St Peters Mossel Bay Baptisms 1855-2007 Search : G
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
GailThomas Benjamin04 October 1914View
GallantDaniel19 June 1903View
GambleEtteal Mand11 April 1902View
GammonEdith Mary12 November 1902View
GarciaJacob Henry Isaac03 November 1878View
GarciaPeter Africa Jacobus Edward07 July 1876View
GarnerElaine23 July 1936View
GarnerFrances Joyce10 May 1922View
GarnerIrene Hope15 September 1929View
GarnerSheila Josephine13 November 1931View
GarrDorothy Joyce22 February 1939View
GatesFlorence Winifred25 February 1874View
GeldenbloemElizabeth01 September 1859View
GeldenbloemMagdalena02 May 1858View
GeldenbloemMaria17 May 1867View
GeldenbloemMartha Johanna15 April 1866View
GelderbloemAlice Catherina20 December 1914View
GelderbloemAlice Rosina09 June 1907View
GelderbloemAndrew19 July 1903View
GelderbloemAnne Johanna16 November 1902View
GelderbloemAssur Stephanus21 September 1902View
GelderbloemBenjamien Moodien16 June 1901View
GelderbloemDorothea Magdalena22 April 1900View
GelderbloemEdward16 April 1911View
GelderbloemElizabeth Lowina19 July 1914View
GelderbloemGeorge15 June 1913View
GelderbloemGeorge Joseph20 September 1914View
GelderbloemGeorgina Cecilia Regina16 September 1900View
GelderbloemHester Cornelia09 February 1902View
GelderbloemHester Susanna16 November 1901View
GelderbloemHester Susannah21 March 1915View
GelderbloemIsaac20 April 1902View
GelderbloemIsaac Johannes16 March 1913View
GelderbloemJoseph20 December 1903View
GelderbloemMagdalena Dorothea20 December 1903View
GelderbloemMaria20 April 1902View
GelderbloemMaria Magdalena19 July 1914View
GelderbloemMaria Magdalena07 July 1912View
GelderbloemMaria Sophia13 April 1902View
GelderbloemMartha Lydia22 April 1900View
GelderbloemMatilda Georgina18 April 1915View
GelderbloemMattheus Johannes12 November 1909View
GelderbloemMattheus Johannes15 December 1912View
GelderbloemMatthew18 October 1904View
GelderbloemRosetta Elizabeth11 January 1914View
GelderbloemRosina Maria20 December 1914View
GelderbloemSarah Anna17 November 1912View
GelderbloemWilliam Isaac29 November 1914View
GeorgeJoseph26 September 1906View
GeorgeRosina27 January 1878View
GeorgeSarah13 April 1873View
GeorgeWilliam Joseph23 November 1866View
GerberBenjamin Charles04 April 1923View
GerberEllen31 October 1928View
GerberFrancina23 January 1925View
GerberGerry03 December 1939View
GerberGertrude Martina23 April 1926View
GerberGisela25 April 1973View
GerberGregory10 February 1966View
GerberHenry Jacobus11 June 1919View
GerberHenry Jacobus13 November 1912View
GerberJacobus John22 May 1935View
GerberJoyce Isabel04 March 1938View
GerberLydia Jacoba28 March 1930View
GerberMalcolm Granville25 April 1973View
GerberMorna Audrey05 June 1930View
GerberSarah Wilhelmina07 April 1938View
GerickeHector Godfried10 July 1920View
GernekeLynette Paula28 August 1938View
GernekeTimothy Paul27 November 1944View
GeünMargaret06 November 1914View
GiddeyGerald Richard Chisnall06 July 1910View
GiddyRonald Vincent06 November 1930View
GilesAllan Benjamin07 May 1921View
GilesCarol Ann04 April 1953View
GilesDerick Allan Benjamin01 January 1949View
GilesPeggy Martha30 September 1916View
GilesSean Derick13 April 1974View
GilesThomas Richard11 November 1945View
GilesVerna Imelda01 May 1960View
GillamFiona Mary Merritt11 January 1926View
GillbeThomas James01 September 1875View
GilliesChristina15 April 1855View
GilmoreAlfred Louis19 June 1902View
GilmourBeryl Leonora21 November 1906View
GimberJoan Aileen10 November 1934View
GladwinGeorge Kenneth24 January 1929View
GladwinWalter Arnold13 February 1922View
GlanvilleMary Eva29 November 1876View
GloverGeorge Leslie13 November 1922View
GobelaarMagdalena Katrina15 September 1912View
GobelaarMaria Elizabetha15 September 1912View
GobleRex Alexander25 September 1904View
GoddardDawn Joyce28 December 1972View
GoddenNicholas Denyer27 February 2000View
GoldingSarah Kate07 January 1990View
GoldsburyMyra Elizabeth15 October 1913View
GoliathEllen15 February 1874View
GoliathJane20 September 1874View
GoliathMagdalena Susanna20 September 1874View
GongaCecilia Johanna12 April 1861View
GongaDorothea25 April 1866View
GongaElizabeth17 August 1900View
GongaElizabeth Christina03 November 1878View
GongaHester12 April 1872View
GongaJohn10 January 1864View
GongaJohn Jacob12 April 1861View
GongaMaria12 April 1872View
GongaMaria Alletta10 January 1864View
GongaSamuel10 January 1864View
GonsalvesElise20 July 1914View
GonsalvesHester Ellen Bernadette11 December 1935View
GonsalvesJohn09 February 1910View
GonsalvesMildred05 January 1934View
GonsalvesNancy Elizabeth16 January 1931View
GonsalvesNellie Frances15 November 1911View
GoodCatherine Hogarth28 March 1971View
GoodTrevelyan Sydney Patrick26 May 1974View
GoodierClarence04 March 1914View
GoodmanGerhardus Jacobus16 May 1933View
GoodwinJohn Ralph Bagnall06 January 1934View
GordonJohn Albert19 March 1919View
GotsellAdrian Weyers10 August 1958View
GotsellAlbert Michael16 June 1937View
GotsellElizabeth02 July 1961View
GotsellHenry James02 October 1955View
GotsellMargaret03 May 1963View
GotsellNicholas31 March 1983View
GotsellRalph Harry06 August 1931View
GottArthur Herbert12 November 1909View
GouldTalitha Rebecca09 August 1992View
GraceMary Bounty04 September 1920View
GrahamClaudine Cecil19 March 1938View
GrahamLindsay10 December 1967View
GrahamMona Elizabeth06 May 1931View
GrahamOwen Lloyd22 August 1926View
GrahamPatricia Claire27 June 1931View
GrahamPeter George23 May 1926View
GrahamRoy Donald10 February 1935View
GrahamSamuel Martin07 May 1879View
GrahamStuart25 May 1969View
GrahamWinifred29 January 1906View
GrantJoan Mary Macpherson30 June 1918View
GrantPatricia Cox07 September 1921View
GrantRoydon James07 February 1923View
GrantWalter03 March 1877View
GrayJanet Nicoline19 March 1948View
GrayRobert Alexander Knight14 June 1946View
GreeffLily Doreen17 March 1916View
GreenAubrey Owen20 January 1902View
GreenCharles Henry31 October 1906View
GreenDulcie Mona22 January 1919View
GreenJohn Harold30 November 1903View
GreenMaria Antonie08 September 1904View
GreenMary Ann Catherine26 October 1877View
GreenOwen Clive11 February 1979View
GreenPhilip Mark11 February 1979View
GreenSusan Lucy28 September 1904View
GreenSusanna Johanna Spasina01 September 1872View
GreenVera Louisa30 September 1914View
GreenVeronica Alfaba Alleta13 September 1944View
GreenWilliam17 October 1906View
GreeneBlanche Ruby26 February 1908View
GreeneNora Johanna15 October 1905View
GreeneWilliam Henry30 October 1910View
GreensladeJeannine Augustine07 November 1976View
GregsonFrank Douglas07 August 1924View
GriffithMyfanwy Gilfillan21 December 1918View
GriffithsCyril John30 May 1919View
GriffithsSidney Eric01 April 1919View
GroenewaldChristina Maria Magdalena28 November 1875View
GroenewaldDaniel Jacobus15 June 1913View
GroenewaldEva Katrina17 May 1903View
GroenewaldHendrick19 May 1912View
GroenewaldJohanna Amelia23 January 1876View
GroenewaldJohanna Emily19 February 1911View
GroenewaldJohanna Emily17 January 1915View
GroenewaldJohannes Josias16 April 1876View
GroenewaldSophia Cornelia Amelia28 November 1875View
GroenewaldWilliam Johannes Jacobus25 September 1876View
GroenwaldEmma Dorothea15 December 1901View
GroganBasil Graham31 July 1911View
GroganHanley Anthony Meredyth01 March 1910View
GrootboomJohannes10 November 1902View
GruenJacobus Johannes29 August 1947View
GruenJohanna09 December 1932View
GruenMaria Alberta04 September 1936View
GruenRudolph10 December 1907View
GrüenMatilda19 September 1912View
GrünCaroline28 December 1908View
GrünJohanAugust 1929View
GrünJohn10 April 1911View
GuestAbram15 December 1901View
GuestFrancina19 July 1903View
GuestJohn17 December 1893View
GuestKatharina17 December 1893View
GuestMaria17 December 1893View
GustafssonGerald Abrick18 October 1925View
GustafssonIda Elizabeth03 January 1919View
GustafssonRanghild Irene09 February 1921View
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