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Surname Names Date of Baptism View
WagenaarAnnie Magdalena07 November 1913View
WagenaarDaniel Benjamin20 April 1913View
WagenaarElizabeth16 June 1901View
WagenaarHermanus22 April 1900View
WagenaarJacobus15 December 1901View
WagenaarJohn Abraham16 June 1901View
WagenaarJohn George19 November 1911View
WagenaarJohn Nathaniel20 June 1915View
WagenaarRosina21 February 1915View
WagnerRachel Johanna12 July 1863View
WagnerSophia17 May 1867View
WaitVictor Donald25 January 1942View
WaitesAgnes Jessie Inglis03 July 1878View
WaitesArthur Henry11 June 1865View
WaitesAubrey Ernest20 December 1905View
WaitesEmma22 March 1857View
WaitesGeorge Charles14 May 1879View
WaitesGeorge Cornelius25 March 1855View
WaitesSarah29 May 1859View
WaitesViolet Mary06 January 1903View
WaldekNancy Winifred25 December 1922View
WaldronAnn Sinclair28 February 1943View
WaldronIan Sinclair05 January 1947View
WalkerAgnes Christina09 August 1868View
WalkerAlexander Alfred12 June 1872View
WalkerAlistair James27 December 1936View
WalkerCarol Grace16 January 1944View
WalkerGraeme Ian18 November 1962View
WalkerHelen Maria12 February 1865View
WalkerIan Leonard King19 February 1933View
WalkerJames William14 June 1863View
WalkerJune Mary13 July 1930View
WalkerMary Ann09 February 1862View
WalkerNanette18 January 1925View
WalkerRobert06 April 1870View
WalkerSarah Jane11 November 1866View
WalkerTracey Lindsay15 December 1968View
WalkerWilliam George27 February 1901View
WarnerAlice Maud13 November 1908View
WarnerArthur Henry26 July 1911View
WarnerCyril Robert05 June 1905View
WarnerMartha Hilda14 July 1912View
WarringtonEveritt Maxwell25 October 1931View
WarringtonFaith26 April 1934View
WarringtonMatthew Simon14 May 1929View
WarringtonMercia Dolores June14 June 1935View
WassungAndrew Edward04 March 1874View
WassungCaroline Antoinette01 July 1879View
WassungDoris Edith Antonette17 September 1906View
WassungEdwin Meyer30 November 1901View
WassungFrancis Gerhardus01 October 1875View
WassungGwendoline Sheila22 March 1905View
WassungHerbert André01 August 1909View
WassungHortense Catherine15 February 1871View
WassungJohn Francis06 October 1907View
WassungLouis Clifford21 February 1905View
WassungLouis Durrant04 July 1877View
WassungLucelle26 July 1930View
WassungNancy Barbara08 June 1907View
WassungPeter John16 August 1872View
WebbKatherine Erica07 March 1976View
WelcomAlida01 April 1877View
WelcomDaniel Alexander02 August 1878View
WelcomJacob01 April 1877View
WelcomMaria Aletta01 April 1877View
WelcomeAlice Christine09 August 1914View
WelkomAdam25 July 1875View
WelkomAnnie Susanna18 October 1874View
WelkomAugustus Johannes George15 October 1869View
WelkomCandace15 October 1857View
WelkomDavid Johannes28 March 1879View
WelkomJacob Johannes18 October 1874View
WelkomJacob William29 October 1875View
WelkomJoseph George12 August 1865View
WelkomMaria01 November 1872View
WelkomSophia Aletta20 September 1874View
WelkomWilliam18 October 1874View
WelkomWilliam05 July 1870View
WelkomWilliam Christian24 July 1870View
WenneerCatherine Louisa14 June 1863View
WenneerCharles Daniel29 December 1868View
WenneerMichael John15 October 1869View
WenneerRachel13 December 1864View
WentzelDaniel Frederick30 November 1946View
WesselsRichard Clarence22 May 1946View
WesterbyGrace15 September 1929View
WestmanAnna Johanna Margaret25 June 1879View
WestmanCharles Ludwig17 October 1877View
WestmanRandolph Garth17 December 1967View
WestraadJohn Paul10 May 1923View
WhiteJohanna Isabella28 May 1871View
WhiteMark15 February 1873View
WiggettAlexander Cruikshank14 February 1869View
WiggettAlfred30 September 1855View
WiggettDermond Norman15 September 1946View
WiggettGeorge Bowman08 March 1900View
WiggettGwendoline28 June 1938View
WiggettJohn Howitson14 April 1867View
WiggettMatthew06 December 1857View
WiggettRachel Frances10 September 1873View
WiggettRichard Robert Downing28 May 1879View
WiggettSamuel James01 March 1871View
WiggettSamuel Martin05 September 1877View
WiggettSusan02 August 1876View
WiggettThomas Matthew23 November 1893View
WiggettWilliam Robert James29 July 1878View
WightDavid McKenzie Hall22 February 1957View
WijsWillem12 January 1913View
WildemanJohn Wilhelm20 April 1902View
WillanCarol Charmaine05 September 1982View
WillemseCaroline Elizabeth13 September 1878View
WillemseChristina Maria Henrietta10 December 1875View
WillemseMagdalena Elizabeth25 September 1904View
WillemseWilhelmina Josephina20 December 1903View
WilliamsCharles Henry08 September 1907View
WilliamsCharles Sofele14 March 1858View
WilliamsChristina Aletta10 April 1910View
WilliamsDaniel Benjamin01 December 1912View
WilliamsDaniel Stefanus19 March 1911View
WilliamsDavid30 March 1902View
WilliamsDavid Samuel07 December 1877View
WilliamsEva Catherine Elizabeth06 October 1861View
WilliamsFelicity May15 December 1946View
WilliamsGeorge17 May 1903View
WilliamsHannah24 March 1912View
WilliamsHendrik Theophilus16 March 1902View
WilliamsJacobus30 April 1905View
WilliamsJacomina Maria20 October 1912View
WilliamsJames28 January 1858View
WilliamsJames Hendrik08 September 1872View
WilliamsJames Samuel Cornelius29 October 1875View
WilliamsJohanna Elizabeth17 December 1893View
WilliamsLouis Ernest14 April 1912View
WilliamsLouisa Rosena18 November 1864View
WilliamsMaria Christina Johanna08 January 1860View
WilliamsMaria Sarah15 March 1867View
WilliamsRoger Dering18 February 1927View
WilliamsSamuel Johannes17 October 1859View
WilliamsSarah Rachel15 October 1869View
WilliamsonAgnes Georgina13 May 1863View
WilliamsonElizabeth Johanna Kate11 August 1861View
WilliamsonEmma Susannah13 October 1865View
WillinseJohanna Adrianna23 May 1879View
WilsonBlanche May24 November 1905View
WilsonCharles Kwankis31 January 1923View
WilsonJames Edward06 April 1900View
WilsonJohn Edward07 October 1925View
WinterAnna Emilie03 May 1943View
WintersCharles24 July 1867View
WintersMinnie17 July 1867View
WitbooiCornelia Wilhelmina02 August 1914View
WitbooiJacobus Hermanus09 February 1902View
WitbooiJohanna Magalena08 October 1911View
WitbooiSpasina Rosetta12 January 1913View
WitboyMagdalena11 October 1903View
WodehouseGladys Helen Efffie21 February 1934View
WoodEthel Marjorie05 March 1913View
WoodFrank Evelyn Clarke20 July 1902View
WoodJohn Hilary07 August 1917View
WoodMary Gertrude04 October 1929View
WorrollGail28 February 1945View
WrightAnnie Rose10 March 1909View
WrightGillian Mary23 May 1965View
WrightMarianne Lucy23 May 1965View
WrightRichard Bolton10 March 1909View
WrightSarah Margaret16 August 1968View
WynessAubrey Mostert19 November 1902View
WynessBryan Jack28 December 1932View
WynessCeleste Helen09 January 1930View
WynessDesree Annette25 October 1935View
WynessEarle10 March 1932View
WynessEdward Gordon Gray24 July 1901View
WynessElaine16 March 1947View
WynessEthel Ruth02 May 1906View
WynessGeorge Edward22 January 1879View
WynessGordon14 December 1904View
WynessHerbert Gray10 May 1911View
WynessKenneth Cecil Gray22 January 1919View
WynessLionel Gray02 October 1912View
WynessLorraine Florence27 November 1927View
WynessMona Patricia19 June 1917View
WynessRichard Frederick Gray13 June 1877View
WynessRichard Frederick GreyDecember 1928View
WynessRobert Frederick Grey15 January 1908View
WynessYvonne le Roux26 May 1927View
WytonAda04 December 1872View
WytonAlfred23 August 1867View
WytonEmma10 April 1864View
WytonHenry05 February 1869View
WytonJames23 August 1867View
WytonTheresa14 April 1871View
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