Eastern Cape Burials Search : K
Surname Names Date of Burial View
KidsonWilliam6 June 1870View
Keeton (Nee Rudolph)Ottilie May24 June 1939View
Knos?James02 May 1978View
KingEileen Hope02 October 1982View
KingWesley Robinson02 October 1982View
KrsicRanko20 June 1985View
KellCynthia Parker24 April 1986View
KochWilhelm1 July 1868View
Kanashe, Alias GalasheSanna12 July 1893View
KalsenAugust, alias J.21 April 1894View
Koyo??28 June 1894View
KlopperPetronilla Margaret Alletta Elizabetha22 July 1895View
KearnsJames6 May 1896View
KokMargaret16 September 1896View
KennedyJane14 May 1900View
KaaiLeah12 December 1901View
KershawAnnie03 March 1902View
KoetzeSusanna10 August 1908View
KlaasAnna09 October 1913View
KritsnaLeitchman30 March 1915View
KleinhansCornelia11 November 1918View
KammisLeentje09 December 1918View
KennellyHenry08 September 1922View
KennellyMaria Ellen10 September 1922View
KondloSam19 December 1922View
KippersoleLiza26 December 1927View
KoupeSissie14 January 1929View
KanturaPilocaseng10 June 1929View
KutghlaMaria14 December 1931View
KolMeitjie29 July 1932View
KalebaJuly01 February 1935View
KippiesLouis05 April 1939View
KekanaJoseph01 December 1940View
KeefeGeorge Theodore09 May 1941View
KenneyMark23 January 1872View
KlineWilliam, Col. Sgt.17 September 1873View
KriellCatherine Rebecca22 May 1874View
KellyWilliam Edmund23 August 1884View
KannemeyerReginald Eric12 April 1892View
KleistHarry29 March 1896View
KearneyGeorge Kenneth05 September 1907View
KuysAnnie25 January 1915View
KraftCarl Albert10 May 1916View
KannemeyerDaniel R.02 January 1925View
KempMuriel04 December 1970View
KingCatherine Elizabeth22 December 1858View
KavanaghJohn16 September 1861View
Khron (Krohn?)Annie Elizabeth Ida28 July 1861View
KellyJohn Thomas27 July 1865View
KrohnA. L. Dora16 February 1869View
KuhlmannCharles Frank7 December 1869View
KappelJacob Aloysius Nicolaus31 May 1871View
KuhlmannHarry Earnest23 July 1872View
KuhlmannFrederick Walker2 September 1873View
KincaidReginald John22 April 1875View
KeenWilliam R.13 November 1877View
KernickElizabeth Jane26 June 1878View
KuhlmannDaisy12 November 1878View
KlokeClara Harmena20 February 1879View
KnowlesMary13 October 1823View
KiddSarah Ann8 December 1824View
KnottJane Mary8 August 1849View
KennellyLouisa15 September 1851View
KempsterAmy May7 December 1879View
KeightleyFlorence Helen24 June 1883View
KentJames19 July 1886View
KingsleySarah17 November 1886View
KidsonDaisy Constance7 February 1889View
KnightMary Ann29 August 1892View
KirkpatrickJessie12 September 1897View
Kilby?Elizabeth21 November 1897View
KellyMary Ann30 December 1900View
KayCharlotte05 July 1901View
KilbyLucy Jane17 May 1901View
KingEmily11 September 1908View
KenyonLaura B.15 May 1911View
KingRichard John15 May 1897View
KayRobert28 June 1897View
KenyonMary9 August 1897View
KirkpatrickJessie12 September 1897View
KilbyElizabeth21 November 1897View
KlingerFrederick William10 February 1898View
KinnearElizabeth2 April 1899View
KunoCharles6 July 1899View
KingHerbert James1 September 1899View
KemsleyRobert Willmott12 December 1899View
KellyMary Ann30 December 1900View
KingMaria09 December 1902View
KingRobert MacFarland16 September 1903View
KellyJohn Beckett12 February 1904View
KenyonLouisa Hilton08 May 1904View
KayWalter07 July 1904View
KingWilliam Archer06 February 1905View
KyinksWilliam04 September 1905View
KockAnna Doretha03 November 1906View
KnightWilliam Henry11 January 1907View
KaupfferWaldemar21 November 1909View
KnobleWilliam06 December 1909View
KingMargaret19 December 1909View
KochDaisy21 March 1910View
KuilderJohn23 July 1910View
KnoxHendrick02 August 1910View
KhekaPercy27 September 1910View
KincaideMary22 April 1911View
KrauseW. J. L.21 August 1912View
KievetIllegible26 April 1914View
KlassenPieter Johannes05 January 1915View
KeysRosey14 March 1915View
KnobelFerdinand27 August 1915View
KingHerbert04 April 1916View
KinnearJoseph Thomas28 March 1917View
KelseyCharles P.30 October 1918View
KnowlesEllen07 November 1919View
KellyWilhelmina Margaret12 December 1919View
KeeyNora V.05 July 1924View
KrischMinnie23 September 1924View
KnowlesAugusta26 December 1924View
KorfPeter John01 January 1925View
KershawWilliam02 March 1926View
KramerHerman26 September 1884View
KeithJohn R.03 July 1904View
KitsiNonhmbuleko 18 August 1905View
KernTeddy02 December 1918View
KockAlexandra Anna Elizabeth07 January 1922View
Kayser, Late Kendrikz (Nee Mei)Louisa Emily05 September 1924View
KockGabriel Johannes16 March 1925View
KropfAlbert Francis15 August 1925View
KempWalter John24 March 1941View
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