma01 February 1857View
OrtonMargaret18 March 1855View
OwenElizabeth Daphne31 December 1930View
OwenElizabeth Daphne22 April 1931View
OwenJoan01 February 1935View
OwenLilian Mary31 December 1930View
OwenLilian Mary22 April 1931View
OwenMay23 August 1933View
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