St Peters Mossel Bay Baptisms 1855-2007 Search : S
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
SaaimanChristina Margaretha15 September 1912View
SaaimanEva Katharina15 September 1912View
SaaimanJohannes29 August 1912View
SaaimanJohannis24 July 1907View
SaaimanJohn28 May 1905View
SaaimanJohn15 November 1903View
SaaimanMichael Jacobus15 September 1912View
SaaimanNicholas Petrus21 September 1902View
SaaimanPetronella22 December 1902View
SaaimanRosina Spasina24 June 1906View
SaaimanSpasina24 July 1907View
SaaimanSpasina Maria20 November 1908View
SaaymanClaudette Lydia07 March 1951View
SaforGeorge William11 December 1910View
SaforsGeorge12 April 1914View
SaforsSophia03 March 1912View
SampsonFrans Hendrick14 September 1862View
SampsonGeorge15 April 1855View
SampsonHendrick17 October 1859View
SampsonHendrick08 January 1860View
SampsonJulenda Maria18 October 1857View
SampsonKaartje Rosena20 December 1857View
SamuelsCharles01 April 1906View
SamuelsClara Elizabeth07 August 1910View
SamuelsGerard Louis Frans11 October 1909View
SamuelsHester Dorothea01 December 1907View
SamuelsJohn06 July 1913View
SamuelsKarl15 November 1903View
SamuelsLouisa Lucretia14 June 1865View
SamuelsMaria Magdalena14 November 1902View
SamuelsMartha Maria07 August 1902View
SamuelsMoses05 January 1913View
SamuelsStratford William11 May 1864View
SandenberghAlic Valentine17 June 1919View
SandenberghDouglas Beatty03 February 1922View
SansHenry01 November 1872View
SansRegina01 November 1872View
SaundersArthur Richard13 August 1926View
SaundersAudrey31 July 1929View
SaundersFrances Mildred06 June 1923View
SaundersGwenyth Estridge13 April 1915View
SaundersHarriet05 July 1863View
SaundersJohanna16 July 1930View
SaundersKelvin Gordon13 December 1959View
SaundersRobert Sentel05 Septembert 1862View
SaundersThomas Estridge08 November 1893View
SaundersValentine02 December 1932View
SaundersValmé29 December 1957View
SaundersWain13 November 1940View
ScheepersAndrew Jacobus17 August 1913View
ScheepersElizabeth Paulina18 April 1915View
ScheepersElseba Johanna19 January 1913View
ScheepersFrederick21 September 1913View
ScheepersJohn21 December 1913View
ScheepersJohn20 October 1912View
ScheepersJohn22 April 1900View
ScheepersMagdalena Elizabeth18 February 1912View
ScheepersMaria20 October 1912View
ScheepersPaulina17 May 1914View
ScholtzArchibald Francis02 May 1915View
ScholtzChristina Rrosina24 May 1914View
ScholtzGwendoline30 March 1902View
ScholtzHermanus Ernest Cecil30 April 1911View
ScholtzJacobus Hermanus02 May 1909View
ScholtzJacobus Joseph06 September 1914View
ScholtzMagdalena Margaretha29 October 1893View
ScholtzPetronella26 May 1912View
ScholtzReinette06 September 1950View
ScholtzRosina26 May 1912View
ScholtzValmain05 October 1945View
SchoonraadRoy27 April 1952View
SchultzWalter Gustavus12 March 1920View
SciocattiHelaina Dominique13 April 2008View
ScottChristina Wilhelmina12 April 1872View
ScottDerrick Daniel01 October 1939View
ScottLisa10 April 2002View
ScottStuart Edward08 May 2005View
Sealy-FisherPeter John11 July 1965View
SebraanLewack Josaias22 February 1914View
SebrandtAlexander15 October 1857View
SebrandtApolloon15 October 1857View
SebrandtDinah Susannah04 June 1871View
SebrandtJohn24 July 1863View
SebrandtJohn James12 April 1861View
SebrandtMaria08 March 1863View
SebrandtMina Catherine Johanna15 November 1867View
SebrandtPeter Matthew20 October 1865View
SebrandtSena21 March 1858View
SebrantJohanna Georgina28 October 1900View
SebrantMaria Elizabeth30 June 1912View
SebrantWilhelmina Catherina15 April 1866View
SecondsCatherine Magdalena06 June 1915View
SecondsChristian Petrus06 November 1910View
SecondsCornelius14 May 1909View
SecondsJacob14 May 1909View
SecondsJacobus19 March 1909View
SecondsJohanna02 May 1915View
SecondsJohn14 May 1909View
SecondsKatherine31 August 1913View
SecondsMaria Elizabeth14 May 1909View
SecondsMartinus31 July 1902View
SecondsPetrus01 December 1913View
SecondsPetrus Johannes10 July 1912View
SecondsSophia Christina12 January 1912View
SecondsZacharias14 May 1909View
SeptemberAndries15 November 1903View
SeptemberElizabeth30 January 1876View
SeptemberMaria Regina23 December 1860View
SeptemberNicholas20 April 1902View
ShawEric William11 July 1954View
ShawIvan Alton01 November 1931View
ShawSheila Patricia19 July 1938View
SheardArthur Charles03 October 1858View
SheardEdith Mary28 September 1860View
SheardEdwin17 February 1856View
SheardElizabeth Agnes23 September 1866View
SheardHarold Walker10 October 1877View
SheardOswald Francis18 May 1879View
SheardSydney Francis08 November 1893View
SheltonHenry George Harvey01 October 1876View
SickelsCaroline Julia05 April 1876View
SicklesGeorgina Johanna25 June 1879View
SimkinJohn Henry Peard10 February 1864View
SimkinMargaret Ada10 February 1864View
SimkinMaria Elizabeth Caroline06 January1864View
SimonJohn Jacobus07 March 1915View
SimpsonCatherine Johanna12 April 1861View
SimpsonConstance Shanna25 October 1867View
SimpsonEllen Rosina02 October 1904View
SimpsonEmily Margaret15 March 1865View
SimpsonHenry James10 January 1864View
SimpsonHester Magdalena21 December 1913View
SimpsonJohn24 April 1907View
SimpsonJulinda15 June 1902View
SimpsonMary Magdalene10 May 1923View
SimpsonSamuel John12 April 1861View
SimpsonSusannah24 September 1903View
SimpsonWilliam Hermans12 April 1861View
SinclairHenry Charles16 August 1914View
SinkantynJohn William21 June 1867View
SinkantynMagdalena Sophia21 June 1867View
SinkantynMaria Elizabeth19 June 1868View
SinkentijnChristina Catarina29 January 1875View
SinkfonteinChristian Thomas23 June 1907View
SinkfonteinJohn Christian Joseph18 June 1905View
SinkfonteinVictoria09 February 1913View
SkeadLaura Affie17 September 1862View
SkeenAlexander Octavius21 November 1871View
SkeenCharles12 December 1874View
SkeenFrance Alice15 October 1877View
SkeenGeorge Frederick11 February 1876View
SkeenMartha Isabel Gertrude03 Septembert 1879View
SkeenRichard Downing24 December 1903View
SkeenSusan Jacoba23 September 1873View
SkeltonLaura Violet10 March 1878View
SklarJanet31 October 2004View
SlabbertJacques Carl14 February 1971View
SlabbertJean Marius03 September 1967View
SlatterMichelle Stephanie13 November 1983View
SmidtPetronella Magdalena01 October 1911View
SmitSpasina Dorothea31 May 1903View
SmithAdelaide Violet06 February 1907View
SmithAlbert Frederick17 March 1869View
SmithAlison Joy07 January 1973View
SmithAnn Eliza22 August 1877View
SmithAnne09 December 1874View
SmithAnthony Johannes01 December 1912View
SmithBeatrice03 December 1920View
SmithCharles Edward06 November 1859View
SmithCharles Edward28 October 1908View
SmithCharles Henry26 December 1947View
SmithChristina Georgina25 January 1878View
SmithClara Hester21 June 1912View
SmithCora Alexandra03 September 1902View
SmithCyril Kenneth28 October 1904View
SmithEdith Maud05 August 1906View
SmithEmma29 June 1864View
SmithFelicity Jean16 January 1943View
SmithFrederick Barclay22 September 1911View
SmithGeorge18 November 1919View
SmithGertrude Martina26 April 1911View
SmithGwendolen Wilberforce26 June 1906View
SmithHarold Dupreez01 March 1901View
SmithHenry Albert23 December 1914View
SmithHenry Francis21 September 1866View
SmithHester Elizabeth01 September 1872View
SmithIan Barclay14 March 1920View
SmithIvan Henry19 February 1915View
SmithIvy Constance23 January 1914View
SmithJacobus13 March 1925View
SmithJames Barclay06 May 1917View
SmithJames Robert25 September 1878View
SmithJames Robert03 September 1913View
SmithJean Ingram05 February 1913View
SmithJemima10 January 1894View
SmithJemima Adelaide01 September 1872View
SmithJohanna Maria16 October 1912View
SmithJohn Albert18 September 1918View
SmithJohn Josias12 January 1908View
SmithJoseph Henry23 October 1874View
SmithJoseph Henry01 June 1923View
SmithKate Petronella02 May 1915View
SmithKatrina28 December 1913View
SmithLe-Anne03 September 1972View
SmithLena13 February 1907View
SmithLilian May16 May 1900View
SmithLillian May10 November 1916View
SmithLionel Rankin06 November 1927View
SmithMagdalena Georgina16 May 1915View
SmithMargaret Mary Elizabeth15 May 1912View
SmithMargaret Rosetta16 January 1903View
SmithMarlene Gertrude31 January 1940View
SmithMillicent Helena27 September 1922View
SmithNoel Claude23 May 1928View
SmithPeter Reynold12 July 1912View
SmithRosemary21 December 1921View
SmithRoydon Colin07 March 1923View
SmithShirley29 November 1969View
SmithStanley Sidney21 January 1917View
SmithThelma31 August 1928View
SmithViolet Elizabeth11 October 1914View
SmithWilliam Mattheus17 May 1914View
SmithWilliam Stanmore09 February 1862View
SmutsWenzel14 July 1922View
SnelDaniel John01 April 1877View
SnellDaniel John23 May 1906View
SnellDaniel Rijter20 September 1874View
SnellEliza Susannah27 December 1876View
SnellMagdalena Dorothea17 February 1878View
SnellMagdalena Johanna20 September 1874View
SnellMagdalena Maria08 November 1914View
SnellMaria28 July 1877View
SnellMaria Wilhelmina14 February 1874View
SnellNicholas Matious07 January 1912View
SolomanJacob11 January 1863View
SolomonJohannes Jacobus28 April 1912View
SolomonStefanus18 October 1876View
SolomonsDaniel11 April 1906View
SolomonsJohanna Wilhelmina31 January 1915View
SomervilleDesmond Alexander11 October 1953View
SpielmanEmily Dorothy01 October 1911View
SpielmanHenry William Richard01 June 1913View
SpielmanJohn Charles02 February 1913View
SpielmanMagdalena Selah06 June 1915View
SpielmanMavis Jemima07 March 1915View
SpielmanPeter30 April 1911View
SpielmanPhilip Peter John06 October 1909View
St Clair-ThompsonSusan Frances20 April 1941View
StaatelaarMaria Magalie09 September 1900View
StadlerRosina08 July 1910View
StaffordBenjamin Patrick05 December 1990View
StaggRowland07 February 1943View
StanbridgeDawn03 December 1939View
StanbridgeMarlene05 September 1942View
StanjeMichael Gregory01 September 1974View
StantonBeryl Hope25 January 1915View
StaplesAubrey John02 March 1975View
SteenkampHermanus Jacobus21 March 1927View
StefanusIsaac Carolus28 October 1908View
StefanusJacob27 June 1906View
StevensCamlin Teegan Merl05 November 2006View
StevensCharles Frederick William Maclear17 December 1873View
StevensCharlotte Johanna11 May 1951View
StevensDavid Sewell14 March 1943View
StevensDeon05 November 1961View
StevensEdith Rose05 January 1877View
StevensIvan Woodville18 January 1917View
StewardPeter William31 May 1914View
StewartAubrey Stephen29 November 1908View
StewartMarjorie Gwendoline16 March 1921View
StewartMaureen May20 June 1923View
StewartQueenie13 August 1930View
SteynChristopher Hugh14 March 1950View
SteynCornelius James17 September 1905View
SteynErnest David31 July 1910View
SteynGeorgina Magdalena01 October 1911View
SteynHenry Joubert03 May 1908View
SteynJoseph23 April 1907View
SteynNora Susan31 August 1913View
SticklinGladys05 January 1908View
StidolphNeville Edsell21 December 1911View
StidolphValerie May30 August 1909View
StiermanSaul27 November 1870View
StockenstroomWilhelmina Dorothea02 August 1914View
Stocken-stroomBlanche07 September 1908View
Stocken-stroomEllen Gertrude04 April 1906View
Stocken-stroomFrank Edward03 November 1878View
Stocken-stroomFrank Edward30 October 1910View
Stocken-stroomHelen06 April 1913View
Stocken-stroomSarah09 April 1910View
Stocken-stroomWilliam Charles03 November 1878View
StockigtJoanne27 June 1965View
StoffelsSpasina Elizabeth13 June 1915View
StrangEliza14 June 1867View
StrangEmma Ruby30 October 1872View
StrangIsabella19 October 1870View
StrangJames Samuel14 October 1864View
StrangJohn22 November 1865View
StrangMatthew Frew18 April 1869View
StraussGordon07 February 1954View
StrohAnya27 April 2008View
StrongAlbert Charles30 January 1903View
StrongAnna Dorothea13 December 1905View
StrongMaria Johanna Isabella27 July 1904View
StrydomAnton31 March 1950View
StrydomPieter Gideon07 January 1948View
StuartAlfred John14 April 1912View
StuartEdgar Charles18 July 1877View
StuartFrederick Arthur14 October 1874View
StuartHarold Norman11 September 1910View
StuartIsaac15 April 1900View
StuartMaria Elizabeth09 February 1902View
StuartSarah Maria10 July 1904View
StuartSophia Catherine Frances18 November 1906View
StuartSusan17 November 1875View
SwanKyle Ross12 July 1992View
SwanepoelMaria Christina21 June 1942View
SwanepoelPhilip21 June 1942View
SwanepoelTheodore21 June 1942View
SwanevelderJason Peter25 July 1993View
SwartCraig Leslie30 May 1976View
SwartElizabeth Anna24 February 1928View
SwartJohn Jacobus16 March 1932View
SwartMandy Jane17 November 1974View
SwartPatricia Leone16 August 1943View
SwartPeter Johannes08 April 1942View
SwartSharon Joy24 June 1972View
SwartThelma Sophie10 February 1935View
SwartbooiWilliam Hendrik28 October 1900View
SwemmerErnest Kitchener11 November 1916View
SwemmerGeorge Benn11 November 1914View
SymonsHendrick17 August 1878View
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