St Peters Mossel Bay Baptisms 1855-2007 Search : F
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
FabrissiesLouisa Katrina11 January 1914View
FacerGerald Charles du Maurier28 December 1952View
FalteinKatharina Johanna24 March 1912View
FaltuinJaftha Hendrick25 February 1912View
FebruaryAnthony Samuel19 January 1902View
FebruaryAntonie Louis05 August 1910View
FebruaryDaniel William25 May 1902View
FebruaryHenry06 December 1903View
FebruaryIrene Ellen22 February 1905View
FebruaryJacobus Louis23 June 1911View
FebruaryJaftha05 April 1905View
FebruaryJaftha Pieter01 February 1903View
FebruaryJaftha Pieter01 March 1903View
FebruaryKatrina Magdalena09 July 1910View
FebruaryNornie12 April 1914View
FebruaryRowena28 January 1914View
FebruarySarah Maria27 April 1905View
FewellPatricia Maria14 March 1965View
FilliesAndrina19 February 1911View
FilliesBenjamin James17 August 1913View
FilliesElizabeth Dorothea07 May 1913View
FilliesElizabeth Magdalena21 March 1915View
FilliesElizabeth Winnie15 June 1913View
FilliesGeorge Benjamin17 December 1911View
FilliesHester Susannah15 October 1911View
FilliesIsaac Nathaniel18 January 1914View
FilliesJacobina Elizabeth15 June 1913View
FilliesJoseph Samuel15 January 1915View
FilliesJubert Stanley17 January 1915View
FilliesRichard Jacobus16 April 1911View
FilliesSamuel18 April 1915View
FilliesSaul Jacobus James19 May 1912View
FisherAndrew09 January 1876View
FisherJames Henry19 July 1876View
FisherRobert04 February 1908View
FivazElspeth Amy27 September 1922View
FiveashErnest Michael15 June 1941View
FlemingMaria19 April 1992View
FlemingRosalind Heather19 April 1992View
FlemingZeta Kathleen19 April 1992View
FlightEmily Wilhelmina14 February 1909View
FlockhartElizabeth Margaret09 March 1862View
FlockhartSarah Magdalena09 March 1862View
FloresEva Magdalena23 June 1878View
FloresJosephus29 December 1901View
FloresPeter27 October 1907View
FloresSarah Rosina23 June 1878View
FloresWilhelmina Rosina25 April 1915View
FlorisHelena Magdalena28 December 1902View
FlorusRosa23 February 1902View
FloydElise Lucy06 May 1920View
FloydFrederick John26 April 1923View
FloydMargaret12 April 1917View
FonteinAnna Julinda29 December 1912View
FonteinCelia Maria02 July 1905View
FonteinMary05 April 1903View
FonteinMichael Robert05 June 1910View
FonteinSydney Christian23 May 1915View
FonteinWilhelmina Spasina08 November 1907View
FontijnJacob Johannis01 November 1908View
FontijnJohannes Mattheus Petrus06 August 1911View
FontynEllen Catherine03 September 1905View
FordNatalie Joy12 October 1961View
FordSandra Dawn12 October 1961View
FortuinAndreas Jacobus22 January 1903View
FortuinDaniel Johannis22 May 1904View
FortuinIsaac Jacobus24 November 1901View
FortuinJacomina16 September 1900View
FortuinVictoria Petronella08 January 1860View
FortuinWilhelmina Johanna16 April 1876View
FosterJohn Allan20 December 1893View
FoucheAbraham Peter Stephen09 December 1914View
FouchéAnnie Maria08 September 1907View
FouchéDorothy Sophia13 July 1905View
FouchéWilliam Thomas Dodd29 August 1917View
FouchèAudrey12 July 1933View
FouchèEstelle Pauline20 May 1931View
FouchèJosephine May25 May 1910View
FouchèMuriel Ethel04 September 1912View
FouchèZelza Florence13 August 1926View
FourieAnnie Spasina17 February 1909View
FourieDavid Mark14 April 1963View
FourieGabriel Johannes04 March 1877View
FourieMaria Magdalena20 June 1875View
FourieSerena Rosina22 October 1876View
FourieSolomon Johannes07 June 1908View
FourieVictoria23 February 1879View
FoxGordon Raymond14 November 1927View
FradieThomas van Reenen01 December 1911View
FramptonJohanna Maria20 October 1933View
FramptonLaureen Maud08 August 1936View
FramptonRonald Stephen10 April 1931View
FrancisJohn Edward Henry04 October 1963View
FranklinDonna Angeline06 March 1949View
FranklinGillian Clare16 December 1980View
FranklinSteven Stuart18 December 1977View
FransAbraham16 September 1864View
FransAdam Samuel27 June 1915View
FransAlfred John07 July 1901View
FransAndreas Benjamin27 October 1878View
FransAndreas Cornelius27 April 1879View
FransAndrew Cornelius19 July 1914View
FransAndries20 November 1864View
FransAndries Benjamin17 March 1912View
FransAndries Cornelius20 June 1909View
FransAndries Cornelius22 November 1914View
FransAnna01 September 1859View
FransAnna15 November 1903View
FransAnna Elizabeth13 April 1879View
FransAnna Magdalena27 April 1879View
FransAnne Rosina04 March 1859View
FransAnnie Wilhelmina15 October 1869View
FransAnthony Johannes22 February 1903View
FransAntony01 September 1859View
FransCatherine13 August 1865View
FransCatrina01 September 1859View
FransCornelia01 September 1859View
FransCornelius Nicholas23 June 1901View
FransDaniel Hendrik05 July 1872View
FransDavid Francis Jacobus06 December 1878View
FransDinah Sophia15 December 1901View
FransElizabeth Maria20 April 1902View
FransElsie Katrina27 April 1879View
FransEva23 February 1873View
FransEva Johanna09 August 1914View
FransEva Magdalena28 May 1876View
FransEva Magdalena25 May 1866View
FransFielda Katrina22 October 1876View
FransFrans15 October 1857View
FransFrans Jacobus19 October 1866View
FransFrans Jacobus18 March 1900View
FransFrederick Johannes06 December 1874View
FransHester28 January 1858View
FransHester Dorothea21 April 1912View
FransHester Elizabeth06 December 1878View
FransJacob05 July 1914View
FransJacoba Johanna Eunice15 October 1911View
FransJames Charles25 January 1901View
FransJames John11 January 1863View
FransJames Philippus16 March 1913View
FransJames Reuben20 September 1914View
FransJelinda23 February 1873View
FransJohanna Christina30 March 1913View
FransJohannes Daniel16 December 1900View
FransJohn15 October 1857View
FransJohn22 September 1902View
FransJohn Alfred18 April 1915View
FransJohn Alfred Thomas28 May 1876View
FransJohn Andrew13 April 1879View
FransJohn Andrew16 March 1913View
FransJohn Francis16 July 1875View
FransJohn Michal22 September 1871View
FransJoseph21 September 1913View
FransKatrina17 May 1903View
FransKatrina Josephine26 May 1901View
FransKatrina Wilhelmina23 August 1876View
FransLeah15 October 1857View
FransLewis23 June 1861View
FransLouis15 October 1857View
FransLouise16 March 1906View
FransMargaretha Eliza05 July 1872View
FransMaria15 October 1857View
FransMaria Elizabeth Catherine06 July 1879View
FransMaria Magdalena28 January 1912View
FransMary22 March 1914View
FransMatilda Sophia27 September 1914View
FransMichael22 October 1876View
FransMichael Anthony26 November 1893View
FransMichael Anthony23 June 1901View
FransMichael Antonie22 October 1905View
FransMichael Antony23 November 1873View
FransNicholas Michael13 April 1879View
FransNicolas Petrus Daniel27 September 1903View
FransPeter22 October 1876View
FransPeter26 April 1874View
FransPeter22 June 1879View
FransPeter05 October 1870View
FransPeter09 August 1914View
FransPeter William11 January 1863View
FransRichard27 January 1878View
FransRichard27 October 1912View
FransRichard Mattheus23 July 1911View
FransRobert George23 July 1911View
FransRobert Henry24 June 1871View
FransRobert Henry27 October 1912View
FransRobert Henry23 August 1903View
FransRosina Danielina30 June 1872View
FransRosina Danielina15 February 1903View
FransSarah Magdalena09 August 1914View
FransSarah Maria Sophia17 May 1874View
FransSophia01 August 1878View
FransSpasina Henrietta22 April 1900View
FransSusanna Johanna07 June 1912View
FransWilhelmina Jacoba16 March 1913View
FransWilhelmina Rebecca14 February 1873View
FransWilhelmina Spazina27 April 1879View
FransWilliam17 September 1910View
FransWilliam Andreas21 May 1871View
FransWilliam George Frederick25 July 1902View
FraserMalcolm Charles29 August 1930View
FraserNancy May22 November 1918View
FraserNatalie Estelle15 March 1927View
FraserRobert Henry19 October 1932View
FraserWilliam James06 February 1936View
FrederickEllen Honora19 May 1865View
FredericksAnna Christina13 July 1862View
FredericksJohn13 September 1863View
FredericksRichard Benjamin25 November 1908View
FrenchAlan24 August 1930View
FrenchGlen27 December 1931View
FridayFrederick21 April 1878View
FroodAnna Maria09 September 1866View
FroodEliza12 June 1864View
FroodElizabeth Mary29 April 1860View
FroodGeorge Edward04 October 1857View
FroodJames Cornelius08 December 1861View
FroodJohn Henry11 September 1870View
FroodSophia Caroline17 January 1869View
FroudAnna Sophia23 August 1876View
FroudCatherine29 March 1875View
FroudEmma11 May 1875View
FryDennis John26 May 1945View
FryElizabeth Johanna22 October 1972View
FryFlorence Ruth13 January 1936View
FryJean Christiaan12 April 1998View
FryKevin12 April 1998View
FryLeandri18 February 2001View
FryLukin08 September 1996View
FryStanley Gordon02 February 1975View
FryStanley Gordon16 January 2000View
FullerIris Mary04 December 1917View
FullerWalter Bridges01 August 1919View
FurnessAudrey Elaine02 February 1921View
FurnessClive William26 May 1935View
FurnessDavid Randall18 June 1939View
FurnessDawn19 May 1935View
FurnessEdgar01 October 1905View
FurnessElwyn Kenneth05 January 1919View
FurnessGwenneth Sybil05 November 1916View
FurnessMichael26 March 1944View
FurnessNeil Henry28 December 1947View
FurnessOlive16 September 1903View
FurnessRandall Carr04 August 1901View
FurnessReginald Humphrey05 July 1914View
FurnessRuth27 May 1908View
FyvieWalter Raymond01 August 1976View
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