Eastern Cape Burials Search : T
Surname Names Date of Burial View
TimmElizabeth29 June 1852View
TimmDouglas Delville26 February 1918View
TimmHerbert Mortimer16 September 1943View
TimmMark Tracy14 October 1956View
TimmIrene Blanche07 June 1957View
ThorntonHarriet Demaine17 April 1976View
ThomasGodfrey Herbert16 March 1977View
TilbrookEric Main01 August 1984View
TaylorEric William25 April 1986View
TurnerGeorge30 September 1863View
Turner???? March 1864View
ToveyEllen30 November 1864View
ToveyEllen Elizabeth22 January 1866View
TaylorLaurie18 January 1893View
ToddWilliam27 September 1894View
ThomasLouis Edgar27 November 1894View
Tafashe??21 November 1896View
ThomasAgnes6 April 1897View
Tsanle??13 April 1897View
TisaniMadiadina28 May 1901View
TsalaFanny Maud04 June 1901View
TitusEva03 December 1901View
TaylorArthur B.13 July 1904View
ThomasEliza16 January 1906View
TimeyJoseph18 September 1913View
ThompsonThomas Dickinson18 May 1917View
TitteringtonHarry Holdsworth04 January 1920View
TroweAlfred Henry09 January 1922View
ThayerWilliam Hedly13 May 1922View
TatiliM.27 May 1925View
Tiesa??17 July 1925View
TaaiboschJan11 May 1926View
Tsebe??15 November 1928View
TokozwayoDlayedwa15 June 1932View
TsharywaNomazoin25 February 1937View
TitiesRachel30 July 1937View
Tywaleni??30 July 1939View
TebelePukanyan27 April 1941View
TiseLucy Susan18 June 1861View
TennantErnest Christopher28 February 1863View
TruscottJames6 June 1863View
TruscottMaria Elizabeth6 August 1863View
TalboysSamuel24 March 1868View
ThomasonRobert29 May 1868View
TerryCaroline Joanna Frances17 July 1870View
TaylorAmy Florence19 August 1882View
TennantSylvia12 June 1884View
ThompsonAlexander14 July 1889View
ThieleAugusta Sophia11 September 1896View
TredgoldFrederick Carlyle29 September 1897View
TaylorReuben23 June 1898View
TaylorEdward Flemming30 October 1901View
TrippKathleen Mabel Meleen?30 October 1909View
TurnerGeorge17 August 1919View
TrowGeorge13 June 1859View
ThomasWilliam Edward25 April 1862View
TisoEmily12 December 1873View
ThompsonWilliam, M. D.7 August 1876View
TownsendBeatrice A.10 December 1877View
TinkerThomas26 June 1878View
TosenEliza16 October 1878View
TaylorMary Ann15 January 1879View
ThwaitsViolet Mary23 March 1880View
TapsonJohn Theodore14 April 1880View
ThwaitsWilliam Thomas25 April 1880View
ThomasMartha30 October 1824View
TurveyGeorge11 November 1824View
TrubridgeWilliam3 January 1825View
TurnerSusannah17 April 1825View
ThompsonHenry Rowland17 October 1825View
TaylorGeorge19 October 1850View
Tomlinson??30 May 1851View
TurnerJoseph29 June 1851View
TalbotJohn28 August 1851View
TempletonWilliam18 September 1851View
ToddAgnes15 October 1851View
TribeDaniel28 July 1877View
TuckSarah Ann5 March 1878View
TribeElizabeth10 August 1878View
ThompsonSteward John20 February 1882View
ThomasGeorge William25 August 1881View
TillardSylvia Ellen Ogilvie5 January 1883View
TillardJohn Ogilvie10 December 1885View
TaschnerJoseph23 May 1887View
TomlinsonJoseph Nicholl19 September 1890View
TiltMary Ann28 November 1895View
TomlinsonLennox James14 September 1898View
ToomeyAnn31 March 1899View
TannerFrancis Louisa14 June 1900View
TilbrookThomas08 December 1900View
TomlinsonThomas Edward14 February 1903View
TomlinsonWilliam05 May 1907View
TomlinsonElizabeth12 December 1909View
ThomasWilliam Charles10 November 1897View
TaylorEliza Sophia10 February 1898View
TownsendJames2 May 1898View
TildesleyHenry8 May 1898View
TrollipAlice Belinda28 June 1898View
TomlinsonLennox James14 September 1898View
TreriseE. A. Ada17 November 1900View
ThomJames29 July 1901View
TopperLilias Louisa Ivy05 December 1901View
TaylorThomas21 June 1902View
ThackwellFlorence12 February 1903View
TaylorWilliam Purvis14 October 1903View
ThomasJohn James19 April 1905View
TaitDavid Johannes26 September 1906View
TaylorFrederick13 January 1907View
TurnerWilliam06 May 1907View
TuckThomas02 September 1907View
ThomasJohn Alexander07 February 1909View
TomlinsonElizabeth13 December 1909View
ThomasDinah Elizabeth25 March 1910View
TonteinJones06 June 1910View
TaylorThomas08 June 1910View
Turpin??24 April 1911View
Tyrrwhitt-DrakeLaura04 May 1911View
ThomasJohn02 July 1911View
ThomasAlbert Raven01 September 1911View
ThomassJohanna Frederika02 April 1912View
TusenJames15 November 1912View
ThompsonMay16 March 1913View
TurnerRuby Allison23 April 1914View
TurnerJohn James04 June 1914View
TilbrookMary Jane19 July 1914View
TuckerGeorge18 May 1915View
TurbervilleEvelyn Mary20 November 1916View
TrudgettEliza05 November 1916View
ThomasWilliam George04 December 1916View
TuckerMaynard24 May 1918View
TittertonThomas William23 August 1920View
TurpinWilliam Homan30 November 1920View
ThompsonJames Toulmin06 January 1921View
TannerElizabeth Mary29 January 1922View
TomlinsonWilliam George03 June 1923View
TopperHenry Penstone24 July 1924View
TurnerAthol Maurice07 September 1924View
ToftsViolet Ethel27 June 1903View
TreadwayElizabeth H.20 June 1905View
TreadwayGilbert Charles29 October 1903View
TofteChristian01 June 1921View
ThomsonHarriet28 October 1930View
Throup (Nee Fortune)Magdalene12 December 1931View
TurpinGeorge Worthington13 October 1945View
TurpinEmma Maria02 July 1947View
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